Cowboys Legend Everson Walls Agrees to Answer Your Questions

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    Everson, I know you've been asked a lot about the various coaches you've played for, and so forgive me if I ask again on that subject, but..

    You played for both Tom Landry and Bill Parcells. Both are considered Hall of fame coaches today. What do you think, in each case, was their greatest strength as a coach?

    Now to playing..

    1. What did you think was the best game you ever played in pro ball?

    2. Who were the WRs you respected the most?

    3. What running back was the hardest to tackle once he made it to the defensive backfield?

    4. Who was the toughest QB you ever had to face, the hardest to figure out?

    Thank your for your time and consideration.

    David Myers.
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    oh Geez, massive brain fart!!!!!!!:bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    I will fix it, so that when I submit it, there's no issue.
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    Mr. Walls,
    First I'd like to say I really enjoyed watching you on Sundays growing up as a kid.Is there anything you can tell us about Coach Landry that "we"might not know?Was he always as calm as it seems he was?

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    1 Likes Received can probably phrase this question better than I can. But I'd like to know some of his recollections of "Thurman's Thieves." Maybe a quick anectdote, and if they as a group still keep in touch.

    Gotta love the Thurman's Thieves. Can't let that topic go unmentioned.
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    muchas gracias

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    Cubby, do you like pudding?

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    First of all thank you for the taking the time to come answer questions and above all for the many years of enjoyment you gave us by your outstanding play on the football field.

    What does it mean to you now to be a former star football player for the Cowboys?

    Do you still get a certain amount of pride when the current Cowboys do well and perhaps a little pain when Cowboys do not do well? Or is that something only us fans do?

    Again, thank you very much for the great memories you provided us Cowboys fans.
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    Dear Everson Walls,

    I remember early in your career ( I was very young) my father would say, "They keep picking on him and he's gonna make em pay again, this kid has talent." Sure enough you always did. That memory of my father will always be in my heart when I see #24. Can you share some fond memories with us about your youth, career, time with Landry, and now your ministry? Thanks and I believe you are already in the hall of fame...
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    Cubby,How many RC sodas did you win off of Doug Williams in practice?That was one heck of a scout team you played on as a freshman.
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    If the Redskins release Shawn Springs in a cap saving move would you help get him in blue and silver? He needs to be closer to his Dad.
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    Everson.......You, Bill, Ron and Michael were my 4 favorite defensive backs from the early 80's Dallas Cowboys teams..

    I just wanted to tell you that you are the alltime most underrated cb to ever play the game.

    I feel that Michael Downs was also a very underrated free safety.

    Thanks for the very special memories you provided.

    What you did for Ron was one of the most touching acts of humanity i've ever witnessed in my life.

    You are a very special person.

    Lane... Dallas fan since 1975
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    Did Bilichick ever ask you to film his "cousin" on the other sideline? :D

    kidding. please don't ask him that!!
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    The questions for Everson will be submitted one week from today.
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    Mr Walls,

    Many of us are still haunted by the 1981 NFC Championship game.

    Question: What exactly went wrong during the last 49er TD Drive?

    > Did Landry have us in the prevent defense too early (allowing the niners to run the ball effectively)?

    > Was it a case of players making key mistakes on key plays?


    > Should we just give Montana and the 49ers a lot of credit for executing down the stretch (after all SF had moved the ball pretty effectively all day --only the six 49er turnovers kept them from scoring more than they did)?

    I recently rewatched that game--I am really proud of the effort the team gave. I really think Dallas played their heart out and fell just short against a really great 49er team. Rumor has it that Montana passed out from exhaustion in the lockeroom after the game.

    Thanks for everything. You were a great player to watch through the years.

    David S.

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