News: Cowboys loaded on offense; Thu. notes

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    Cowboys loaded on offense; Thu. notes
    By Erik Scalavino
    Posted 33 minutes ago

    New England’s defense faces another premier tight end, a gifted wide receiver duo, and an unpredictable Dallas QB. Plus, more news and notes from Thursday, October 13 at Gillette Stadium.
    Tight ends have torched the Patriots in the past. This season, however, they’ve faced some of the best – San Diego’s Antonio Gates and the Jets’ Dustin Keller – and have been able to mitigate their impact.

    This week, New England hosts another elite tight end in Dallas’ Jason Witten.

    At 6-6, 265, Witten is identical in size to New England’s premier tight end, Rob Gronkowski, which could give the Patriots at least some help in preparing for a player of his caliber.

    “Witten, he’s a bigger guy. He’s not considered just a receiver. He stays in, does his blocking assignments,” observed linebacker Rob Ninkovich. “As a defense, we’ve got a guy like Gronkowski who we’re going against all year, so, he’s a guy to compare Witten to, as far as size and being able to be a receiving tight end as well as a blocking tight end.”

    “It definitely helps, but he’s good, man,” added safety Patrick Chung. “He’s a different animal out there. He can catch, he can block, he can run, he’s strong. He’s a factor out there.”

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    It's intriguing how much respect these two teams have for each other, especially considering that they rarely play and NE has been so much more successful over the last decade or so.
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    Dustin Keller is one of the leagues best?

    An injured Gates?

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