Cowboys looking at Kyle Wilber as DE and Sean Lissemore at DT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I'm okay with it. He is a poor fit as a 4-3 LB
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    I've been curious where they would play him.

    Weak-Side DE seems like the best fit for Wilber (6-4 ,250); however, he does have measurables that would fit within the range of a 4-3 LB.

    He is physically very similar to Seattle's SLB KJ Wright and has a better 10-yard time than Wright or Chicago's SLB Lance Briggs.
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    We were talking about this a month ago. Crawford and Wilber are the wild cards right now because I don't know where either is going to play next year.

    I don't think Wilber is a good enough pass rusher to ever be more than a backup end though. He has to play the weakside, so he has to get to the QB.
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    This. He's a strange fit here now. At 6'4 250, he's a DE or SOLB. Problem is he isn't a quick twitch pass rusher (he was brought in as more of a run-stopping variety 3-4 OLB). He also doesn't possess the speed and coverage ability Monte likes in his LB's.

    Sounds like a guy you can get by with a bit at either spot, but don't want him there long-term. Unfortunate.
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    No matter what happens with these current players, we still need to address the DL.

    It's a weakness.
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    We really do need to address dline but do we let spencer walk and draft someone ?
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    I think we'll end up keeping him and drafting someone. We're so thin at DL it's not even funny.

    Problem is we also need better safeties not to mention a capable OL. We cant address everything so it will be interesting to see what gets addressed
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    There was not really a consensus in the scouting reports. The primary issue where all the reports seemed to agree was that he needed to get stronger.

    I just highlighted the good points. I would highlight he negatives in red, but that does not work anymore.


    Wilber is a big, athletic and strong outside linebacker from Wake Forest who looks the part of a pro defender. He arrived at Wake Forest as a top recruit from Florida, bringing his impressive size and speed to the defense. He is a bit of a poor man's Aaron Curry, whom he played with early in his career. He is a high-energy, high-motor player who hasn't played much on special teams at Wake Forest because of the team's needs, but he could easily contribute there at the next level. Look for a team needing linebacker depth and special teams contributions to select him in the late rounds and potentially develop him into a starter.



    Wilber is fast and can move quickly once he deciphers a play. He is very quick-twitched and efficient in his movements. He uses his footwork and agility to stay off blocks on the second level. He doesn't have a ton of strength, but he hits his gaps hard and can pack a punch at the line of scrimmage when he meets running backs. He is better against the run than he is against the pass, but he can play over the tight end well enough to disrupt him early. He has good technique both in his footwork and tackling form.

    Wilber is atheltic, but he struggles in space against the run. He has a bit of an awkward pass drop, and his flexibility is an issue in those exposures. Wilber also is a much better player against outside runs than inside, and he has a tough time using his hands to disengage from blockers.

    Scouts Inc.


    Overall instincts are solid. Plays with his eyes and makes a quick diagnosis and reaction to the ball. Possesses good field awareness and has a natural feel for situations. Maintains good discipline against play-action and flashes ability to sniff out screens. Has experience dropping into coverage but will need coaching and development in terms of angles and route recognition in his drops.

    Take-on Skills
    "Tough and does not back down from challenges. Flashes quick hands and can lock out blockers with his arms. However, needs to get stronger in the upper body. Did not see the quick-twitched explosive point of attack skills on tape. Can get engulfed by bigger and more massive offensive lineman when caught in a phone booth. "

    Range vs. Run
    Overall range is solid for size. Displays adequate lateral agility and change of direction skills. Closing burst is above average and can work down the line of scrimmage and make plays from the backside. Also does a nice job of wading through traffic in pursuit.

    Long arms give him a wide range as a tackler. Fundamentally sound and wraps up upon contact. Flashes ability to deliver heavy hit but did not see the explosive striking ability on tape. Will have some limitations against quicker and more elusive runners when caught in a one-on-one situation in space.

    3rd Down Capabilities
    "Best attribute in this area will be as a pass-rusher. Has ample experience playing with his hand in the dirt and displays natural pass rushing ability. Possesses an above-average initial get off and flashes ability to bend the edge and shave the corner. Also displays a wide variety of pass-rushing moves including an effective inside swim move. Also uses hands well as a counter puncher. Needs to develop more finishing power, though, which could improve by adding more bulk with a few off-seasons in the weight room. Has experience dropping into coverage and can hold up in underneath coverage. However, lacks elite fluidity and will have limitations if matched up in man coverage. "


    04/29/2012 - A closer look at the Cowboys' picks: Round 4/113 - Kyle Wilbur, LB, 6-3, 250, Wake Forest...The Cowboys were looking to upgrade their pass rush and Wilbur helps address that need. He had 13.5 sacks in college. But he is also solid covering backs out of the backfield and good against the run.

    Kyle Wilber was the 37th DE prospect out of high school according to Rivals, and was credited with running a 4.68 40 while being able to squat 400 lbs. Red shirted in 2007, Wilber emerged as a starting DE in 2008 and recorded 3 sacks. He suffered a broken leg in 2009, but was able to finish the final three games. Wilber has started every game the past two seasons at DE and OLB, registering 69 tackles and 3.5 sacks in 2011 after 65 tackles and 6 sacks in 2010. Wilber played well as an OLB during his final game in the Music City Bowl against Mississippi State. As an NFL Draft prospect, Kyle Wilber offers a lot of talent, intelligence, versatility, and experience, from edge rushing as a down DE to covering the slot in zone. Wilber's height and smooth hips project well in coverage against tall NFL TEs. In space, Wilber demonstrates good agility, and uses his long arms to occupy, shed, and make tackles. Wilber is best suited for 4-3 OLB, but could be tried at 3-4 OLB.


    Strengths: Smart, instinctive player always around the ball. Has smooth hips to turn and run in coverage. Good at using long arms to disengage from blockers and make plays. Is quick off the snap and an effective blitzer. Covers a lot of area in zone and uses long frame to defend passes. Good athlete for frame.

    Weaknesses: Is neither a great edge rusher nor good at anchoring against OLs on running plays, and hence does not project well as a 3-4 OLB. High cut and long legged, and does not possess elite acceleration. Has not demonstrated good ball skills in man coverage. NFL Comparison: Ben Leber - Minnesota Vikings --Brad Noel
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    Good move with Wilber I think. Perhaps he's Victor Butler 2.0...hopefully more productive though. Would take a lot of pressure off the draft if he can be a useful pass rusher.
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    Hard-hitting stuff right there.
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    maybe wilber can add another ten pounds so he be big enough to fight off big left tackles. it might take wilber another year to really be useful for us. i have a feeling he could be a wasted fourth round pick. i think that lissemore could do real well backing up the ratliffs spot in the d-line i do not know if lissemore can play the three spot or not.
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    Wait a minute! Wilber has a good personality, good work ethic, good motor and can contribute to this NFL football team as the right kind of professional. These are the right kinds of guys to have play any position. Why is there a question about his actual ability to be effective?

    Oh well, fourth round depth.
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    13.5 sacks in his college career isn't impressive when you start 36 games and operate as a rush LB in a 3-4.

    I liked Wilber. He was on my pet cat list. But not as a top pass rushing prospect capable of playing weakside end in a 4-3.
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    why would Dallas need to see if lissemore can play dt? he has been playing it basically since he came to the NFL. granted it was NT but last time I checked NT was still dt.

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    was gonna say same thing. Calvin really stepping up these days.
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    I know. He seems like an obvious DT.

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