Cowboys looking for trades ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bowdown27, Apr 25, 2012.

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    see your going by a such outdated trade chart, trades never go right by the chart or are even. our 1st and 4th is enough to move up to the 12th spot which might be all we need to get Barron.

    I would trade my 1st and 3rd for the 10th or 11th and their 4th to get a top player besides taking Brockers at 14 or trading back for a lesser player.
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    Ed Werder said in the 24 years Jerry has owned the Cowboys, we have swapped our first round pick 75% of the time. We almost never stay put.
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    Ok, a guy at walter attempted to update the chart:

    And guess what? Same thing, we could only move up a couple of spaces.
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    ok and I said to 12 which is a couple of spots. Plus even chart isn't right. Just look at the past draft trades and see how many are not even. If a team is willing to trade back because they feel they can get their guy at 14 then they will lose some value points.

    Say 11 wants a guy but knows 12,13, 14, and 15 won't take him. So 14 calls 11 and makes a deal that is alittle less than what the chart says. They make the deal anyways because they still get their guy and a 4th round pick.
    This happens all the time.
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    In this draft trading up is not a great idea. Trading down is a pretty good idea depending on who you're giving up at 14.
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    The 2009 Cowboys draft says hi.

    Trading up: good. Trading down: bad.

    If there is a player you covet THEN YOU GO AND GET HIM!!!!!!! I don't care who it is.
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    Based on what I've heard, I'm expecting a trade up at this point. Our front office has a pet that they don't beleive will make it past 13.

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