Cowboys looking smart for letting Canty walk

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Wood, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Posted by: thelandryhat
    Written by theMBIIIeffect

    Aside from Miles Austin and Gerald Sensabaugh, the Cowboys won’t be too busy working on big-money deals for players on their current roster this spring.

    Sometimes, it’s better for the team when these deals don’t get done.

    Think back to last spring and a Cowboys player who didn’t get the big contract he wanted.

    Think about Chris Canty.

    Check out this season’s numbers for Canty, the former Cowboys defensive end that the Giants signed on a 6-year, $42 million contract.

    Now, check out the numbers for his replacement, Igor Olshansky. The Cowboys signed him on a 4-year deal worth $18 million dollars.

    Yes, Canty had injury problems that limited his efficiency this year. He’s a great athlete and when he’s healthy, he’s going to help the Giants’ already deep defensive line. The only question is whether or not he’ll live up to his contract. Fair play to Canty for getting that deal done, but he might find himself stuck behind the likes of Osi Umeniyora, Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka for a while. Having Canty on the roster might eventually hurt the Giants more than it helps them when considering the depth at that position.

    But let’s think about how this trade in personnel affected the Cowboys. Did the Cowboys experience a huge drop-off with Olshansky?


    Did letting Canty walk give the Cowboys a lot more cap space?


    Would keeping Canty have created more problems in getting DeMarcus Ware a new contract?

    Most likely.

    There’s plenty that Canty did for the Cowboys during his time in Dallas. But Olshansky came in and did the same right away. This was a smart piece of business from Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips, who coached Olshansky during his time as the defensive coordinator of the Chargers.
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    LOL. Not a "huge dropoff" with Igor?

    Canty a "great athlete"?

    Just say it: Canty was way overrated and the Giants got taken to the cleaners. We played that FA move like the Patriots or another smart team would.

    It's okay to admit it.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Jerry Jones is a great GM isn't he?
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    I don't see Sensabaugh cashing in at all. Yes, he was steady and didn't make many mistakes, but I doubt the Cowboys are working on a "big-money deal" with Sensabaugh. He'll probably be tendered at the 2nd round level. I'd like to see him re-signed to a cap-friendly 3 or 4 year deal.
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    I wanted to keep Canty at a reasonable contract when he got that 42 million I was like see you. Canty was a solid player but no way should he have gotten the deal the Giants gave him
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    At this point I think he's doing OK. Not great, but above average.
  7. CowboyMcCoy

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    Sensy deserves a paycheck. The guy was crucial against the 3-sweep against the Eagles.
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    I think a 2nd round tender would do it. If we lose him, I'd be more than happy to get another teams 2nd round pick in return. The only problem is that he might hold out or perhaps Jerry made him a promise when he signed him based on what happened with Hamlin (who actually did hold out after his 1 year contract, and that was for Franchise money)
  9. TheSport78

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    He deserves a paycheck but a reasonable one. The guy is very steady but not a playmaker. I could see an Olshansky type contract for Sensy. 4 year, 18 million dollar deal with 8 or 9 million guaranteed?
  10. Cover 2

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    I think we could easily do better. He's not a horrible player, but it would be easy to upgrade over him if we took a safety in the first few rounds IMO. And that doesn't even count M. Hamlin if he can be a player.
  11. NextGenBoys

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    I have never understood the Jerry hate.

    The guy does whatever he can to help the team win, and for the most part, makes good personnel moves.
  12. dfense

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    I think the Giants are playing him at DT. So they spend the bank on a player and play him at a position he doesn't play. Hmm.
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    I figure it might help balence out a bit the deal of Roy Williams in which we got taken to the cleaners and the landry mat to boot. :0
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    Ants are in the same position with Canty the Cowboys are with RW. Grossly overpaid for a rotation guy. I bet there are some in the Ants front office who would like to take the un-capped year to sweep this mess under the rug.
  15. Verdict

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    This was exactly what I was thinking. The Patriots' brass has had a knack for letting players go at the right time. We let Canty walk last year, and it turned out to be a good move. The year before, I thought we should not have given MBIII the huge payday. The jury is still out on both of those deals, but it is looking like we should have let MBIII go and the Canty deal looks good so far.

    I am going to start a new thread on the next player we should consider parting with .... should be fun...
  16. CowboyFan74

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    Letting Canty walk for all that money was a no brainer, especially playing block catcher in a 3-4. Now for me it's to early to say the Gnats over paid for a 4-3 tackle who got a fluke injury all of a sudden, when he gets healthy he can become a real menace. Jury's not out in my book, 4-3 Linemen typically produce more sacks than 3-4 block catchers. The 3-4 depends more on it's OLB's to get the sacks...
  17. hawklegion

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    I think the Roy Williams debacle kinda invalidates a maybe good decision regarding Canty. Hard to call the guy great if he takes two steps back for every step forward.
  18. Bluestang

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    I think Canty got overpaid because Coughlin vouched for him when they offered the deal. Coughlin wanted Canty on his D-line and was so impressed with his play here in Dallas that he thought the money would be well worth it.

    Turns out that Canty got injured and missed most of the season and when he did play he was playing not to get hurt. This season might be different for Canty but in this 3-4 defensive scheme the DEs need to be a run stuffer that clogs the gaps so the LBs can make the tackles. Credit Phillips for bringing in Igor for a fraction of the price. IMO I think Phillips would have been able to get a serviceable guy to play that position because of it's responsibilities.
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    Can'ty was a strong player for us, but I was just as impressed with Igor, who got good money to come here but didn't break the cap/bank.
  20. Cowboys22

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    Canty cashed in because he had two monster games against the giants and they thought he could become a dominate DT in their scheme with all that front 7 talent. We'll see how it turns out next year.

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