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    Hey Guys:

    Thought I'd brief some of you who traffic Cowboys Media.

    There is an early release for the August "Video of the Month". It's the NFL's Greatest Games, featuring the 1992 NFC Championship game, of the Cowboys 49ers showdown at Candlestick Park.

    We have reworked the "Historic Games" page. it is currently the "2006 Games" page. The 2005 season will follow when it's entirely ready. The purpose for reworking it was due to a number of reports that the pull-down menus were not functioning well. This newer approach should be much better.

    Also be aware that the "2008 Games" pages for the first half of 2008 are on-line. The season is broken down as follows, Preseason/Regular Season/Post Season.

    The preseason will host the "Hard Knocks" coverage, and every game of the preseason. The regular season will host pregame/exhibition game/post game coverage each week.

    The pregame video will consist of "Cowboys Game Night", "Cowboys Saturday", "Cowboys Huddle", "Inside Edition", NFL Networks Preview, and NFL Networks Playbook........ Hats off to Patronous (staff member at CM for the local coverage)

    The exhibition games will be in both wmv and avi/mp4 formats.

    The post game video will cover "NFL Networks Highlights". "NFL Networks Gameday", any custom video that may be created by our wonderful fans, and highlights of key players such as Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber and Jason Witten etc..

    Every weeks game will also be accompanied by as many as 100 hi-resolution photos.

    We will continue to broadcast live games that are not being nationally broadcast. So have your Sopcast player optimized prior to game day.

    We hope this gives you an understanding of what is projected to be an outstanding season of coverage at Cowboys Media.

    BTW if there are any concerns with functionality of the site, you can contact me or Silver and Blue. Via PM of e-mail, which is provided on the contacts page at Cowboys Media.

    Here's to a 2008 season that will bring us our sixth Lombardi!!!!!!! :gent:
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    keep up the GREAT work and thanks again for doing it.
    last year i was not home much so i didnt have my usual
    ways of watching every game and the sopcast saved me.
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    I just downloaded the Rams game, from last year, last night.

    Just a really great site.

    I would also love to see the We Will Win 49'rs championship game were we blew them out in the first half.

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    That would be a great one to have. I'll see if Silver and Blue has a copy. If not, we will look into it with some sources we have.

    Thanks for the compliments guys.
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    Thanks for the hard work you and Silver and Blue do, STAR GAZER.

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    Thanks Bro.

    It's good to have a partner who can do every aspect of what I did last year. We are able to raise the bar this season. That wouldn't be possible If I had to do it alone again this season.
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    its 1 of my favorite games of triplet!!!!!! Is the game that A.Harper made the
    awsome reception?(rimember i well?) and Killed the ** 49ers:bow: :bow: :beer2: :49ers:
  8. Dave the Sicilian

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    You guys are making an unbeliavable job for all of us cowboys maniac :D . I know that it's not so much but I can only say big THANKS to YOU and SILVER&BLUE :bow:
    Let's start a great season ;)

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    You're always welcome Dave.

    I know what it's like living over-seas. It's a major struggle getting coverage of the games. I live in Taiwan, and unfortunately I've had to throw a lot of money at technology to counter it. At least the technology is there now.

    First and for most, I have a satellite dish. It's the service provider that kills you in Asia. You can't get an NFL package so to speak. The NFL Network is exclusive to Dish Network, and that is only available in the Americas. A dish located in Asia can't connect to a satellite stationed over the Americas, so I have to get the best available service through a Japanese service provider. They broadcast most of the Cowboys games and the majority of the NFL games.

    Secondly I use a product called a Slingbox. If you have family or friends back in the States as I do, then you can connect to their television and stream it to your PC. There is a separate tuner on the Slingbox, so you can change channels independently. This is how I complete the remainder of the games and get NFL Network as well. Here is their website for those interested......

    Hope this helps some of you over-seas. If not, then there is always Cowboys Media. :D
  10. ScipioCowboy

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    I'd like to put in another request for the 94 NFC Championship. I realize Dallas lost the contest, but it was a testament to the team's gritty, tenacious character.;)
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    I would too even though we lost. I was in college at the time watching in my dorm and pretty much everyone on my floor was either a bandwagon Niner fan or anti Cowboys and when we got behind 21-0 I was fearing the worst. When we came back it showed the true grit like you said. The Irvin-Sanders non-PI call still irks me to this day. I was yelling at the TV when that play happened. When the game ended all the jerks on my floor were pounding at my door for me to come out. I didn't come out until class the next morning.
  12. Dave the Sicilian

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    :eek: GREAT!!! I really didn't suppose that you were overseas! Are u there for work?
    Anyway, thanx for your suggests :) Now, for me, this one is the only way to see NFL...or at least I must go to see some games in pub in the center of Rome where there are also many americans guys and it's possible to find some little ale-house broadcast the event (more often in playoff times).
    Next year...when I'll get married :) I hope we'll have the chance to get satellite and digital channel in our house so to get the NFL package, but here in Italy this one means having a single live game a week (and in the whole season you can be lucky if you have 3 or 4 Cowboys games) and all the, as you can understand, I was extremely pleased and excited when I found your site. This year I hope to have the opportunity to download new season games from your site without knowing the score
    so it will be like watching it LIVE ;)
    For all the reason written above I can close saying Long Live Internet and Long Live COWBOYS MEDIA :starspin (and of course Long Live Rock 'n' Roll :laugh2:)

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