News: Cowboys' midseason grades: 'O' borders on an 'F'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Here are the midseason grades for the Cowboys:

    D Quarterbacks So far, it's been a nightmarish return to the turnover-prone ways of his early years for Tony Romo, who has a league-high 13 interceptions and two lost fumbles. Romo has been slowed by a woeful line, drops, route busts and a poor running game. He is ranked 22nd in the league in passer rating.

    F Running backs They are 29th in rushing yards per game and 30th in rushing yards per attempt. The injury to DeMarco Murray was a huge blow, but the Cowboys weren't consistently running well before the injury. The line has allowed 33 tackles for loss. Felix Jones has been plagued by injuries.

    D Receivers Statistically, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are having solid seasons. Bryant has 42 catches for 503 yards and two touchdowns. Austin has 41 catches for 637 and four touchdowns. Bryant drops too many passes (six) and busts too many routes. Kevin Ogletree was a factor in only two games.

    B Tight ends Jason Witten lacerated his spleen in training camp. He led the NFL in dropped passes through the first month of the season. With 58 catches at the midway point, he is again the team leader in receptions and became the club's all-time receptions leader. The only nitpick for Witten: just one touchdown.

    FOffensive line Only tackle Tyron Smith has played at an acceptable level, and he's been plagued by too many penalties (six). Doug Free leads the team with seven penalties while struggling as a blocker. Guards Mackenzy Bernadeau (four sacks allowed) and Nate Livings (three sacks allowed) have played poorly.

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    Receivers should be an F.
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    How should receivers be a F when they are on pace for 1000k yards? I can't even remember the last time we had 2 receivers do that and Witten looks like he's on his way too. I expect less mistakes from those guys but I can't give them a F.
  4. DBOY3141

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    because it's not fantasy football. Make plays that helps your team win. Bryant is an idiot and so O-tree. They don't know the playbook and hurt the team more than help. That's why I say an F.
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    How is racking up 1000 yards not helping your team win? Calvin Johnson has more drops than Dez so is Calvin Johnson a "idiot" as well?
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    Because of the breakdowns in route running that result in critical interceptions. A running back that gains 1000 yards a season isn't worth much if he fumbles all the time. Dez has killed more drives than he has helped.

    As previously stated, this isn't fantasy football. How many fantasy teams do you have, btw?
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    yards mean crap when you are turning the ball over and killing drives
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    D or F does it really matter? Neither is acceptable.

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