Cowboys Mock v.1 (3 Possibles For Pick)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Feb 24, 2007.

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    1st Round - Cowboys take

    Aaron Ross - Conerback - Texas


    He has the look, demeanor and playmaking ability of a good NFL cornerback and great punt returner. He has the right combination of savvy, anticipation and bravado to make a big impact. Ross just must run well in workouts to solidify his status as a first-round pick.

    I believe personally that he's good enough to be on the other side of Terrance Newman. This could be a possible pick diffently if the Cowboys doesn't sign an conerback that could make an immediate impact, look for Aaron Ross to be drafted at this pick if they change Anthony Henry to free safety and don't sign a starter.

    Jarvis Moss - Defensive End / Outside Linebacker - Florida


    Is a great athlete. Anticipates snaps well, and shows the burst and speed to beat offensive tackles around the corner. Shows good pass-rush moves to beat one-on-one blocks; is especially good at redirecting when charging upfield and can burst back underneath offensive tackles to get sacks. Shows the flexibility to bend knees and play with leverage, helping him play stronger than his size would suggest. Is adept at getting hands up to tip passes.

    - Personally I feel as if this pick right here is right, diffently if they don't sign Adalius Thomas. DeMarcus Ware needs another Linebacker like himself on the other side that could rush the passer as well.

    Brandon Meriweather - Free Safety - Miami (U)


    Is a natural ballhawk with the hands to make tough interceptions. Always seems to be in right spots to intercept tipped passes. Excels in this area. Can lock up tight ends man-to-man all over the field, and is surprisingly productive covering wide receivers man-to-man. Is so smooth and fluid, almost looks like a cornerback. When in center field, reads quarterbacks well and gets outside to help with deep coverage along the sideline

    - I think this would be best right here cause I feel that Miami have put out some good safety thus far for example Ed Reed and Sean Taylor, I believe he's the Ed Reed of the draft.

    Others: Reggie Nelson, Laron Landry, Dwayne Jarrett, Gaines Adams, Brady Quinn, or Leon Hall.

    2nd Round

    Sidney Rice - Wide Receiver - S. Carolina


    He is raw but has the physical skills to make an immediate impact as a deep threat and along the sidelines. However, Rice won't reach his potential until he masters fundamentals.

    - I believe with Terrell Owens working with Hurd and Rice they could be in line to take over. This would be a good second round pick.

    Marcus McCauley - Conerback - Fresno State


    Is a good all-around athlete with rare explosiveness and speed for a tall cornerback. Has long arms. Shows great instincts and consistently reads quarterbacks' eyes. Plants, drives and closes on passes in a flash. Breaks up many passes and delivers hard hits if unable to reach the ball. Shows the smooth hips to turn and run with receivers. Runs with receivers and can break up passes downfield. Jolts receivers at the line and squeezes them into the sideline. Stays on receivers' hips nicely in trail coverage, and then bursts to the ball. Is tough and aggressive in run support; tackles surely.

    Just getting him at this pick would mean alot but then again this is the type of player that could come in and make an immediate impact if he puts the work in learning the speed of the NFL and gets his physical tools polished by some good coaching.

    Quentin Moses - Defensive End - Georgia


    Is athletic. Can be dominant when aggressive. Shows the quick footwork and hands to escape blockers with swift, precise pass-rush moves. Has long arms. Is polished. When using leverage and aggressive hands, can jolt blockers and drive them into the backfield, get free and get sacks. Against the run, shows the strength to hold his ground at the point of attack before shedding the block and making the tackle. Can shoot inside to split the tackle/guard gap and blow up plays in the backfield. Reaches full speed in a blink. Chases down running backs from the backside, and shows a terrific closing burst.

    Now this player right here is something special but in many mocks he's going mid to late second round. I would love to see this player on the other side of Ware if given the opportunity.

    :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin
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    :huh: Where did we get all those draft picks? Greg Ellis trade?
  3. adamknite

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    I'd really like to have Sidney Rice and Aaron Ross.

    Also, Arch those aren't representative of the number of picks we have but a list of possible canidates in that round.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    Rice will not last untill 22 in the 2nd.
  5. dbair1967

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    I agree...unless he surprises everyone and runs a painfully slow 40 time, he is going to be a 1st rd pick...early 30's at the latest IMO

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    From looking at last year draft a wide receiver like that could last for a long time, look at Chad Jackson for example and Jimmy Williams.
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    Chad Jackson had questions about his hands. Sidney Rice has no such questions.
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    The problem with this thinking is that last year was a LB heavy draft. This year is a WR heavy draft and Rice and Jackson are not comparable options at WR any more than Spears is comparable to Reggie White or Carpenter to Urlacher. Just because 2 people play the same position does not mean they are necessarily comparable to each other. The sooner you learn that the happier I will be.
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    Samwise Gamgee would agree and say that RealCowboyfan just got...


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    wow, this is bad.

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