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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Feb 20, 2011.

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    ROUND 1.17(Trade Down)
    J.J. Watt | DE | Wisconsin
    (courtesy of CBS Sports)
    Pass rush: Relentless rushing the passer in obvious passing situations whether lined up inside or outside. Gets extra attention from opponents. Most dangerous when anticipating the snap and swimming over guards/centers inside. Spins off blocks to get outside after initial contact or pushes through doubles inside. Gets his hands into throwing lanes. Agile enough to twist inside. Knocks tight end off route before making his rush. Often lined up outside the tackle, can bull-rush and get corner at times against college right tackles but needs to continue improving his flexibility to beat NFL blockers.

    Run defense: Active against the run. Able to stack and shed to get to outside runs, and is strong and agile enough to move down the line to be involved in inside runs. Displays some nice change-of-direction ability for his size to mirror ballcarriers trying to elude. Gives very good effort containing misdirection and bootlegs on the edge, though quicker NFL ballcarriers will beat him to the edge. When inside, has quickness to penetrate and gets his hands up quickly to maintain distance from the blocker but fails to keep his body square to the line and gets pushed out of the play.

    Explosion: Flashes quickness off the snap and willingness to pop and knock back opponents. Able to penetrate gaps with a nice first step and works through double-teams with aggressiveness when lined up inside. Has enough closing speed. Lacks an explosive first step. He is still considered an explosive player on every down because he has arguably the strongest punch and most effective hands in this draft.

    Strength: Flashes strength to shed blocks and bull through double teams, but must gain muscle in both his upper and lower body to hold his ground at the next level. Can be pushed off the line by double teams, typically when turned sideways. Works with his hands against blockers, looks to potentially be good in this area. Can play too high when lined up inside to win the leverage battle.

    Tackling: High-effort tackler with long arms and growing strength. Gets low despite his height to mirror and wrap up ballcarriers. Quarterbacks do not want to feel his explosive tackling in the backfield. Doesn't leave his feet, though he stretches to make a lot of ankle tackles other linemen couldn't make.

    Intangibles: Excellent character and work ethic. Won the Lott IMPACT Award for integrity, maturity, performance, academics, community and tenacity among college defenders. Began the Justin J. Watt Foundation to help schools fund athletic programs, does quite a bit of community work. Academic All-Big Ten in 2009 and 2010. Brother Derek is scheduled to play football at UW in 2011.

    Follow the link for the rest
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    Love the mock except the fact we didnt cut Igor.
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    I marvel at how people on this forum do their mocks. This mock, if it goes the way you have it happening, is brilliant! Are you kidding me? If we can get Sherrod, Moffit, and the FS Williams along with Watt; now that, my friends, is a draft. Not to mention a few of the sleeper picks here! I can only dream this is the case scenario that goes down on draft day! WOW!
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    This draft is too good to be true

    Only thing I don't see happening is Martez Wilson falling to 60..

    I am hearing that he could climb into rd 1
  5. Alexander

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    Very nice mock, but a little on the dreamy side.
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    So the consensus is Von Miller is too small to play outside but Martez Wilson is big enough to play inside... :confused:

    Is it just because of where he is going to be drafted? Because the two guys have nearly identical body proportions.
  7. Joe Rod

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    I would take this mock and run with it. Well done sir!
  8. SDogo

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    How so? I would like to know a little more of why you think that.
  9. Alexander

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    Finding a trade partner is going to be tough to begin with. If there is one thing the uncertain labor environment should have taught us it is that teams are reluctant to make bold moves, much less give up second and fourth round choices. Perhaps you could elaborate a little more on the reasoning for New England wanting to move up and why.

    It is a bit dreamy since there are several prospects (Wilson, Moffitt and Williams in particular) that I think go a little earlier than you are projecting.

    I also say it is dreamy because it is pretty much the kind of draft I would do for this team where all key needs are addressed one way or the other.

    And if there is one thing this team's draft history should tell you is that it is rare we ever take that kind of precision when drafting. There is bound to be clever little curveballs (or what Jerry Jones believes to be clever) thrown in there for good measure.
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    A little bit but not as much as you'd think. Sherrod's stock has been falling a bit due to surges from Ijalana, Smith, and Solder, but I'd suspect if he made it into the early part of round 2 we'd be calling off the hook trying to make a play to jump around 33-35(40 and our 4th should do it). Wilson could go as high as the late 1st but he does have some serious character concerns so it wouldn't surprise me if he took a draft day fall.
  11. TheFinisher

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    Just to piggyback my last post, the 71st pick for Moffitt is actually right where teams will start to consider him (we could probably wait a little longer to get him), he's not a 2nd rounder by any means. Pouncey, Cannon, Ijalana(G/T), Rackley, Watkins, Hudson, Pinkston are all guards that go before him and that's not even including guard prospects who could go before him (Boling, Love, Barksdale, Schilling).

    Williams broke his leg and will miss out on any pre draft workouts. He may not be ready for TC, 4th Round is spot on for him.
  12. SDogo

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    TheFinisher did a real good job expressing much of what I would of said about the prospects.

    As far as the draft fitting nicely into what the Cowboys needs are all I can say is I would have a hard time doing a Mock on the premises of finding a way to "screw things up". I dont have have all the trust in the world that Jerry will do exactly as I want but that does not mean I have to try and figure out ways Jerry can make me miserable when doing a mock. I dont think anyone goes into a mock thinking like that.

    My trade with the Patriots was pieced together based on two components. (i)they have the draft picks to make a move like this (ii)there are several prospects the Patriots have been linked to early as someone they would move up for and those are Cameron Jordan, Robert Quinn and the dark horse Aldon smith who is not only seeing his stock rise to a potential top 10 pick but is someone I have been told recently the Patriots are very high on as well is Houston at 11.

    I understand you skepticism and it is early. This will all start to unfold in the coming weeks and I'm sure it will change a dozen times over before the draft.
  13. RS12

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    I dont think Wilson is there at 60.
  14. UnoDallas

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    I still don't see Smith/Carimi/Sherrod getting out the first round

    I think those three are gone by 25

    I really like Sherrod - Doug Free played well at ROT last year in Columbo's absence and with the top LOT still on the board, why not have the flexibility of 2 athletic young bookends that are interchangeable? Sure makes game-day decisions of whittling down 53 to 45 easier, in the case of deciding on back-up OL in the case of injuries.

    I think Duenta Williams starts climbing

    along with Moffitt - Moffitt had a terriffic Senior Bowl a plus for him

    I got Moffit as our 2b 3a pick

    Williams as our 3

    RB situationb - I think we can find a bruiser in UDFA - or pick one up on the cheap

    Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli, have impressed their peers.
    Both men have made it a point to acquire players who have been leaders in college and/or in other NFL stops.

    That’s how the Falcons ended up with Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and Curtis Lofton.

    In fact, 13 of the 26 players Dimitroff has drafted were college captains

    WR - rather have R Johnson

    but over all a nice draft
  15. SDogo

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    That's part of it but Wilson is a inch taller and will weigh in almost 20 pounds heavier. He also much stronger in the upper body then Von Miller. Von Miller is quicker and has better flexibility. Really they are two entirely different players.
  16. casmith07

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    This draft is amazing, but I'd rather re-sign Marcus Spears.

    I also think someone's going to take Deunta Williams much higher than projected right now.
  17. burmafrd

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    The Pats D has been soft for several years. BB is a defense first guy so that has got to be working on his hemorhoids. If they trade up they will be looking for Defense-and they need a guy that can really get to the passer. I also see a possibility of them going after one of the top WRs since they found out what happens to their smurf WRs vs a physical secondary. And they are still looking for a real RB.
  18. 28 Joker

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    That is a real good analysis, but trading down and drafting J.J. Watt isn't a good move, imo. Watt isn't explosive or athletic enough, imo. If the Patriots like Cameron Jordan that much and are willing to trade up to get him, then, if you go DE, you should consider going that route. Look at late rising junior Jerod Mayo, an All Pro. They took him at 10. If they are willing to move to 9 and take Jordan and you want a DE, then, that should make you pause.

    Jordan is the more explosive player, but I would remind people in the war room that my guy Smith blocked him (especially in the running game/as a 19 year old junior), is 20 years old and has the upside that Jordan really doesn't have. Smith replaces the weakest player on the offensive line immediately and gives you a fighting chance at LT if Free walks or gets hurt. Plus, you get the best offensive linemen in the draft, imo. You don't have to sweat out the second round.

    You have some good players, and I like Sherrod. However, supply and demand will most likely have him drafted in round 1. Those OTs are going to all rise. If you pick a real impact player at 9, you are still looking at a really good OL or CB option in round 2. If Danny Watkins falls to 40, he could replace Kyle Kosier on most NFL teams.

    I'd just stay at 9 and draft Tyron Smith who has Pro Bowl potential and has the potential to be a dominate player in pass protection and run blocking. Dallas needs difference makers up front, and Smith has difference maker written all over him. Felix Jones would really benefit from his athleticism in the running game. Jason Witten would get to go out for passes more. Romo and the passing game benefits. For Felix Jones, Power O (see his 73 yard TD in wildcard game), sweeps, toss right, screens, and stretches would open up for Jones to the right. (See Colombo block 2 guys on Jones' 33 yard TD against the Bengals in 2008). Colombo can't block anyone, anymore. He has no pop. He can't move. He's done.

    Plus, Tyron Smith can pull along the line and do the blocking that Davis can't do on a consistent basis, especially on the goal-line. Smith could anchor your line for the next 12 years. Hudson Houck is a USC guy, so I have a glimmer of hope.

    There really is no excuse for Mark Colombo to be penciled in as a starter. If that truly is the case, it's going to be a long, long, long year. He should have been replaced in the 2009 draft, and I can't believe the Cowboys would even consider it. It's foolish. The Packers dynasty has already been launched. The Giants, Eagles, and Redskins are going to address their offensive lines in this draft. The Eagles and Giants need OTs. Dallas' starters will average 33 next year on that line. It could get ugly. I'll say it will get ugly if they stand pat. Can you imagine the heat that organization will take if they don't do something? You can start at 9 by taking the best OT in the draft.

    Number 9 is going to be a significantly better player than Watt, and I'd take that guy.

    If the Cowboys get to round 2 and the top OT prospects are gone, they are going to pay big time on the field, imo.

    If Doug Free goes down (assuming he is resigned), this team is done. Smith gives you a fighting chance at LT his rookie year. The RT has been done since his last major leg injury. Colombo was never a dominant player to begin with, and he has given up many QB hits.

    I like Sherrod, because he can play LT. However, he's not as talented as Smith, and giving up Smith for J.J. Watt isn't going to cut it for me. That is just my opinion.

    You would be better off just staying at 9. That should be an impact player for the Cowboys. Just let round 2 fall to you. That is going to be a really good player, too. OL, CB, WR (Perhaps the DE from Ohio State)
  19. TheCount

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    I'm not sure what you're getting at here... are you trying to say Martez is too small to play inside?
  20. acer941

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    True, heyward is real likely to fall into the early-mid 2nd round

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