News: Cowboys much improved in red zone

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- One of the biggest areas of focus with the Dallas Cowboys in the offseason was red zone production.

    In 2012, the Cowboys ranked 20th in the NFL in red-zone touchdown efficiency with 25 touchdowns on 49 attempts. They were not effective running the ball (just seven red zone touchdowns on the ground) and were penalized too often (11 times).

    Through the first six games this season the Cowboys are fourth in the NFL in red zone touchdown efficiency with 15 touchdowns in 23 attempts. They have four red zone rushing touchdowns.

    Only Denver has more red zone points than the Cowboys, 167 to 120.

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    This is definitely the most welcome improvement of the season thus far, and I think the offensive line has had a ton to do with it. The efficiency of scoring touchdowns versus field goals is night and day from a year ago.

    For all the defensive line woes, that offensive line is light years ahead of a year ago. Gotta focus solely on the d-line next offseason, but for now, let's just outscore them!

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