Cowboys Nation/Vela: Wes Bunting Talks Glenn and Osemele

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 28 Joker, Feb 4, 2012.

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    ..."But when he was lined up as a guard, and could play in tighter areas and could set and get his hands on you? He was awesome. I have him as a guard only. He could play some right tackle in my opinion, but I'd rather have my guy be an All-Pro caliber talent at guard than an average starter out there. As a guard I think he warrants a 1st round grade. He was exceptional at guard".

    Wes Bunting (National Football Post) on Cordy Glenn (Georgia)

    You can read it all here:
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    If you read down at the bottom Vela in one of his replies says draft BPA at 14 no matter what. Even if it is a QB. I respect Vela alot. Gives not drafting Marino in 83 as an example.
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    Well fortunately:D Dallas has so many open spots that going with BPA will fit in a lot of areas. I wouldn't be thrilled with a QB at #14, but if a top-flight one were there...

    WR or RB would be very difficult to take at #14.

    But Guard, CB, OLB, DE... All spots in need.
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    I would have no problem pulling the trigger on Cordy Glenn at 14. In fact, I'm not so sure that there is a big gap between DeCastro and Glenn.

    If you can't get a Carl Nicks, Cordy Glenn would be a great alternative at LG and much cheaper. Glenn is exactly the type of player the Cowboys need to block the Giants and Eagles. I hope he is on the very short list. I'd plug Glenn right next to Tyron at LT.

    Glenn and Osemele would be a great set of young guards. I wouldn't hesitate to pick Glenn at 14 and Osemele at 45 if he is available. I want this offensive line fixed, however, I fear a bunch of defensive busts will be drafted. I do like Janoris Jenkins, though.
  5. RS12

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    I dont like Jenkins at 14. I am not opposed to him at 45 but he wont last that long so I doubt he ever becomes a Cowboy. I doubt Upshaw or Ingram bust but I dont know they will be huge difference makers either. That leads us right back to the O Line doesnt it.
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    I have watched both in multiple games and DeCastro is clearly better. But I do agree that Glenn should made a fine guard. But I think DeCastro has the chance to be an ALL PRO guard.
  7. Gaede

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    DeCastro definitely looks smoother out there. Glenn doesn't have the same feet.

    But, as we saw with our rookies last year, strength and power are so important in the pros. I was skeptical of Glenn at first, but I'm actually beginning to lean his way over DeCastro. He can completely dominate at times.
  8. Ring Leader

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    Glenn - Only if we trade down in the first, @ #14 he's a major reach.
    Osemele - @ #45, I'm all in.
  9. burmafrd

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    I have not seen Glenn dominate anyone the way I saw DeCastro own Tamu.
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    Every team drafts BPA. The issue is one of semantics. What makes the best player? If you grade players on a scale of 1-10 and ignore position while drafting the highest scores you are officially labeled stupid by about the end of draft 1. But if you have a relative value for each player agreed to and then skip around that once on the clock that is way bad.

    Drafts are generally loaded at a couple positions and weak at others. Fullbacks and Punters who are walk in starters thus deserve grades in the 8's or 9s and are hardly worth r1 status where other 8's and 9's are drafted.

    For purposes of our discussion OG/C's are penalized relative to tackles. Tackles are harder to find and more expensive.

    Marino wasn't passed BECAUSE he was a QB which shows how dumb that argument is. Marino was the SIXTH QB taken at pick 27. Teams simply mis-evaluated guys like Tony Eason ahead of Marino. Did teams also pass Tom Brady because he was a QB? Seriously, weakest logical argument I have heard regarding draft strategy and I have listened to Larry Lacewell and Jerry Jones explain drafts....

    I can see people wanting to go OG at 14. I think it is a bit high but can understand it. We do have a starting spot open and are in line to draft the best OG prospect. I lean to other options unless the player evaluations strongly favor the OG. I watched lots of Cowboy games when Larry Allen was the best OL in all football as well as our best player by far and we didn't win much AT ALL. I'd much rather have another Demarcus Ware.
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    At this point I'm kind of hoping we trade and pick up a few picks and pick either Decastro or Glenn around 16-18. If Glenn is really that good then it sounds like you can't go wrong with either one honestly. The more I think about it the more I really like Whitney Mercilus in this draft. I think he could very well be a double digit sack guy every year in the NFL. One thing he does have is a huge motor and he doesn't stay blocked for long and will get to the QB even when stoned on his first movie. Another thing he does VERY well is create turnovers. He is a natural at swiping at the QB's hand and causing fumbles right before he gets the sack, which is something I think we don't have on this team.
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    I like Glenn a lot just not at 14. If DeCastro is gone at 14, and we can trade down a few spots to say 28-20 and still get Glenn I am fine. De Castro is the only guard that is value at 14.


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