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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by like a dog, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. like a dog

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    What do you guys view as the Cowboys biggest needs from what we now know about the team?

    On offense my biggest concern is tackle. Flozell should be back to lock down the left side next season, and Tucker is proving himself to be a very capable backup. My concern is on the right side, where I am not sure that either Pettiti or Colombo are the long term answers. While it is possible that Pettiti could make this discussion academic by the end of the year with improving play, I could easily see Parcells scooping up a John Scott from Texas or Marcus McNeil from Auburn and plugging them in at RT much like the Rams did with Alex Barron this season.

    I would also like to see Dallas make a play for a big play receiver. Key and Glenn are getting old, so it would be nice to start grroming a future downfield threat.

    On defense, the big concern is at free safety. While Keith Davis has been ok, he is so valuable as a special teams player that I think he is better off in a backup role. I look for Dallas to add a solid veteran center fielder type in free agency.

    It is especially true that you can never have enough depth on defense. I think we will see a few more young guys be brought in to improve the depth.

  2. Cowboy from New York

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    The way Parcells thinks I believe he'll go defense again (as far as our top pick) probably a front 7 guy. Outside LBer to split blocking scheme focus off of Ware or a young stud for NT to learn under Ferguson to control the run game.
  3. Dayton Cowboy

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    If Dallas goes LB or WR, My choices are for any of the three starting backers at Ohio State.. Hawk and Carpenter for the OLB spots or Schlegel on the inside. I think that Hawk will go too high for Dallas to get a shot at him. but Carpenter has 3-4 LB written all over him. He's big, fast and versatile. He's already doing what Ware is doing by playing OLB and in the Buckeyes nickel he's been down as a DE. Schlegel has good range, speed and instincts on the inside. He's also got that size that folks keep saying is necessary in a 3-4 LB.

    Nate Salley is a decent FS. He's a hitter with better coverage and seems to have better instincts than Davis has shown. But I don't know that I would advocate taking him on the first day at this point.

    Santonio Holmes is also another player there that we could use.. Big Playmaking ability from a WR. He's a very refined route runner and even though he's about the same size as T. Glenn he is not afraid to go over the middle.

    Okay so those picks are a bit of Homer picks but they do have merit I believe. So that's my Buckeye draft prospect list. Oh yeah, Mangold at Center would be someone to look into as well.
  4. Natedawg44

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    The rule changes have really helped the smaller faster WRs like Steve Smith and Santana Moss. I think Santonio Holmes fits right into that mold. He would help on special teams as well.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    Offensive lineman.......and a FAST, Tall WR.......then a SS in that order....IMO
  6. Dayton Cowboy

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    Why a SS? FS is more of a need. I'm not so sure that Beriault if he can come back next season is a FS.

    As far as WR goes... I'd like to have a WR with decent speed, the ability to seperate, good route running and great hands. I dont care how tall and fast the player is, if he can't catch and and do the things to get open they are worthless as a WR. See Randall Williams....
  7. Dayton Cowboy

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    Hey Mods,

    How about a section for the 2006 draft? I realize the college season isn't quite over however I think we can all get a good idea of college player values. Of course some might change with the workout warrior weekend known as the combine. Then maybe make a sticky for Offense, Defense and Special Teams? Or break it down further by making a sticky for each position where our great members to throw in a player that we can watch out for in games.
  8. VACowboy

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    I like these guys at the end of the first round:

    Bobby Carpenter (OLB)
    Santanio Holmes (WR)
    Johnathon Scott (OT)
    Michael Huff (FS)
  9. Dayton Cowboy

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    morning VA...

    where does Scott play? I'm not really familiar with the big uglies on the O-Line.
  10. VACowboy

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    Hey, Dayton.

    Is that Dayton, VA?

    Scott plays for Texas, as does Huff.
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    That's why he's crazy. :)
  12. Nors

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  13. MichaelWinicki

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    Actually every game I'm becoming less and less concerned with the tackle position. I'm not completely comfortable but I'm getting there.

    I think long-term we'll have more of an issue at guard quite frankly.

    Yeah, wide receiver scares the hell out of me. As does FS.

    ILB doesn't scare me nearly as much.

    But if Bledsoe goes down, QB could be the biggest Achilles heal we have at the moment.
  14. VACowboy

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    Michael, I agree on all accounts. What do you (anyone) think about the possibilities of this defense with the addition of another young stud playmaker at OLB (Carpenter/Dumervil) and a ballhawking FS like Anthony Smith? Personally, if we come out of the first two rounds with any two of Carpenter/Dumervil, Huff/Landry, Holmes, Scott/Jean-Gilles, I'd be one happy dood.
  15. Hollywood Henderson

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    I think we do need to groom a big play WR with speed for Key & Glenn...
    OT will have to wait & see...
    LBers will be needed as I don't think Thornton is a long term answer with his injury's (Knees)
    FS is a HUGE need...
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    Good questions VA...

    I like Fujita and Ware at OLB, I really do. I think you'll see Burnett go to the inside. Obviously quality depth is a need.

    You give me a FS that can cover and I'll do back-flips at this point! That's (obviously) a major problem. Even a "Brock Marion" type would tighten our pass defense up considerably.

    Nors is right about DT. We need a good developmental prospect there.
  17. Yakuza Rich

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    If the season were to end today, I think Parcells has the team in very good shape.

    I’m a believer that you should not spend money in free agency just for the sake of it. However, I do believe that it’s important to spend some money in free agency in order to make possible upgrades. Even if you have a great defense with mostly young players, teams will eventually start to figure out your weaknesses. Furthermore, competition in camp is always a good thing.

    Anyway, here’s what I see as their top needs to be addressed.

    WR – They need a young, speedy WR who can return punts. Glenn is 31 years old, Key is 33 years old. I’m assuming that Crayton will eventually take over Key’s spot and he should do well. However, if they loss Glenn that would be a bigger problem since he’s their best deep threat. I’m not too high on Crayton’s punt return ability and if I’m Parcells and I can give the duties to the #4 WR, I’m all for it. They don’t need to draft this type of WR in the first round, but it’s certainly something that needs to be addressed.

    OG – Both of the starters are 33 years old and I don’t know what we have in Petermann. I’d like to see them get somebody who can play both guard and center as I’m not sold on Al Johnson either.

    FS – Yes, Willie Pile and Keith Davis have gotten to the point lately where they are pretty decent and are improving each week. However, they still do not have any INT’s and are still the weakest part of the defense.

    K – Goes without saying.

    CB – Need a replacement for Aaron Glenn, although Reeves seems decent enough.

    NG – Should be alright, especially if Pepper Johnson continues to improve. But, they still have two 31 year old Nose Guards.

    QB – Since Parcells likes Romo so much, I don’t think they’ll do anything here.

    Essentially, I don’t see any glaring needs. More or less just looking for possible upgrades or looking at positions to develop for the future. If Tucker continues to play like he has and Pettiti finishes out the season playing decent, I don’t see why they need to address OT.

  18. burmafrd

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    NT for the future we can get later in the draft. Basically some 6-0 330 lb fireplug with quick feet. They are out there- we can get one and build him up. Or maybe find a OL that is that size with a nasty disposition and change his position.
    We will not spend a first on any LB unless BP sees another Carson, etc- and I do not think that is likely. FS the same- not like there are many if any out there.
    WR- probably not this year. Glenn, johnson and company can give us anothe season.
    Really- I can see us trading out of the first rd for more picks. OR to save up for next year (2007) and the Brady Quinn sweepstakes.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    NT, FS, OLB, WR, C and QB are all still needs for this team. A good Kicker would be golden. Not certain how Noll, Tarullo and Peterman will turn out but I have high hopes for both Noll and Peterman. Allen is getting close to the end IMO. Same can probably be said for Rivera but time will tell.
  20. K-DOGG

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    I think that the Boys should look at DT from Oregon Haloti Nata 6'5 345 and he runs 4.8 40. I watch him in the PAC 10 alot and he will be a nice replacement for Glover after his contract runs out. He is a load in the middle and must be double teamed at all times.

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