News: Cowboys offer most ideal potential coach openings

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by felix360, Nov 28, 2012.

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    ANALYSIS Cowboys, Chargers offer most ideal potential coach openings

    By Daniel Jeremiah

    Published: November 28, 2012 at 8:48


    This is easily the most desirable potential job opening. Owner Jerry Jones has taken a lot of heat from Cowboys fans, but he's actually built a very talented roster. Tony Romo has turned the ball over more than usual this season, but he is still a high-level NFL quarterback. There's young talent at several key positions, including left tackle, cornerback, inside linebacker and wide receiver. Also, future Hall of Famers DeMarcus Ware (linebacker) and Jason Witten (tight end) remain among the NFL's top players at their respective positions.

    Likelihood that the job will be available: Possible.
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    That was an interesting read.
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    big time coaches are not generally interested in the Cowboys job because of Jerry's constant meddling on their turf. Also, I would expect that a coach would look at the age of the core players.....Romo, Ware, Witten and think hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also, is there confidence that Jerry will ever be an above average GM on draft day or in free agency?
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    It was a great opportunity when Parcells left...who got the job...Wade Phillips. It was great opportunity when Wade got fired...who got the job...JG.

    As long as JJ is in control, no real coach will come here.

    The Cowboys are doomed until JJ leaves.

    As far as very talented roster...please. The entire OL sucks to high heaven and the only "potential" player we have is Smith. The RB's can't stay healthy, the WR's are average at best because of health and intelligence.

    DL is in sad shape. ILB's can't stay healthy so the jury is still out.

    This team needs a lot of pieces to go with great leadership. It's the reason they have been irrevlevant for 17 years. Thanks, JJ.
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    I'm sick and tired of everyone saying we have a talented roster. They're no more talented than any other team in this league. Every team has a few high quality players. We wouldn't have finished 6-10, 8-8, and be 5-6 right now if we were really that talented.
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    No it isnt. Trying to coach with Jerry running the show is like trying to swim with a cinder block on each leg.
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    Not to defend Jerry, but I think you're dead wrong. Who has been pursued that has refused to come to Dallas? I would rank Parcells pretty high up on cred if you wanna go that route - whether fair or not (I personally like the guy). The only name I can think of that refused to come was Dan Reeves, and while it was speculated to be over control...I'm really unsure how he was in a position to argue that unless he's a HC. Add to that the scuttle that Jerry is revered around the coaches and owners alike from all reports:confused:

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