Twitter: Cowboys offseason begins April 21

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 3, 2014.

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    I'm not criticizing you in any way.

    I just can't figure out how unpaid bloggers manage to put out so much more and better information than a guy that gets paid to do it. I seriously wonder what a guy like Watkins does all day.

    Somehow a guy like Bob Sturm manages to host a daily radio show, cover all the local sports and put more information in his blogs than a guy like Watkins that only covers the Cowboys as a writer.
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    Oh I didn't take it that you were criticizing me, at all. Your post was directed at Watkins and while I'm no fan, tweets with basic info are the norm, and then whole articles follow-up later.

    Agreed on the rest. But I also believe bloggers also don't have the constraints that paid journalists have when delivering info. Sturm has his own blog and he can write 5000 essays on a whim and put it up. Paid journalists, even Watkins, have word constraints and editors, and the like. It doesn't mean, he and others couldn't improve, just that I believe that bloggers don't have to carry the same standards with their work.
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    Anything to keep you entertained.
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    Good points.

    I should just praise the guys that do good work and ignore the guys I don't like. Here goes:

    Bob Sturm: Hardest working of the paid media guys.

    Mike Fisher: Most accurate with "inside" type Cowboys info. Twenty years ago this would have been Mickey, but once he started working for the team, not so much.

    A guy named Jeff Cavanaugh: he is a radio guy that has appearently been going to Valley Ranch to watch film cut-ups of draft prospects.

    Our own @NeonDeion21: Hardest working blogger.
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    My brother will turn 65 on April 21st, .. and my pup will turn 4 the same day.
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    April 21st is when they start stacking good days on top of each other....:)

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