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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. TheSport78

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    You have two options for the OL next year:

    Option 1

    LT: Tyron Smith
    LG: David DeCastro
    OC: Scott Wells
    RG: David Arkin
    RT: Doug Free

    Option 2

    LT: Tyron Smith
    LG: Carl Nicks
    OC: Peter Konz
    RG: David Arkin
    RT: Doug Free

    Which OL combo do you take and why?
  2. burmafrd

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    No on Konz due to health issues
  3. cbow44

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    option 2 with Konz at center. no one else seems to have a problem with his health issues.
  4. DBOY3141

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    I want a veteran next to Smith. It will be his first year on the left. Plus, I wanted a proven stud. DeCastro may be a flop, it does happen to 1st round picks.
  5. burmafrd

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    dumb to use a high pick on someone with his possible health issues.

    Especially with our luck.

    and his health issues will get a lot more play as the draft gets closer.

    Bottom line it is an extra risk that we do not need to take
  6. burmafrd

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    any pick can be a flop but DeCastro at guard has got to be one of the lower risks around. It is tackles that usually bust and many of them end up at guard.
  7. visionary

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    how about option #3

    LT: Tyron Smith
    LG: David DeCastro (Rd 1) or Osemele (Rd 2)
    OC: Kevin Kowalski/Mike Brewster (Rd 4)
    RG: Carl Nicks or Ben Grubbs (FA)
    RT: Doug Free

    IMO we need

    a premium OC or OG in FA AND
    need an OG in rounds 1 or 2 AND
    need OC in 4

    the reason I am leaning OG in FA rather than OC is because the premuim OGs available are younger than the OCs available and can be long term solutions as opposed to someone like Wells who will be a stop gap

    I dont think it is too much to ask to spend Rd 1 or 2 AND rd 3 or 4 on the OL

    this still leaves us FA and planty of draft picks (1+3+5/6/6/7) or (2+4+5/6/6/7) for defense
  8. johnnyd

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    DeCastro plays RG in college and nicks and grubbs both play LG just sayin ;)

    SMASHMOUTH9473 Active Member

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    option #4

    LT Smith
    LG Grubbs
    OC Killer
    RG DeCastro
    RT Free
  10. burmafrd

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    This looks pretty good
  11. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Definitely the 2nd one. Adding Carl Nicks automatically gives us a legit offensive line. Konz has health issues, but he's still better than Costa.
  12. Future

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    This. And it doesn't seem unrealistic to be honest.
  13. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    The Konz issue is a tricky one because we have a legit starting Center candidate in Kowalski and a fallback in Costa who was okay. He is definitely a high medical risk but we don't know all the details yet about classifying the risk.

    Now most 3rd rounders never end up being quality starters so I think that is the earliest you should consider drafting him. On top of the DVT issue he seems to get injured frequently in college ball and that puts an extra layer of risk on him in the pro game.

    I'd be inclined to do the following:

    LT: Free
    LG: Costa/Nagy/Arkin/vet stop gap(i.e Holland)
    C: Kowalski
    RG: DeCastro or 2nd round pick
    RT: Free

    Now with the money saved and picks we have left I would try to upgrade the defense and re-sign Robinson.

    I still hope we can draft 1 or 2 CBs and try to find ourselves a pass rusher at DE or OLB in FA.

    The problem as a group is we become too myopic and focus on the biggest issue from the last season. However, we sometimes patch one hole only for another to pop up. We have to envision ourselves constantly trying to put together a complete roster that can compete for a championship. Throwing all our resources at the offense with an expensive FA OG, a 1st round pick at OG and re-signing Robinson could rob the resources needed to field a competitive defense and that is a big mistake. This is a good CB and OG draft and that is our big weakness so we would be silly not to get 3 players at those positions. The only time I want us to veer off that plan is if a good pass rusher is a BPA. The candidate I have in mind for the 1st round is Coples if he slides like Robert Quinn did last year who went at #14 or so.
  14. TheSport78

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    Free must be pretty dang to play left AND right tackle at the same time. But seriously, good points :)
  15. Idgit

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    I'd rather see something like this, too. Though I wouldn't mind making a run at one of the top 2 FA C's and moving Kowalski to OG and adding another OG in the 2nd round.

    We need at least one interior line upgrade, but it doesn't merit our top pick or our biggest FA acquisition. Our pass rush and CBs need the attention more right now.
  16. jnday

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    What about Coples motor , or I guess I should say , lack of motor ? I think the last thing we need is another player with poor effort .
  17. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    They'll have to sort that out in interviews.

    The word is because of his teammates injuries last year that affected draft status he may have played scared of injury.

    Elite pass rushers are so hard to come by and he is the only one in this draft based on his 2010 film. He also switched positions this year and that may have affected him too as he was playing DT.

    I would probably prefer DeCastro if he was there at #14 because he is a sure thing but if he is gone and Coples is on the board you have to think about him.
  18. TheCount

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    I haven't seen a thing from Arkin that leads me to believe he's ready to start for a professional NFL team.
  19. Plankton

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    I would do the following:

    LT - Tyron Smith
    LG - Jake Scott (FA)
    C - Kevin Kowalski
    RG - Jeremy Zuttah (FA)
    RT - Doug Free

    Bench - Jermey Parnell, Bill Nagy, Michael Brewster (draft), David Arkin

    Zuttah provides youth (he's 25) along with starting experience. Scott provides a veteran presence to allow Arkin time to develop. Kowalski, Brewster and Nagy will battle for the starting center position, with Nagy likely settling into a backup role for all three interior positions. Parnell is the swing tackle, and Zuttah can kick outside in a pinch.
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    I think Eskimo came the closest to what the reality of the situation is going to be. I very much doubt that the Cowboys will BOTH spend big money on Grubbs/Nicks AND draft DeCastro.

    I'm thinking they draft DeCastro and say feh at signing an expensive FA guard.

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