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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. xwalker

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    Please give me your own rankings of OLinemen for the Cowboys.

    Mine current rankings are:

    1 OT *Luke Joeckel Texas A&M Jr

    This is about position value. He has the athletic ability to play LT in the NFL. He gets by with a lot of holding in college and is not the best run blocking OT on the list.

    2 OG Jonathan Cooper North Carolina rSr

    Better athlete than many of the OTs on this list. He is strong and has played a couple of games at OC. Excellent fit in either a Zone or Man Blocking Scheme.

    3 OG Chance Warmack Alabama Sr
    Dominant run blocker but average pass blocker. Maybe not the best fit in a Zone Blocking Scheme.

    4 OT *Taylor Lewan Michigan rJr
    Solid player with excellent length.

    5 OG/OT Dallas Thomas Tennessee rSr
    Very quick and athletic.

    6 OT Eric Fisher Central Michigan Sr
    Excellent movement skills with good balance. Needs to add some bulk.

    7 OT *Jake Matthews Texas A&M Jr

    Excellent run blocker and good pass blocker. Might be slightly overrated due to pass-rushers playing contain against Johnny.

    8 OC Khaled Holmes Southern California rSr

    Best OC in the draft, IMO. Underrated player.

    9 OC/OG Barrett Jones Alabama rSr
    Solid, ready now player with limited athleticism. Arm length is rumored to be too short to project to OT in the NFL.

    10 OT Brennan Williams North Carolina Sr
    Underrated player, IMO. Good size and quickness.

    11 OG Larry Warford Kentucky Sr
    Very large player. Strong with decent quickness. Needs to play at the lower end of the 325 to 345 weight range.

    12 OT Lane Johnson Oklahoma Sr
    High upside with excellent athleticism. Will need some time to develop both physically and from a technique standpoint.

    13 OT Oday Aboushi Virginia Sr
    Excellent physical specimen. Big and very athletic. Might need a little time to refine technique.

    14 OT Kyle Long Oregon Sr
    High upside but limited experience.

    15 OG *Gabe Jackson Mississippi State rJr
    Solid player with good size.

    16 OT Brian Winters Kent State Sr
    Solid player. Might be RT or OG only.

    17 OG *Alvin Bailey Arkansas rJr
    Big and strong.

    18 OT/OG *D.J. Fluker Alabama rJr
    Extremely overrated as an OT, IMO. He needs to move to OG or lose a significant amount of weight to play OT.

    19 OG Omoregie Uzzi Georgia Tech rSr
    Solid player.

    20 OT Xavier Nixon Florida Sr

    Underrated. Good size and athleticism. Inconsistent college player.

    21 OT Rick Wagner Wisconsin rSr
    Stiff looking player.
  2. VACowboy

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    I think you're vastly underselling Bailey and Aboushi.
  3. RS12

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    Never saw him play a bad game.
  4. tm1119

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    Would never draft Cooper over Warmack or Holmes over Jones. That line from Bama is battle tested against the top college talent. I just don't see Holmes holding up against tougher competition than the soft Pac 10. And Warmack is just a stud. His pass blocking is just as good as Cooper, there's 0 evidence saying other wise.
  5. Macnalty

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    I like Jones(excellent pass blocking skills because of his strong lateral agility and the job he does mirroring his opponent) ahead of Warmack and Cooper(He has that aggressive attitude that you love to see) ahead of Warmack. We have no chance at the top tackle so I have not really looked at him.

    second Rd give me some OLB like Chase Thomas stanford
    third Rd Lets get back to some Oline or if a Dlineman falls grab him, I see the center from USC sliding, Holmes ( our obligatory injured player).

    fourth Rd start throwing some darts for safeties and cb and pray we filled our Dline with FA.
  6. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    How much more battle tested can you get than single-blocking
    Star Lotulelei.

    My evaluation of Holmes vs Lotulelei is here:
  7. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    I don't understand why he (Xavier Nixon) is rated as a 5th rounder by NFLDS and even lower by Scouts Inc.
  8. WilmingtonHeel

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    What do you mean more battle tested ?(Cooper vs Warmack) Coop has started since his freshman year practicing against some studs everyday at UNC. Both players will be good. One is not going to better because of the conferences they play in. If that's the case why isn't felix Jones better than Chris Johnson? SEC vs Conference USA
  9. BAT

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    I like Warford a lot. Big, quick and nasty.

    And Glenville's State's Mark Jackson (6'5 335) and West Texas A&M's Manase Foketi (6'5 320) are small school highly productive OTs who are probably better suited inside at next level.

    Also like super athletic Big 10 Honorable mention OT Reid Fragel (6'7 300 4.8) from OSU.

    And surprised there is no love for Illini's Graham Pocic (6'5 310) and South Carolina's TJ Johnson (6'5 320). They are tall for centers but both have great intangibles to go along with their production. Both have ability, intelligence & work ethic to play all over OL.
  10. Macnalty

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    Can you talk about Bailey and Aboushi, I did not watch any of Arkansas's games this year and the same with Virginia.

    I can tell you about the Alabama line and their warts:

    Chance Warmack struggles with pass blocking because of his lack of lateral agility. He gave up a sack to John Jenkins(DT for Georgia), a match-up that should have been perfect for him at 320 lbs – but he was overpowered, Jenkins getting Warmack's hands off him with ease.

    Barrett Jones played the center position this year after playing left tackle last year and guard the year before. Reminds me of Stepnoski(center with cowboys in the nineties and very football intelligent ie Sean Lee) with a bigger body. This guy with a year in the Woicek program should define his position which could be center or guard. Very Romo friendly

    DJ Fluker had more problems in pass protection with Jarvis Jones than he has with any other SEC pass rusher. When he had to deal with Jenkins(the big DT) he dominated, at the next level there aren't many as fast as Jones around, so he should be just fine. Flozell is a good analogy in his early years. Not to be so down on him as he is already better than Free, hey we are picking at the back of the line so we have to allow some slack.

    Hey if this Jarvis Jones(LB Georgia) prospect did not have that spinal stenosis issue he would be worth a Mo like trade up.

    Jonathan Cooper OG – I much prefer Cooper to Alabama's Chance Warmack. Cooper's blend of athletic ability and power is impressive. A much better athlete than Warmack and can bend better. He is the guy who would of addressed the pay back for Sean Lee's hit from Golden Tate. He is a warrior think the movie 300 "We Are Sparta" on offense.

    Taylor Lewan OT I watched a couple of times he dominated the lesser teams with really good form and power but struggled against Hankins (IMO average dancing bear ie Igor Ohlshansky)from Ohio State and lost all his good form. Not sure what to make of him, I have categorized him in my mind similar to the Colorado kid that came out a couple of years ago Nate Solder(NE Pats).

    Keep up these posts as it is impossible to see all the prospects and your observations and insights are so valuable when you have the cowboys perspective.
  11. Manwiththeplan

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    I doubt all 3 Alabama o-linemen turn out as good as scouts think. Based on current views I think Barrett Jones exceeds expectations, Warmack, if taken top 10 will fall short and Flucker will bust if he plays tackle and not guard.
  12. VACowboy

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    I've seen every snap of Aboushi's career, and to me he looks like the prototypical NFL left tackle: tall, naturally big and athletic with long arms and quick feet. He's superb in pass protection, especially effective against speed rushers, and does have some strength. He's a good run blocker too, especially in space, but I have to say, he looked much better in the running game last year. He had more talent around him last year too, though, so.

    I think my biggest criticism of Oday is that he doesn't always seem to play to his immense potential. He probably needs to get a little stronger, too. But bottom line: he has all the physical tools. He's smart. He works hard. He played in a pro offense for a former NFL OC/QB coach at Virginia. He'll have some of the typical rookie issues, but I think he's a starting NFL LT out of the box.

    I haven't seen nearly as much of Bailey and never in person. I'm reacting almost entirely based on first impressions from two games I watched on TV (Kentucky and SC). But in both games he looked strong and polished to me, and surprisingly athletic. I can't believe he doesn't get more love from anybody, but he is a junior on a terrible team in the SEC during a season when guys like Warmack, Jones, Thomas, Warford and Fluker are grabbing the conference spotlight. He probably won't even enter the draft.

    I just think both of these guys have the skills to flourish in Callahan's system, have big upside and would start from day one.


    1> a trade down and Vaccaro
    2> Aboushi
    3> Bailey
    3> Travis Long, Quanterus Smith, Brandon Jenkins or one of the Stanford OLBs
  13. Macnalty

    Macnalty Well-Known Member

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    I agree odds are not good they all pan out and my lowest expectation is for Fluker and Warmack in that order.
  14. Macnalty

    Macnalty Well-Known Member

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    Adding him to my list(Aboushi) thanks for the information wish he had more of a mean streak to his game. Not sure you can get one of the Stanford Lb's in the third but if so I am on board with Chase Thomas.
  15. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    I think Aboushi might be one of the best physical specimens at OT in this draft; however, I have some concerns about his mental makeup. Something seems off about his on-field demeanor.
  16. The Realist

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    Cowboys OL Draft Board

    1) XXXXXX

    2) XXXXXX

    3) XXXXXX

    4) Hmmmmmm. We haven't drafted OL yet. Let's see who's left.

    I might be a round early.
  17. VACowboy

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    He doesn't play "mean." If he did he'd be a top-20 pick. But I got no qualms about taking him in the mid-second. He's a smart, talented guy.
  18. rash

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    Aboushi is one heck of an athlete. I think we ought to take this man in the second if he were still available. I wouldn't be surprised if a team takes him at say 30 or so. Watch this man soar up in the rankings come draft time, like Zeitler did this past year.

    Dallas Thomas is the best O-lineman in this draft. If we want to keep Romo upright, I don't think there exists a better option than Dallas Thomas, should pass-protection indeed be a priority.

    If Jerry were to grab either of these 2 guys, or even somehow both, the future of our offense would be as bright as it ever has been since the early to mid 90s. The banal saying goes: "games are won in the trenches"; and with these two big boys, there ought to be a whole lot of winning in our near future...

    I know I use this phrase often... but Go Get Em Jerry!
  19. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    That thought has crossed my mind.

    I've watched a lot of game footage of Thomas and have been very impressed with him. He is super athletic, strong and has good balance and knee bend. About the only issue I can find with him is not playing completely through the whistle.

    In 2011 while playing LT, he let up too soon on several plays and allowed the defender to get back into the play. He moved to LG in 2012 and looks good at that position also. His coaches have been quoted as saying that his move from LT to LG was not about his ability, but about getting the best 5 players on field.

    I've seen him kick back out to LT on a few series in 2012 due to some issue with Richardson the primary LT. I thought Thomas looked even better at LT in 2012 than he did in 2011. He appeared to play to the whistle better than in 2011.
  20. rash

    rash Member

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    Glad we see eye to eye.

    Where do you think he'll go in the draft? I'd take him with our first round pick. Wherever that may be...

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