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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Manwiththeplan, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Just for perspective, this is a summary of our offseason moves
    +Logan Mankins
    +Mike Huff
    Keith Brookings (back-up)
    Stephen Bowen (back-up)
    Kyle Kosier (back-up)
    -Marion Barber III
    -Roy Williams
    -Leonard Davis
    -Marc Colombo
    -Marcus Spears
    -Igor Olshansky
    -Jason Hatcher

    1a.) Cameron Jordan, DE, California (trade down with STL, pick up a 3rd)
    Most people don't want a D-Linemen with the first pick, unless it's a Haloti Ngata or BJ Raji type, but I think Jordan can be a consistent 4-6 sack guy with a few spikes in production.
    1b.) Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin (trade back into late first with a 4th rounder+6th rounder)
    I just don't buy that he'll be there with the 40th pick. I can easily see a scenario where the 5 top OTs (Solder, Castonzo, Carimi, Sherrod and TSmith) are all gone at #40, so I would definately trade up ahead of a Chicago for Carimi.
    3a.) John Moffit, OG/C, Wisconsin
    Can start at guard immediately and may take over for Gurode in the future. Hopefully he's the final piece to a dominatnt o-line.
    3b.) Sione Fua, NT, Stanord
    Reminds me a bit of Ahtyba Rubin. Small thick frame and strong. Rubin was 315 coming out of Iowa State, and Fua is 307 now (can see him being 315 at the combine). Would be a huge risk, but I think a Fua/Brent rotation at the nose could work next year.
    5.) Ronald Johnson, WR, USC
    May prove to be a solid #3 WR, but atleast I see him pushing Kevin Ogletree to the next level or off the roster.
    7.) John Clay, RB, Wisconsin
    Big RB, who may prove to be effective in goal line a short yardage situations. I would likey bring in an UDFA to compete with him.
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    Fua is an interesting prospect, I would like to see him come into the combine bigger as you say before I start suggesting drafting him. If he could get up to the 320-330 range, that would be even better.

    My main problem with him is his awareness, often it doesn't seem like he knows or cares where the ball is, he's entirely focused on the man in front of him. That can be fine in some schemes where his job is just to force a double team and slow other guys to make the the play, but at other times it just leaves gaping holes.
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    Carimi and had me at hello. :p:
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    One of the better mocks.
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    Love it.
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    Carimi and Moffet would put a huge smile on my face, one side of our O-line would be solidified for the next decade.
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    Has alot of similarities to my current draft plan. I also would like to trade down and try and get Carimi and Moffitt. Solid upper half IMO

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