Twitter: Cowboys paying close attn to Terrell Suggs new deal...which runs thru 2018

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Sounds just like the kind of player Jerra loves: old, expensive and injury history.

    Suggs turns 32 in October. He missed eight games in 2012 because of an Achilles injury. He had one sack in the last eight games of the 2013 season but still had 10 on the year.

    Luckily someone else extended him cause jerra probably had his checkbook ready.

    Let's start rebuilding, but not with FAs. Let's do something novel, like build a team like the Seahawks.
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    The interest is in what the Cowboys do with the Ware contract. The Suggs contract could be used as a "bar-setter" for other DE's who will soon to be free agents or for defensive ends that have cap-values this coming season that are much higher than what the performance of the player merits.
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    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 1h
    Ozzie Newsome: 'What it does it allows us opportunity to pursue some of our own guys,' added that it gives a chance to pursue other FAs
    Ozzie Newsome says team has engaged in talks with several of their free agents. 'I'm sure we'll have more talks.'
    Ozzie Newsome on the salary-cap relief of doing the deal: 'It helps.'
    Ozzie Newsome said team factors in age, longevity of player before doing a contract extension for a veteran player like Terrell Suggs.
    Ozzie Newsome said team has a mechanism to make this contract friendly to both sides going forward
    Terrell Suggs gets a $11 million signing bonus, $16 million guaranteed in first two seasons, according to a source
    Terrell Suggs is due base salaries of $1 million, $4 million, $4.6 million, $4 million and $4 million, according to a source
    Terrell Suggs' salary cap figures are $7.8 million (2014), $6.6 million (2015), $6.7 million (2016), $6 million (2017) $6 million (2018)
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    extend Ware to 2017 id feel good with that at 7-8mil a yr.
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    I think this becomes Apples & Oranges based on Suggs only having the one year left on the deal and the give-and-take possibilities there.

    Suggs had 7.8M coming to him in 2014 if the Ravens let the contract play out at a 12.4M cap number and then would be a free agent. He now is getting 12M in cash in 2014 and a guarantee of 4M in 2015, or 16M total guaranteed. It was unlikely that if the Ravens released him that he would see 16M guaranteed in 2014 free agency, and if they let him play out the current deal it is also unlikely he'd see 9M on a guaranteed deal in 2015. The deal worked because Suggs was able to get more money guaranteed than he had left in total value on his contract, and the Ravens could lower his cap number for the upcoming here. Ware has 26M in the two years remaining on his deal (2016/17 will void). The Cowboys would be foolish to follow the Suggs template and guarantee him more than that in any restructure. Because of the past schedule of restructures and cap hits involved, plus Ware being younger, Ware has a lot more leverage there.
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    With Terrell Suggs signing a four year extension paying him $21 million over the first three years with $16 million guaranteed, has he set the bar for Ware negotiations? Terrell Suggs is slightly younger than Ware, but also doesn't have quite the production. They've both indured some injuries the last few season and seen their play become sporadic at best.

    So, if Suggs gets $7 million a year with 16 guaranteed, is Ware in the ballpark for $8-9 million a year after a pay cut and restructuring?
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    Sorry--didn't see this thread.
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    Yes, that is evident. Like I say, luckily someone else extended him and didn't make him available to the Jerras of the world.
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    You are cute when you are bored. If you lt your hair down you'd be cuter.
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    It's almost exactly the same. The contract years are just numbers on a piece of paper. Both players could get cut without being paid another dollar. They both had dead money cap hits that made cutting them a decision about sunk costs vs expected returns. Both are fan favorites and beasts when healthy. But that is the problem. Suggs has missed a ton of games the last 2 years and only had 1 sack in the last 8 games last year. Ware has also struggles with injuries and is due for another surgery.

    If Suggs got 2/16m guaranteed, I could see Ware getting the same or maybe 2/18m guaranteed. That would lower his cap hit to 7.5m this year and push back the same amount of money as a restructure. Doubtful either one would get enough extra from another team to make switching franchises worth it.
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    Just let Ware go....dude should be getting paid an average player pay
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    I know Suggs has more years but I thought he came into the league way young.
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    They are both 31
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    You need creativ and intelligent people to establish a plan for that.
    if you dont have such people you have to pay more and therefore get in cap situations we are have to face year in year out.
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    oh yeah of such little faith.

    just kidding.

    Carry on.
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    Suggs has been DPOY. Suggs has won a Super Bowl. Suggs has also been a major part of teams over his career that have made serious Super Bowl runs. So he has EARNED this type of treatment. We treat guys BETTER than this who have NEVER won a Super Bowl. NEVER been to a conference title game. NEVER made a Super Bowl run over 10 years. So if Ware does not think he has to take a paycut ....he has to be cut. This is what I mean when I say the culture in Dallas is rotten. Any guy....who is a major part of the losing atmosphere that has become the Dallas Cowboys....yet still THINKS they are entitled to money reserved for winners....I would move on. This is what happens when you get all the spoils of winning (national TV, biggest stadium, Prime Time games, paid like a top 5 player at your position, etc....) for losing.
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    Prepare for the bombs that are about to come your way. A lot of people can't handle the truth.

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