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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Idgit

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    Last season we were misfiring offensively because of all the OL problems. This year, the pass protection has been good, so the slow offensive start is more perplexing. To me, at least.
  2. CrownCowboy

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    We are misfiring on offense because we can't run the ball because the OL gets no push whatsoever. The OL can't run block. If anything, the run blocking looks worse so far in these two games.

    They do pass protect better, but this offense is inept because they have no running game at all. They don't even pretend to want to try to run the ball. 13 rushing attempts yesterday??

    I don't think the problems on this offense is that hard to figure out. Again, and yet again unfortunately, they can't run the ball and the offensive game plan and philosophy is under utilizing the talents we actually do have.
  3. WV Cowboy

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    Yes, you are right, our pass protection has been improved.

    But we have no commitment to any running game.
    We can't be afraid to run it just because we get little or no gain on a running play.

    But a commitment to running starts in your first preseason practice, not on gameday.
  4. dstovall5

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    Gotta love Hatcher's words. He had a very good game against KC aswell.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I said this yesterday in a post. Poe looked awesome Sunday but I wonder if he would have looked as awesome had he had to defend 25 carries instead of 12? He's a powerful guy but those big guys, they wear down too, late in games. How many times have you seen a team, 8 men in the box or blitzing the pass and the back breaks the 1st line and runs to daylight for a big game or a TD in the 4th quarter?

    You commit to the run so that in the 4th Qtr, you can make teams pay. We don't do that, we don't even think like that and I have to say that I am absolutely astounded by it. Garrett was there to watch the 90s teams play. He knows how they won and how important the running game was. Jerry was there as well.

    Yet week after week, we see the same thing and we hear the same excuse. The run wasn't working. Well, if you only run it 4 times a quarter on average, then yeah, it's a strong possibility that it's not going to work.

    Cowboys are something like 9-0 when Murray gets 20 carries or more. They are 7-16 when he doesn't.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just not the smartest pumpkin in the patch but I gotta tell you, it's hard for me to see what I'm missing here.
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  6. Future

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    Spot on. I could understand abandoning the run if we were scoring touchdowns through the air every possession, but that just wasn't the case. There was no excuse to abandon the run this week like they did.
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  7. Yoshimitsu

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    The game was too close for us to abandon the run. Also maybe Romo audibling alot has to do with it?
  8. bark

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    You do understand that they are required to speak to the media win or lose right?
  9. riverside4

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    They have no identity when they get there if they don't score on the play that got them there there in big trouble and don't know what to do. I bet the the d they face is also amazed they try the same things they prepare for all week with no new wrinkles. Goes back for so long its not funny teams have been preparing for our offense for a long time considering we try the same thing with not much success gives them a HUGE advantage in the red zone. I can guess what they are gonna do 3/4 of the time when they get down there and i am just a fan not a coach or player.
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  10. StarBoyz83

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    Put it on tape. Talk is cheap. Sherman says so
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  11. Risen Star

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    Yeah. Where's the big mystery? When you can't move people at the line of scrimmage that wart will show most in the red zone.

    Fix that and this offense will hum.
  12. GimmeTheBall!

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    I meant that in general terms.
    Often we git athletes speaking up on all manner of things before and after the game. Usually what they say is 90% drivel and of no substance, much like what ah say in this here forum.
    But in general, just shut up and play. After all, youse guys were hired for your athletic aumens (such as it is) and not your thespian skills.

    Again, it makes me ill, after ever game we lose, to hear Roma say "We just gotta play better."
    An understatment, Mr. Roma. And a cliche of yourns.
  13. visionary

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    agreed 100%
    the problem is that our offensive staff never found a running game they couldnt gve up on fast enough
    if a few runs get stuffed, it is, "all hands on shotgun" formation, bye bye running game
  14. Irvin88_4life

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    We got blown out in Seattle last year and lost by one point this year. Please tell me how in the world this is the same as last year. Different defense different offense
  15. EPL0c0

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    T.Romo: 23/40 251yds 1TD
    D.Murray: 12 carries 44yds (16carries/49yds team total)
    2 Turnovers: 1INT, 1 fumble

    T.Romo: 30/42 298yds 1TD
    D.Murray: 12 carries 25yds (16carries/37yds team total)
    2 Turnovers: 2 fumbles

    Seattle: 315 total yards (133 passing/182 rushing)

    Kansas City: 313 total yards (199 passing/114 rushing)

    Different group...somewhat similar results. It's like having a leaky roof and Jerry's solution is to run from drip to drip with a pot.
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  16. tomsanders921

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    Who knows, if Dez catches that, we very well could win the game. Then all the issues we are talking about now would not have been brought up.

    There were a couple plays that didn't go our way that could have completely changed the game.

    If carter doesn't drop the pick 6 late in the 1st half, we go up 17-7 and get the ball after the half.

    Oh well. Great teams find a way to make these plays and we didn't.
  17. JakeCamp12

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    Imagine how much of a Beast Dez would be if we committed to the run then used play action to get him more one on one opportunities. How many times did Emmitt take over a game in the 4th quarter because the defense was exhausted having to defend him as well as all of the play action Troy was putting on them. I would love to know how many times Romo changes the play from a run to a pass at the line each week.
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  18. CrownCowboy

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    We lost. That's how it's the same but go ahead and celebrate the fact that we didn't get blown out. No wonder this team is stuck in mediocrity. We have people like u who keep thinking things have changed. Please tell me how this offense has changed besides the fact that it runs the ball worse and has a new play caller. Absolutely clueless!
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  19. Fletch

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    Only for those who have a pre-conceived agenda.
  20. Fletch

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    :rolleyes: Let's start worrying after game 6, not after game 2.

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