News: Cowboys QB Tony Romo defends WR Miles Austin: 'He was in shape'

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    IRVING -- Cowboys receiver Miles Austin said a few weeks ago that he didn't feel like he was in the best physical shape last season, when he missed six games because of injuries to both hamstrings.

    Austin wasn't saying he was out of shape but rather that he didn't go through a typical off-season under the guidance of the Cowboys because of the NFL lockout. Instead Austin worked out on his own. Of course, the Cowboys are working out this off-season under the guidance of well-respected strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik.

    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said Tuesday morning that Austin's comments were "probably taken a little bit out of context with the way he was talking to the media."

    "I haven't talked to Miles, but that would be my guess," Romo said. "I was around Miles and I saw him and he was running all the time. I think what he probably meant to stress was - once again I probably don't even want to go there because I haven't talked to him about it - but after seeing it, it's probably just the football metabolics. You can't duplicate it.


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