Cowboys/Ravens Predictions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    A little early for this, but oh well time for some predictions.

    I'll start. I think the Cowboys will win 27-17. :starspin

    I just have this feeling they will win this football game. No one really expects them to win and I think they'll use that as motivation and come out and win. They get absolutely embarrassed on national television. You gotta think they'll have some pride and boune back right? I think there will be a sense of urgency considering the fact that they know if they lose this game and they fall to 2-3 the odds of them winning the division or just making the postseason are slim to none. I believe Tony will bounce back. Baltimore's secondary and defense in general isn't what it used to be. If he can just get some damn time in the pocket he'll shred that Ravens defense. Also eestablishing the run game again is important. If we can get that going that'll open up play action which means big plays down the field.

    Defensively assuming Ratliff and Spencer return we should be able to get more pressure and if we can do that with the talented secondary we have it'll make life difficult for the Ravens. I think the key besides just getting pressure is also containing Ray Rice. He's really the key to their offense IMO. Kinda like Forte with Chicago. He's a big weapon in the pass and run game. Contain him and we can contain their offense.
  2. Lonestar94

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    Ravens 44 Cowboys 27
  3. lwehlers

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    24-9 ravens win.
  4. ufcrules1

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    Ravens 20 Cowboys 13
  5. bigdnlaca

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    Cowboys 19 Ravens 17
  6. FLcowboy

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    Well, I''ll join the bandwagon for a win, but the Cowboys have been in this position many times before and failed to get the win.

    The WRs have to step up and be leaders, and that hasn't happened since the NYG game, and that was by the #3 receiver. The Cowboys need another Michael Irvin and they don't have one.
  7. Fletch

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    30-17 Cowboys
    Yes, we score more than 17 points.
  8. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    He's thrown a pick for five consecutive games dating back to last season. I think Sunday he ends that little streak. :D
  9. Cowboy4ever

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    24-10 Cowboys!!
  10. JohnsKey19

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    We can play with this team. I just don't think we'll make it through 60 minutes without making a critical mistake.

    Predicting a close game. Ravens get a TO late in the 2nd half to open up a 10 point lead.

    Ravens 23
  11. Fletch

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    Man I hope. Ravens can force turnovers as well as anyone.
  12. Chuck 54

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    I'd be thrilled to lose that prediction to you. :starspin
  13. CowboyStar88

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    Ravens- 27 Cowboys -17

    This team can't score points, and Baltimore has a good run game and some good deep threats that will give the defense a headache. As a team Dallas can't run the football, and Romo has some major mental flaws in his game. I can see 2-3 turnovers by Romo and zero take aways from the Dallas defense. I am being generous in the 17 points, because we will get some garbage time score so the game doesn't look as bad as it will. I have no faith in this head coach as he shows time and time again they he doesn't know how to get the team in a flow and allow Romo the line and the WR's to build confidence. It's all or nothing with this play caller.
  14. tupperware

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    We'll lose 21 to 17.
  15. TheSport78

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    FG game...could go either way, but I'll give it to the home team

    23-20 Ravens
  16. mgcowboy

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    Cowboys 23
    Ravens 20

  17. Everlastingxxx

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    Nobody gave the Cowboys a chance against the Giants and i think the Cowboys are healthier and better for this one.

    Murray and the running game finally comes alive.

    Cowboys 24
    Ravens 20
  18. ufcrules1

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    Ah, realistic... I like that. Sure, we can play with them but Tony will surely have either a Romoshuffle, Romoception, or Romo-overthrow for a touchdown(s)... or a variety of the 3 and put us in a position that we can no longer come back from. We will lose a somewhat close... low scoring game.
  19. BraveHeartFan

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    Ravens - 24

    Cowboys - 17

    I just don't see how we win this game.
  20. DavidAK

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    28-13 RAvens.

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