Cowboys/Ravens Predictions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Ravens 24
    Cowboys 13
  2. Doomsay

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    Actually the ****fest is mostly in your head, the Zone's predictions comport with Vegas numbers, a less than a touchdown loss to a team that has been playing better than the Cowboys this season and one that has one of the best home records in the league over the past 20 games.

    At last count, the number of posters that thought that the home favorites would win, only outnumbered those who thought the Cowboys would upset by 6 out of a total of 46. That's not including a number of people who thought we would be OK under certain scenarios, but weren't willing to make an outright prediction. Pretty rational and representative I think, but I guess demagoguery is more fun.
  3. jgboys1

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    2 pop gun offensive teams.

    There pop gun is bigger.

    13-10 Ravens.
  4. Gaede

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    Ravens 44-Cowboys 10

    I don't like our chances.

    People keep saying this is exactly the type of game the Cowboys normally win and go on to lose vs. the Panthers. But I remember the year that Wade got fired, everyone kept making similar excuses, saying 'this team only wins with their backs against the wall.' Holding on to hope with no real reason to. Pretending to be pessimistic but still retaining optimism.

    Sadly, I fear we're in for one of those really bad seasons.
  5. tyke1doe

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    Ravens 31
    Cowboys 13

    I think this loss will effectively crush our playoff aspirations.

    I just don't trust this Cowboys team. I think if they get punched in the mouth early, they're done.
  6. Zimmy Lives

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    Call me an optimist... Cowboys 17-10.
  7. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Ravens - 19
    Cowboys - 7
  8. Mash

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    Cowboys big


    We pick off Flacco twice....but Rice rushes for over 100

    Romo has a solid day with 2 TD's.....we still cant run the ball well but we spread the Ravens out with 3 WR sets ....

    We need this win and we rise to the occasion

    Book it :D
  9. SuspectCorner

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    A close game at halftime but gets ugly for Cowboys and their fans in the second half.

    Final score: 34-17 Ravens
  10. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I don't think it's really being an optimist. Just realizing that the NFL is one crazy and parody filled league. Crazy and unpredictable results happen literally every single week. It is not improbable or impossible to think the Cowboys can and will go into Baltimore and get a victory. We've seen far crazier things happen even this season.
  11. DallasCowboysRule!

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    20-10 Ravens

    In the end it will be a game we could have won but didn't because of red zone penalties and mental mistakes. The defense will play well but not well enough to overcome the mistakes by the offense that consistently give the Ravens a short field.
  12. iowast8rs

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  13. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Ugh I was at the game actually. Prior to the last loss against Chicago that Ravens game was the last time we lost a home game in which he attended. Tony was horrible. Some of those decisions he made back in 2008 and were just headscartchers like the ones I make in Madden lol. I think they may even been worse than his performance against Chicago and Baltimore. Another thing my goodness the run defense was awful. Two 50 yard runs for touchdowns for Baltimore. Just turrible. Shame that's how it ended at the old Texas Stadium.
  14. Boys122

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    Ravens 17

    Cowboys 13 :eek:
  15. Sampson

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    I'm gonna have to keep mine simple.

    We win. (I flipped a coin)
  16. Lonestar94

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    For most match ups in the NFL all it takes is a flip of a coin
  17. Sampson

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    My point exactly
  18. Terpsnation

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    Howdy Cowboys Fans!

    Posted this over in the other Cowboys Forum, but decided I might as well post here as well. I'm a Ravens fan who just signed up for your forum to see what you all are saying about the game this Sunday. I'm not here to stoke any fires, just wanted a discussion about the game w/ some people from the other side. Will try and make my post as objective as possible.

    My Thoughts on the Upcoming Game
    Cowboys Pros:
    -Very good pass rush that could disrupt Flacco's throws. Will have to see how it fares against the Ravens' no-huddle offense.
    -Your secondary is surprisingly good. The Ravens' offense will have to utilize the play action to get some open WRs to be able to pass effectively.
    -Coming off of the Bye week.
    -Demarcus Ware. Enough said.
    -Tony Romo, despite some of his faults, is a very good quarterback. If he is on his game, the Ravens defense will have a tough time getting off the field.

    Cowboys Cons:
    -Offensive Line isn't looking great. Will assist in Ravens shutting down the run.
    -If the Cowboys running game is shut down, Tony Romo will have to avoid turnovers and keep his offense on the field. Will he be able to have that kind of game?

    Ravens Pros:
    -No-huddle offense is pretty effective, especially at home. If we can stop you guys from subbing, we will hopefully be able to put up some points on the board.
    -Joe Flacco is looking better than he ever has.
    -Haven't lost at home since December, 2010. M&T Bank Stadium gets loud, and I don't expect this Sunday to be any different.
    -Ray Rice
    -Ed Reed
    -Torrey Smith

    Ravens Cons:

    -Run defense has not been stellar
    -Secondary is decent, except for Cary Williams allowing lots of yards. If you pick on him, you will be able to move the ball effectively depending on who he is matched up against.
    -Offensive line is questionable. Your pass rush will likely get pressure on Flacco and he could make some costly decisions.
    -We did not look great against KC. We do have a tendency to play down to our opponents (drives me crazy), so hopefully we will play better this week.


    I expect this game to be down to the wire. I think turnovers will impact the game in a big way, and could very well decide the outcome of the game. While the Ravens defense has not looked as great as in years passed, we are ranked 7th in points allowed compared to the 13th ranked Cowboys.

    Cowboys win if...the D-line gets pressure on Flacco, getting sacks and/or strip-sacks. Romo will have to have a good game to put points on the board against the Ravens D.
    Ravens win if...our defense is able to stop the run and pressure Romo. Ed Reed will be looking for any way to catch the ball. If Romo is off, then we could see an interception or two. The Ravens no-huddle vs Cowboys defense will be another decider.
  19. mcompact

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    My sunshine prediction:

    Romo throws a pick-6 in the first quarter to put us down 7-0 early (would feel weird to not be down early as a Cowboy fan this season!!). The rest of the 1st qtr is non-eventful w/ both team's running game going nowhere.

    Like clock work, we score a TD in the 2nd qtr (we're consistent w/this).

    Rice gets a big run and the Ravens get a FG before the half:

    10-7 Ravens

    3rd qtr:
    The sunshine meter is pointing to Romo and Dez actually connecting for a big play for once. FG for the 'boys.


    After a couple of 3 and outs by both teams..we turn the ball over again. Cowboys fans start to get that really sick feeling in our stomachs again while we destroy our 5th TV remote on the coffee table this season. Fortunately, we hold them to nothing on that drive.

    We put up another TD (Austin).
    17-10 Cowboys

    On the Raven's 2nd possession of the qtr (after abandoning the run game in the 3rd qtr), Claiborne gets his first career interception, courteous of a battered Flacco (who's eating the grass all day like it's his job).
    We *hopefully* put the ball in Murray's hands the rest of the way to kill the clock/mitigate turnovers.

    17-10 Cowboys. :D
  20. Cowboy_Shawn

    Cowboy_Shawn Well-Known Member

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    If the Cowboys can somehow scrape together 20-24 points I think the Cowboys will win.

    I like how our defense matches up with the Ravens offense and Cam Cameron's style of play calling.

    We we can minimize the turnovers and penalties, I give us a solid chance at winning this one.

    The Ravens' pass rush is marginal so Romo "should" have more time to operate.

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