Cowboys/Ravens Predictions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. ragman

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    Defensive game. 16-13, Cowboys.
  2. Rynie

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  3. LongSnapper

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    34 - 16 Ravens. Ravens D treats the boys Like Biden treats Ryan :laugh2:
  4. Chasper58

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    No reason to think this

    Ravens are 24-3 against the NFC teams the last 27 at home....They have a bigger, faster D- Line with Ngata ready to eat Costa's lunch....Kruger playing well in Suggs spot.........Lewis loving to make the Boys pay, the secondary of Baltimore playing fairly well ..we played like crap the last 3 games and coming off a very ugly public loss on reason to think we actually have a chance to win at Baltimore against a very good Super Bowl contender but:

    I can see the Cowboys breaking out of their season long funk and having a NY Giants type game....I don't expect the scoring of the 2007 team but I see Romo playing within himself and hitting the open man, spreading the ball around early and opening up the running game, something he has not done this year except the Giant game....I see Dunbar being used as a COP back to get outside ( something Felix was not doing) and Witten finally healthy, taking the pressure off of Dez/Miles.....this what I feel the balance should be if Garrett calls the game right and Romo plays within himself and the O line blocks average

    Romo- 21 out 28...265...2 TDS
    Murray 23 carries...85 yards..TD
    Dez 5 for 70...TD
    Miles 6-80..TD
    Witten- 6-65

    Defense....3 TO's...yes, I actually see some turnovers going on here...

    Claiborne gets his first INT......

    Ware strips sacks Flacco once....

    Lee or Carter causes the other one

    Ratliff has a sack, and we get something out of Lessimore here....

    final score

    Cowboys 24 Ravens 17

    The reasons I really think that the Cowboys can win is the simple fact they are the desperate team this week knowing the schedule up ahead is going to be hard and desperate teams need to win and I believe they know if the paragraph above happens, they can lose the season very easily ....if the Boys win this game, it sets up a winning attitude for the season, they are coming off a bye with the season already in the balance. If they lose, they will be up against a mountain.

    However what if the bad Cowboys show up?

    The bad Cowboys? We don't get squat on the turn overs battle and we turn it over 3 times....Romo plays like Romo of 2008.....Dez gets pizzy when he gets 3 targets, Witten gets 15 targets , Murray runs the ball 12 times for 36 yards, the defense gets shredded by Flacco's 325 yds and 3 TDS and ESPN/NFL Network makes us the story of the week , and with Carolina, Atl and Philly looming on the road and the Giants coming in between those games, we hear the Garrett is on the hot seat and we won't be able to watch anything on either channel for a month a half...
  5. The Quest for Six

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    Ravens 23 cowboys 16
  6. EvilJerry88

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    We lose a close-ish one.. And people slowly but surely start hopping of the Garrett bandwagon.

    Ravens fans everywhere thank God they didn't get Garrett and pried Harbaugh away from Philly.

    This board gets really ugly after. The newly dubbed Team Garrett posters blame it on Jerry and the O-line. The Garrett haters bring up how long he's been with the team, all the talent at his disposal, and his sub par well as the ever important W-L column.

    :storm: :storm: :storm: :storm: :storm:
  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    The Ravens have won an NFL best 13 games in a Row at Home, furthermore the Ravens are the only team in the NFL that Dallas has never beaten. Baltimore won at home 27-0 in 2000 and 30-10 in 2004, and in 2008 the Ravens ruined the Cowboys’ final game in Texas Stadium with a 33-24 victory.....also they have won an amazing percentage of home games since Ray Lewis arrived.
  8. TheSport78

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    Yeah, yeah the Saints were undefeated at home when we beat them in 09'.
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    Yeh yeh yeh, Mr. October.
  10. MoClaiborne24

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    Ravens 28

    Cowboys 13

    We're the 30th ranked team in points scored at 16.3/game.

    The Ravens are the 10th at 26.0/game.
  11. Mansta54

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    Boyz 24 Ravens 17
  12. pupulehaole

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    Ravens 27 Cowboys 21 hope to eat crow.
  13. Lonestar94

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    Cowboys 30 Ravens 24 OT
  14. RamziD

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    Ravens 30
    Cowboys 13
  15. cowboyskid29

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    We lose by 20 or more.

    34-14 Ravens

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