Signed by Cowboys Cowboys re-sign David Irving

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by agk136, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. GhostOfPelleur

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    Looking forward to his three good games and 13 mediocre ones
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  2. LatinMind

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    There was no other outcome. he was an ERFA meaning Dallas was the only place he could sign. He either signed the tender or he didnt play. Next yr he will be a restricted FA and Dallas will probably give him a RD1 tender. So he has 2 yrs to prove his worth.

    Its just like La'el Collins. He has 2 more yrs in Dallas to prove his worth. He signed a 3 yr deal but you have to play 4 yrs to be able to be a UFA. Next yr he will be a RFA so Dallas will probably tender him a RD1 guy.
  3. drawandstrike

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    We did have SOME games last year where the pass rush showed up. Before laying a stinker in the last game of the regular season vs. the Eagles, then not showing up in the playoffs vs. Green Bay, the Cowboys logged 13 sacks in a 4 game span.

    Irving was a big part of that. We just need somebody else to bookend him with. Right now it looks like DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory won't be that guy. But we have to find somebody. If I'm Stephen Jones, the reason I let higher priced secondary guys go this offseason is because I'm about to invest a lot in the DLine and get some big bodies to push the pocket.

    If we do manage to get a pass rush going this next season, Irving will be a big part of it.
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  4. Alexander

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    That run included a horrific Viking OL, the Giants, the Buccaneers with their 2nd and 3rd string RT and the Lions.

    Hardly a murderer's row.

    Stats have to be taken in context. Good they rose up and did something, but their lack of a pass rush against a well coached (yes, to cheat) OL in Green Bay should stick with them when evaluating it.

    It is very easy to go look at that stretch and talk yourself into some sort of trend when there really isn't any to draw from.
  5. diefree666

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    its like pass rushing DE's or OLB's that pile up sacks against really bad tackles and virtually disappear against everyone else. But at the end of the season they have 'he got this many sacks!'
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    Thank you for bring this up. I was too lazy to type all that but people forget and do not acknowledge the inferior lines we faced during that period.
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  7. LocimusPrime

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    See Mayowa
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  8. diefree666

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    Sadly I do not see anyone on this team that is a reliable pass rusher.
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  9. dallasfan4lizife

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    In love with these 1 year contracts.

    Shows the management has no clue, direction, or foresight.

    These players are such unknowns that they can't sign them to anything more than a 1 year contract. Yet they go into the season with these unknowns playing major roles on the field. This strategy is just as bad as signing everybody to a massive long term contract after 1 good season. ~ Ken Hamblin, Marion Barber, etc.
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  10. big dog cowboy

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    It's not just the Cowboys. That is the way business is done on across the league on non-star players.
  11. Proof

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    Considering not every team has a great line, you can't just write off a quarter of the seasons worth of games. I don't care who it was, for a month straight they lined up against the other teams guys, and got to the quarterback.
  12. xwalker

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    You don't appear to understand the concept of an Exclusive Rights Free Agent.
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  13. mrtxstar

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    Maybe he's our War Daddy in the making. :)
  14. ConstantReboot

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    Nope. Crawford never showed much of anything. His contract was based on pure speculation that he's going to have a break out.

    Irving has already proven what he can do. Crawford never did.
  15. ConstantReboot

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    Nonetheless, he was a best rusher last year. Green Bay double teamed him to keep him in check. Football is a team sport. Thus you also have to think about the others who didn't do their part of the job. Where were they?
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  16. Satchel89

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    Now here's a D-lineman that I'm excited about. I think we can all agree on that. At least he and Mayowa give me some hope for the D-Line. What a great word to describe the defense....Hope
  17. waving monkey

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    false logic
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    Considering Kawaan Short just signed a 5/80m deal, TCrawford is a bargain and then some

    We owe him 3/21m going forward

    DIrving is also under control next year for 3m as a Restricted FA

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