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Cowboys reach 6 year deal with Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BruceLee5450, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    If only this would get rid of half our fan base, every one of those $55 million would be worth it.
  2. kevsstang

    kevsstang Member

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    There are no QB's in the league that could get this team to the Super Bowl with the current offensive line and the way the defense has been playing. Romo can't do everything. Considering he was an undrafted player from a small school I am very happy with him over the years. Give Romo a good to great line and he will have defenses picked apart. Romo does make mistakes as does the Brady's and Manning's. Give the guy a break, he leaves it all on the field every Sunday.
  3. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

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    If the oline and D never gets fixed? Sure.
  4. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    Tony Romo is the best chance for the Cowboys to win games... So a fan of both.
  5. 77Cowboy

    77Cowboy Member

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    Is AdamJT gone from this site? Do we know how much cap space this saves?
  6. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    He won't be om this team for 6 years, after his 55 million is paid he will be gone
  7. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

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    The Cowboys are bigger than Tony Romo. Some of you are so blinded by your love for him and his loser ways that you've forgotten this.

    The only good thing about this deal is now I don't have to hear from Romo sexuals like yourself say "I hope Romo leaves and goes to a team that will appreciate him." :laugh2:
  8. Dash28

    Dash28 Felis silvestris catus

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    Winning lotto numbers please, thanks.
  9. honyock

    honyock Well-Known Member

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    Agree with this. The key to understanding the deal is the details of the guaranteed $. Some could only be guaranteed for injury. If the last two years are fluff/voidable, it may end up being somewhere around a 4 year/$68M deal in effect.
  10. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Forget super bowl, can we make the playoffs. I've seen plenty of QBs make the playoffs and win with an average to mediocre line. Jones is so funny, he promotes people who underachieve. Garrett and now Romo. We're in good hands.
  11. DIAF

    DIAF DivaLover159

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    Let's forget that some of us dislike Romo.

    When you remove the emotion, you are paying a QB who is already in his age 33 season 18 million dollars a year until he's age 40. At some point very soon, the performance isn't going to match the cost. This was a terrible, terrible deal that will impact the franchise's already stretched-thin ability to sign free agents in the coming few seasons.
  12. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

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    That gets paid over the 6 years...
  13. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Need the details first.
  14. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

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  15. Idgit

    Idgit Ice up, son. Ice up! Staff Member

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    Wah!!!! We paid market rate for a franchise QB.

    I'm just glad it's done and he's locked up. I bet Spencer gets worked out fairly quickly now, too.
  16. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

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    What impact does this contract have on the mega deal Dez will be looking for in a year or so?
  17. TheSport78

    TheSport78 The Excellence of Execution

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    I hope they leave Spencer alone and let some other team sign him to a long term deal next year.
  18. BigDPlayer

    BigDPlayer Active Member

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    Amen to this!
  19. Bowdown27

    Bowdown27 Well-Known Member

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    This is basically a deal for 3-4 for 55 million. Idk how everyone doesn't see that....

    LUVDABOYS Member

    237 Messages
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    Yep, now he's on YOUR team for the rest of his career. ROFL

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