Cowboys Release DE Hargrove

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mickswag, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Don't know how people still think Hatcher is an unknown. The guy's been a player since early on. His problem has always been staying healthy. He can play the 1,3, and 5. I have a little concern about him taking on double teams a great deal as I would Ratliff.

    I'm a tad concerned about the depth because of the past injuries of Ratliff, Ware and Hatcher. After Crawford who I think can play the 3 and 5 there isn't a lot of known depth. The starters will be better than fine if they can stay healthy.
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    Ware has started 32 games and compiled 30+ sacks the previous two seasons.
    Let's hope he is 'hurt' again in 2013/14.

    Ratliff started 16 games 4 of the previous 5 seasons. :Last year was the anomaly.

    Not sure the worry makes any real sense unless you just listen to the media without any fact-checking.

    This team has 8 DL is REALLY likes. They clearly feel Crawford and Lissemore and Bass provide quality depth and like Wilber as much as any Ware back up they've had. Those are all very young guys. Back ups are back ups for a reason but you don't have starters as back ups also for a reason.

    If the two deep was soft they'd have kept Hargrove around and hoped to get him in better physical condition. The fact they released him this early is a courtesy to him to catch on elsewhere and an indication he was buried on the depth chart.
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    They have simplified the DL to the point of get up the field every play. Hard to be any easier for our guys whether they face doubles or not. They aren't protecting LBs but instead just playing downhill every snap.

    I expect Hatcher to have a monster season. You can't double him and Ratliff and Ratliff abuses single blocks inside often. The move for Ratliff is what many have wanted to prolong his career and reduce his pounding.

    I know the DL sucked to end last season. We had a couple very young guys gaining experience and a couple key vets playing poorly through injury. But the overall talent level improved from the experience the kids got and the scheme has made their jobs much easier.

    The absolutely only thing I have any concern at all over is Ware. They need to keep him fresh and keep him out of the scrums.

    I think all 8 guys get some snaps. It won't be a full rotation but you'll see soem rest at least for Spencer, Ratliff and Ware unlike previous seasons where they were asked to basically play every down.
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    Did you watch the games? When Ratliff was in, it was evident he wasn't very effective. Same with Ware in the last 4-5 games. He was a shell of himself and sacrificed for the team, but he shouldn't have been out there.

    No doubt, when they are healthy, they are great. The problem is that I don't trust them to be healthy. Same with Austin, Murray, and Lee.
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    Ratliff was the best interior guy we had all season in the few games he played. Our defense not coincidentally was at its best during that stretch. We went 3-3 with four road games and including at BALT and ATL.

    Ware was a shell of himself at the end but that's largely because he should have been out as he was seriously injured. But that was a one season issue. He's been phenomenal for years.

    Ratliff is aging and playing a true NT wasn't going to last forever but this move to a 3T with pure rush is as easy as he'll have it ever in his career.

    Austin has been hurt all but 1 year of his NFL career. He started more than 10 games only twice. And we saw last year that even though he started 15 he wasn't really there for the last 8 games.

    Lee has started more than 10 games just once.

    Murray has never started more than 10 games in the NFL.

    On offense those are real injury concerns as is Lee at LB.

    But Ratliff and Ware have played 95% of the NFL games they've been eligible for. Questioning their health makes little sense.
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    Ratliff was very effective last year when he was able to play. He just wasn't able to play enough.

    Last season Ware's injuries were ridiculous. Instead of seeing it as a problem, it was maybe one of his most impressive performances in his career just to keep giving us quality snaps. I agree that injuries catching up players as they enter the downsides of their careers is a problem, but fans *always* discount these players seasons before they need to. They did it last year with Witten after his spleen injury. They're doing it this year with Ware after his shoulder.
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    I thought this thread was about Hargrove? : )

    The Cowboys were just covering their bases and realized that their young guys could produce as well as if not better than Hargrove and let him go. I think the same will happen to Allen in training camp if he does not play STs.
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    Well we know you didn't.
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    Yea as others have stated you are WRONG on Ratliff. Even with the Plantar faciitis he looked great when he wasn't hurt.
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    Those 6 games he was a real force. No sacks. No forced fumbles. 10 tackles. #beastmode
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    Again, it's obvious you didn't watch the games.
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    That's 2 words

    I doubt it has anything to do with him getting beat out by anyone this early, it's more about him not being able to play
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    If Ratliff is on Ware's side can a team afford to use the tackle to double Ratliff and ignore Ware?
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    I want to know what team has great DL depth.
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    I agree. Jay Ratliff hasn't been a good player in 3 years.

    We are old along the DL in terms of starters with very questionable depth at best. That has to be a concern.

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