Cowboys select WR Danny Coale VaTech

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I love that description for a slot receiver!

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    Biography: Four-year starter and 2011 recipient of the ACC Jim Tatum Award, symbolic of the conference's top student-athlete on the football field. Senior totals included 60 receptions/904 yards/3 TDs after he posted 39/732/3 as a junior. Also used to return punts at Virginia Tech.

    Positives: Reliable, productive receiver with a terrific head for the game. Smart football player who comes back into the clearing to make himself an available target and consistently catches the ball with his hands. Fluid, displays terrific focus and frequently makes tough catches. Lays out or extends to grab the ball, makes over-the-shoulder catches downfield and uses his frame to shield away defenders. Plays with terrific balance and body control. Competes hard and always battles to come away with the ball. Solid route runner who stays low exiting breaks and positions himself to make the catch on exit. Displays a terrific sense of timing and wins out in battles.

    Negatives: Not a true downfield threat despite his 40 time. Possesses solid size but is not a big-bodied receiver.

    Analysis: Coale was a terrific college wide out and possesses enough skill to line up as a slot receiver in the NFL. One of the more underrated receivers in this draft, Cole should produce as a rookie then have a long NFL career as a third receiver on the depth chart.

    Projection: 5th
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    I feel more calm after this pick. Slot guy with speed..."thrives on making one guy miss and getting upfield"...I bet that's what they said about Wes Welker :)
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    I wonder if he is gonna try to buy #19 from Miles......
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    I don't know how anyone who has actually seen Coale play can not love this pick.
  6. a_minimalist

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    i like this pick, he looks like he has a lot of promise. not going to lie, i'm still a little confused about our previous pick but I'm behind it.
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    Wes Welker! [/obligatory]
  8. a_minimalist

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    on this board people don't need to see people play. they just know. :banghead:
  9. fifaguy

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    Remember that crazy catch in the SUGAR BOWL vs. Michigan?! That was him. True slot receiver. Really like this pick!
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    ok here fake punt, which shows you danny coale has punted some
    Here you see coale understands zone coverages, finds area or how to be open
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    Watched every VT game last year. Clutch play guy. Seemed to come up big in tough situations. Can return punts, but not especially gifted at it. Nice YPC.

    He was forced into punting and did a heck of a lot better than I expected. Beamer threatened to make him the REAL punter at one point though. A guy named Danny who was in the stars....
  13. cdewsxzaq

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    I actually really like this pick. I think he can compete for fourth WR this year, possibly third WR. I think that his production could have been much better had VT actually had a good QB while he was there. Also, Ogletree will be cut in Training Camp.
  14. dgr81

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    good pick. has a little jordy nelson in him.
  15. StarHead69

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    Better have a Smart Fast nickel corner when the Cowboys come to town
  16. CowboyMcCoy

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    I never got all the Amendola haters either.

  17. dirt

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    As a michigan fan i still have chills remembering his catch in overtime that was eventually ruled out of bonds
    I thought that showed incredible body control, heart and desire
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    Wes Welker comparisons :eek:
  19. SDogo

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    Real nice comparison. Nelson may have a little more football speed
  20. aikemirv

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    Romo will love this guy. I bet he is receiving substantial playing time by the end of the first year.

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