Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign 12 to reserve/future list

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. jrumann59

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    you always look for a long snapper when you have been around as long as Ladoucer, they did it with hellestrae, vet min counts against the cap too.
  2. Hailmary

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    It just occurred to me that as long as LP has been on this team, I have no idea what he looks like or even what number he wears, lol.
  3. TheCoolFan

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    Some of those will be playing meaningful snaps for us on the DLine next season! Marinelli's Misfits AKA the guys who can't get to Aaron Rodgers :dance:
  4. rpatricc

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    Where is the Rico contract? I'm getting nervous that he is not going to re-sign. Really the only futures guy I care about.
  5. guag

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    Yes sir.

    Also, not to downplay the importance of a 100% reliable deep snapper, but LP's in a pretty enviable gig in this league (IMO anyway). If I was him, I'd keep at it for as long as I could snap a ball.
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  6. LocimusPrime

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    I think Sammy is a lieutenant now
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  7. curly1973

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  8. Denim Chicken

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    What happened to that Swanson CB from last year?
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  9. EST_1986

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    every offseason a LS is signed to lighten the load on Ladoucer
  10. dagreat1_87

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    im obligated to root for anyone named Jeremiah so I hope they both make the team.
  11. LittleD

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    Ladoucer will stay a Cowboy as long as he can walk or wants to play. He's just perfection in motion and would be hard for
    anyone to beat him out.
  12. irishline

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    That tweet they are referring to was from January 16th. He resigned shortly after it to a 1 year $465,000 contract. There is a thread on the board about him resigning from around that timeframe. Not sure why the discussion about him "playing hardball" lasted as long as it did. That and after this season he will be a ERFA in 2018. Not much to get nervous about for a couple of years.
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  13. Vinnie2u

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    Following the trail that Woodrow Danzler paved.
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  14. conner01

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    I believe we've signed a deep snapper almost every year. Camp fodder
  15. EPL0c0

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    Showers gonna put them over the top! Championship!!

  16. ShiningStar

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    this sirs, is a what is refered to as "A bevy of talent" right there.
  17. Biggems

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    Hamlett?.....this is going to end tragically.

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