Twitter: Cowboys sign Marvin Austin after workout (Post #36)..will wear #90

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I understand the concern about him wanting to play, but it seems the two years off, injuries, and getting cut may have made him realize the free college ride is over. I have no knowledge of this guy outside of what Im reading here but if he is willing to try out he is willing to work out to get in football condition. That is a plus because it shows whatever motivation he lacked before is probably not going to be an issue, he was out and apparently was looking for a way back in or he would not have accepted the opportunity to work out for us.... I hope
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    I never said Wilbur could be a full time starter or replace ware. The fact that we could find someone much cheaper and get the same production makes him expendable.(see: selvie, george)
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    High cholesterol diets?
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    Tara cards
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    He never had a chance to coach Ratliff.
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    I like his chances with Marinelli
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    If he can not, then Austin is a lost cause!
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    Yeah, Marinelli has the reputation of getting guys to play hard for him, even when they haven't done so at every other stop.

    That's not to say that it is a sure thing that Marinelli will get him to respond... but if he is ever going to become a good player, it will be Rod Marinelli that turns him around.
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    Dallas Cowboys sign DT Marvin Austin; Stephen Jones: We had him graded as a second-round type talent in 2011

    “He has moved around a little bit, but we had him as a guy we liked if we had been in the 4-3,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Monday on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “Had we been running the 4-3, we had him as a second-round type of talent. Rod [Marinelli], evidently at Chicago, worked him out as well. And they had him high on their board.
    “We’re going to give the guy a shot here, just as we have throughout the season, going all the way back to training camp to the George Selvies of the world. Give the guy an opportunity. If he comes in here and buys into what Rod’s doing, he can certainly help us out.”

    “He’s a good player,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday. “He’s a guy we thought a lot of coming out of school. He’s one of those guys we kept our eye on.
    “Obviously our situation on the defensive line, we’ve had a lot of different injuries up there, so you look at the landscape of personnel and see you who can bring in and try to help your football team. He’s in pretty decent shape because he’s been in training camp and been playing. We’d like to tap into some of that ability that caused him to be such a high draft pick.”

    More: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...d-as-a-second-round-type-talent-in-2011.html/
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    I am a huge Selvie fan and was one of his advocates to sign him in the first place. But even George Selvie is not Demarcus Ware. And the comparison is even more ridiculous if we are talking a healthy Demarcus Ware.

    You cannot replace Ware's importance to the team, never mind production, with a guy off the street. Not sure if you know this, but Ware has only missed ONE game in his career. And even when he is not playing, he is coaching up his teammates on the sidelines at an away game. You don't just throw away a team leader, a sure fire ROH and HOF enshrinee because you think he's humpty dumpty and can't be fixed.

    Ware is not missing a limb, nor have we been told that his injury is career ending. Yet all the so called fans are clamoring to get rid of one of the ALL time GREAT Cowboys, never mind the NFL, because he got hurt, or missed a game, or has not reached double digits sacks as quickly as you would like.

    And FYI, even Marinelli cannot pull multiple George Selvies out of his butt. Let's give SOME credit to Selvie, especially since we have have been especially frugal in handing any out to Ware.
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    Another body on the d line doesnt hurt thats for sure.
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    Please name the many UNC players.
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    I appreciate everything ware has done here but This is a business. Smart teams move players while they still have some value. (pittsburgh had to part ways with James harrison) He's not being paid to coach up teammates at away games. He's getting paid to produce. If we can save money and replace him and still get the production, then we need to do that.
  14. BAT

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    Smart businesses do not throw away their assets prematurely either. You have a case if you are talking about Spencer or Rat, but not Ware. Even hurt and missing most of 3 games, he is still number 3 in sacks on this team. Do you see how teams still shift their protection towards him? If Ware comes back in 2 games (earlier than most forecasted) then he still generates double digit sacks on this team. Can you make the same claim for Wilber (who you brought up first, not I) or any other RDE on the team?

    Ware has value on a contending team. If the Cowboys are not contending this season, and are in full rebuild mode, then by all means trade Ware to a contender. May as well trade Witten and Romo while you are at it as well. We owe to them, and it would make sound business sense. But get ready for the ride, a true rebuild will be ugly, very ugly, before it gets beautiful again, if it ever does.
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    kentwan balmer, giovani bernard, quinton coples, greg little, marvin austin off the top of my head. there have been more.
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    Churn that butter.
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    My head just exploded

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    Make no mistake, I wouldn't trade him till after the season. I just think that if we can save money by replacing him in the draft or FA(nobody currently on the roster could adequately replace him), then we should explore those possibilities. Especially if we're going to be in cap hell like some think.
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    Unfortunately, gone are the days when we can afford to be loyal to a player because he has been great for us (and Ware has). Players just get paid too much anymore and the salary cap restrictions hit too heavy. Do you think fans would feel this way back in the days of Aikman or Randy White? No, we would be clamoring to show loyalty but the economics of today NFL don't allow it. I think if anyone deserves it, it would be DWare but alas, if we want to be competetive, this is a luxury we can't afford. If we truly believe that DWare is still productive to merit his pay then, by all means, keep him and continue to pay him. Personally, I think he is declining ala Ratliff and we need to keep this in mind in any future endeavors with him. If we don't want to see him play for anyone else, pay him to retire but don't keep him in a situation where he counts against the all important salary cap.
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    If we can save money and still get the production. Like a George selvie. I don't see what's so wrong with the idea.!

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