Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign OL Dan Skipper

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 17, 2017.

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    I noticed how according to the picture that was shown on this site yesterday standing next to Zeke, Rico certainly didn't look eight inches taller than Zeke. It looked more like four or five inches but I could be persuaded it was six inches difference. I seriously doubt Rico is 6-8!! If he measured 6-6 1/4 at the Indy Combine, THAT'S what I'd go by. The Indy Combine stats are, by far, more reliable than his listed college measurables, imho.
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    Skipper will be in the WWE by next year. His finishing move will be called the deep-six
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    Yep, that's a fact if your standing up close to Skipper, lol. It's hard to picture a guy that tall, who's known to stand upright too much, would be effective at the guard position. At least at tackle, he wouldn't be up against much shorter guys with better leverage. Seems to me that the staff could be wasting time trying to use him where he might be at a physical disadvantage. I bet they'll see that soon enough, if they haven't already.
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    Ginger will be his ring girl.
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    Should've started on that bum team.
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    If he doesn't make it as an olineman we should keep him as our fb. Lol
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    When I was at OU there was a backup lineman there by the name of Jerry Crafts. I got to know him through some friends who attended the same high school he did.

    To my knowledge he never started for OU, but stuck in the pros for some time and made some decent coin.

    Jerry was a monster of a man and was somewhere close to 6'10. My guess is probably slightly less than that. All I am saying is that if he can have decent feet and technique his size will be an asset.
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    No, there is no "believing" involved.

    The NFL makes official measurements on height. Colleges do not.
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    I like the signing. Like most undrafted guys, he will have long odds to make the roster. But he is an ideal guy to bring in as an UDFA. At his best, his highlights show him a road grader and he can just destroy guys. His weaknesses are clear and may limit him from ever playing in the NFL. But why not see if you can improve his weaknesses or mask them. If you can, he has a shot. If not, you move on like most of the UDFA we brought in. Multiple year starters from a power five conference and a guy who checks several boxes physically are the guys I like taking a closer look at.
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    On Wednesday the Cowboys signed rookie offensive tackle Dan Skipper from the University of Arkansas. He’s officially listed on the Cowboys’ roster at 6’ 10” and 311 pounds. Skipper took part in Cowboys Rookie Camp last week as a tryout player and was subsequently signed to the roster. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett joked with reporters following Friday’s rookie practice that Skipper was listed at 6’ 9.40” on his coach’s information sheet, but the roster given to the media listed 6’ 10”.

    That’s just a shade over Ed “Too Tall” Jones who was listed at 6’ 9” and played defensive end. The overall #1 pick of the 1974 NFL Draft, Jones played for the Cowboys for 15 seasons and went to 3 Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl ring.

    By the way, when you’re as tall as Skipper, you would be good at blocking things…specifically field goals and extra points. During his 4 years with the Razorbacks, he blocked 7 field goal attempts which is two shy of the all-time FBS record. He won SEC Special Teams Player of the Week Co-Honors multiple times in his career. His special teams prowess was in addition to his pancake blocks at left tackle where he earned first-team All SEC honors his senior year...
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    I think the Skipper makes the team if Dallas has 9 O-Lineman this year on the roster.
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    Skipper can't play at this level. He was abused by speed rushers in college. Tough as nails though. Really good at blocking field goals.
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    In a nutshell, this
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    Put him at RT and see what happens.

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