Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign S Robert Blanton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mickswag, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Good signing - Blanton was a former college cornerback at Notre Dame, so he bring some coverage skills to the back end, and he's a terrific special teams player. Solid, not spectacular player.
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    Blanton played strong safety in Buffalo last year and started a couple of games while providing solid help on special teams. His year ended on IR after an injury in late November.

    Blanton originally entered the league as a fifth-round draft choice of the Minnesota Vikings. He played there for four years and in 2014 led the team in tackles with 106. He is 27 years old.

    The Cowboys are looking for players to compete with Jeff Heath who is currently the starting safety opposite Byron Jones but will surely have competition from free agents and draft picks. Kavon Frazier, a draft pick from last year, would also be in the mix.

    Looks like he has some spunk

    “We were out there doing our normal game routine warming up as DBs and a couple of Patriots guys ran through our DB drill and I told them, ‘Hey, don’t run through our DB drill on the sideline," said Blanton to WEEI. "It’s disrespectful and you can get somebody hurt because the DB’s were back pedaling and stuff.'”

    “I just went over there and told them to run on their side and don’t run through out DB drill.”
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    Wonder if this has any bearing on going SS in the first. Esp with what the BtB article eludes to above with the "competition with Heath" bit.
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    I wouldn't think so. After all, he first visited several weeks ago, and likely signed after not receiving much else in the way of offers. The Cowboys obviously had a set price point and stuck to it, so that tells me that he's a depth signing and not anything that would influence the draft.
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    This just means they no longer feel they need to reach for a safety. They can grab one that falls to the 4th or 5th and attack more important positions of need or take a player they never expected to have a shot at in the top 3 rounds. This may allow them to snag another offensive weapon in the 2nd or 3rd.
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    Blanton made minimum plus a $80K signing bonus last season. I would expect similar.

    He rated highly @ the run in 2014
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    No one can compete with Jeff Heath. That's just silly talk
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    I was wondering if we'd sign him, was definitely interest for a while. Good signing, bridge type depth veteran
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    What a dumpster dive of an offseason.
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    Good stuff, 88!
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    I just love how this team continues to replace trash with more trash. :rolleyes:

    Regardless...mark it down....We will be drafting a safety in the 1st. Nice smokescreen Jerry:laugh:

    Obi Melifonwu SS/CB Connecticut...come on down:oldcouple:
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    We should be getting used to it by now!
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    It's been a policy for 5 years and has given us some of our most success in 20 years(sad but true).

    Not committing a roster spot, a starting spot and big money to a player some other team didn't think was worth retaining is not a bad thing.
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    It keeps the team from having to reach in the draft but not taking someone they want

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