Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign Uzoma Nwachukwu

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qbert, Jan 31, 2017.

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  2. Idgit

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    Bless you, Qbert. That was quite a sneeze. So, who was it was signed after Quincy McDuffie, then?
  3. ksadler1

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    The Blue Bombers forum seems to have mixed reviews on Quincy. They feel he's a very electrifying player but won't be impossible to replace.....
  4. movaughn88

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    I clicked into this thread so fast my mouse flew off the desk, but you beat me to this one. Well played, sir.
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  5. Double Trouble

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  6. MileyDancer

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    What if he turns out to be a stud, though!

    (wishful thinking, I know)
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  7. Idgit

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    You know it's a good name when it makes 'Quincey McDuffie' sound normal. Because Quincey McDuffie sounds like someone who might Chase the Quaffle on your Quidditch team.
  8. Eric_Boyer

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    with jokes like that, I suspect you got beat up frequently as a child, no?
  9. lukin2006

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    More competition good, just hope we are not bargain hunting for a number 2 receiver...
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  10. Vinnie2u

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    I'd give anything to hear a drunk Jerry say Uzoma Nwachukwu
  11. MarionBarberThe4th

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  12. conner01

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    You need camp bodies and if you get lucky and hit on a guy then all the better
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  13. visionary

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    As a child?
  14. haleyrules

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    With a name like that...he better be good. He is the boy named Sue of pro ball.
  15. muck4doo

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  16. 8FOR!3

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    Seems like we're looking more for a Whitehead replacement. Hope we find one.
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  17. rat2k8

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    I am from Winnipeg. He is exciting at times but there are much better returners in the CFL. Who knows maybe he will light it up.
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  18. DandyDon52

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    could be they are looking for butler and TW replacements too ??
    But I like the idea of a good kick returner.
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  19. Seven

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    Brilliant!!!! Absolutely brilliant..... Someone's on there game.
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  20. Idgit

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    Let me guess, Slytherin?
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