Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign Uzoma Nwachukwu

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qbert, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. SuspectCorner

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    The name sounds just like it's spelled - so where's the challenge? :D (ooh-ZOH-mah nwah-CHOO-kwoo)
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  2. Idgit

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  3. Vinnie2u

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    The Drunk part!
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  4. dogunwo

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    Team Umi Zoomi.

    If you have young kids, you understand that lame joke.
  5. Typhus

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    Lucky should be packing his bags,, maybe even consider changing his name.
    Not saying either of these no namers well be better,, but this team is obviously actively seeking an upgrade.
    Heres the deal with Lucky, he showed me something early with the jet sweep, and I kept on hoping that would manifest in to more relevance, but it never did.
    Now I look back and think that nearly anyone.... one dimensional, "speed", could have done the same in this offense.
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  6. DFWJC

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  7. Toruk_Makto

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    Well when you want to have a Dez Bryant a not cheap Jason Witten a Zeke and 3 highly paid lineman... then yea you better be bargain hunting at #2 WR who will be behind no less than 3 other players on the target priority list.

    You're worried about bargain hunting at #2 WR and we have one moderately high priced player on the entirety of the defensive side of the ball.

    Priorities my man.
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  8. bbailey423

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    I like the moves from this simple cannot have guys that are on the end of the roster.....NOT realize they are on the end of the roster. When Lucky Whitehead was in a club tweeting out pictures of himself past curfew (like 2 AM or something)....I knew that this was a guy that did not relish the opportunity he had. Does not make him a bad person. But it showed that he may be a guy that is more enamored with the lifestyle of being in the opposed to becoming the best player he can be. You can get away with that when you are Dez...but when you are at the bottom of the depth better act like you know.
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  9. lostar2009

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    Can this team just stop and sign Desan Jackson? He will blow the top of defenses. After that get a good DT and DE via draft or free agency. After that we should be good.
  10. Kaiser

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    My best friend in my undergrad was a 6'5" guy named Anand Paranthaman. Whenever we did class presentations, someone would ask how to spell it and he would glare at them and say "Just like it sounds" and then crack up when they froze up. It never got old.
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  11. Kaiser

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    Jason Garrett: Jerry, want to come to WR workouts?

    Jerry after his fourth Scotch: Not wish ewww.....

    Jason Garrett: Got it, boss.

    Garrett leaves room, pulls out iPhone: Siri, who is Notwitchu?

    Siri: Free Agent WR Uzoma, Nwachukwu, Texas A&M University
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  12. xwalker

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    Drunk or sober. Probably not much difference for Jerry.
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  13. Doomsay

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    Whoozama Watchama?
  14. Bullflop

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    If that guy's name didn't make Jerry's 40-year-old brain explode, I don't know what would. :muttley:
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  15. Ring Leader

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    With a name like that I'm not sure he'd even be make it into the country these days. ;)
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  16. Eric_Boyer

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    sorry to keep picking on you brother, but that is your second attempt with the same dad jokes in this thread
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  17. Idgit

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    No harm, no foul. I'm aware the jokes are dumb. The point of a dad joke is not to be clever.
  18. SuspectCorner

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