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    1st round, pick 9 DE Cameron Jordan
    I think, that a very likely pick is also OL Tyron Smith or Nate Solder if available. Offensive linemen are ALWAYS over-drafted because they provide exceptoinal positional value. I think, though that one of these two will come off the board before this spot, especially if Smith gains a little weight and impresses at the combine (which is very possible). Jordan dominated the senior bowl and would be an instant upgrade at DE for the Cowboys with his versatility and impressive tape.
    2nd round pick 40th overall S Quinton Carter, Oklahoma
    I don’t think Rahim Moore will make it to the second round, but Carter will and at the 40th pick overall this is decent value that fills a glaring need. Carter was very productive at Oklahoma and has the versatility to play at either the Free Safety or Strong safety at the next level. At Oklahoma last year he had nearly 90 tackles and has 8 INT the past two seasons. Ideally, Rahim Moore would be available here, but Moore is a ball-hawk and I think will sneak into the first round.
    3rd Round pick 71st overall John Moffitt, G, Wisconsin
    Moffitt fits the mold of the offensive linemen that the Dallas Cowboys like, which is massive. Moffitt is solid value in the third round and could be an utterly dominant run blocker at the next level as an interior guard who should be the eventual replacement for Kosier or Davis. The other options I considerd here were Quan Sturdivant (I just think he’ll be drafted before here, and CB Curtis Marsh).
    4th round pick 109 overall Rashad Carmichael, CB, Virginia Tech
    Carmichal was inconsistentin 2011, but Carmichael has all of the N.F.L. measurables scouts look for in cornerbacks. He has pretty good height, good speed, was very productive at times, and can be a good cornerback in the N.F.L. with some refinement. At this juncture he might also be one of the best players available, if still available. CarMichael will provide the Cowboys with a little more CB depth (only four currently listed on the Depth chart) and could eventual mature into a starter.
    5th Round pick 139th overall Derrell Johnson Koulianos WR, Iowa
    D.J.K. is a talented player with the dreaded “character concerns” label which will push him down further in the draft than he otherwise would be, but DJK is good value in the 5th round and gives the Cowboys more depth at WR. Although, they have a very good #1 and #2 WR, I can’t imagine that they are thriled about the prospect of keeping Roy Williams. Sam Hurd, Manuel Johnson, Teddy Williams, and Jesse Holley all lack the pure talent of Derrell Johnson Koulianos. I think if Brooks Reed is available here (based on big boards by NFP and MTD he would be, I just don’t think he will be) that’d be a no-brainer pick.
    6th Round pick 170th overall Alex Linnenkohl, C, Oregon State
    I think I’ve written this 40 times since the beginning of February, but the majority of long term starters come from the first two rounds, depth players and special teams players come from the later rounds, generally speaking. Linnenkohl, though, has a chance to become a starter in the N.F.L. with some seasoning because of his tenancity and athletic ability. I don’t know if fulfills all the Cowboys linemen desires being only 305 pounds(ish).
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    Meh........I've had better
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    A mangy dog isn't better. :muttley:
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    Well what can I say "desperate" for anything about footbal related
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    i like jordan but at not at 9 . assuming PP is long gone. If we could somehow creatively maneuver some swaps to walk away with cam jordan and gabe carimi with our first 2 picks i would be extremely happy. Not sexy but 2 guys who i think are can't miss day 1 starters. Fill out the rest of the draft however you guys want :D
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    good value on the interior guys - those, of course, are the sort of picks you need to make every year to get a few good ones.
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    I liked Cameron Jordan a lot, and wouldn't have a problem taking him at 9. I probably like Tyron Smith a little better, but that's based off what I hear and not what I saw (so that is subject to change).

    I wouldn't take Solder at 9. I like Solder a lot, and think he has elite talent. He looked fantastic doing the drills at the combine.

    The problem is that he needs at least a year in the weight room, and working his technique. That makes him a bit of a project, and I'd have a hard time taking him until late in the first round, or more likely in the second/third round. I think it's gonna be really hard for speed rushers to beat him around him the corner, but with his technique currently, they can get underneath him and bullrush, or change direction and beat him inside. Inside was how Acho beat him in the Senior Bowl for the strip/sack. I don't remember seeing anyone beating him around the corner (could have happened--but I don't remember seeing it). Guy has really quick feet.

    I am not in the camp that thinks he is likely to be a bust--I just think it will take him a year or two. If he gets rushed into playing before he improves his technique (which could happen if he gets drafted too high), he could get his confidence destroyed and bust--but that would be because of poor/desperate coaching and not because of the player himself. He has the ability to be outstanding.

    I don't like Moffitt. I went into the combine with high hopes, but the guy just can't run. He's a tough guy, but I don't see him able to pull or get to the second level which really reduces his usefulness. Just my opinion.
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    this is a Jerruh mock= ignoring the obvious like OL once again.

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