Cowboys sure look like they are laying groundwork for Gruden hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by USMarineVet, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. USMarineVet

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    Via Yahoo! Sports...

    Jerry Jones is sure taking care of a lot of Jon Gruden’s work for him as he assembles a coaching staff in Dallas now built around coach Jason Garrett.
    Whispers have been that Jones wants to hire Gruden out of ESPN’s broadcast booth and bring him to Dallas. There is certainly circumstantial evidence in place right now that would lead you to wonder long and hard about the possibility.

    Monte Kiffin has been hired as defensive coordinator and he has brought with him Rod Marinelli to run the defensive line after Jones ordered Rob Ryan be fired. Bill Callahan has been giving play calling duties that have been stripped from Garrett, who was also forced to fire his brother John, the tight ends coach.

    The Cowboys are now reported to be pursuing Rich Bisaccia to coach special teams. He’s at Auburn and also worked for Gruden previously in Tampa. If the Cowboys are successful in landing Bisaccia, they will have a good portion of the old band Gruden worked with back together. They will also have the most talented quarterback Gruden has worked with -- Tony Romo -- since an aging Rich Gannon.

    What’s the next logical step? Well, it’s Gruden, of course. Maybe Jones is trying to force Garrett out the door? Who knows? That was the word on the street in Mobile, Ala., in the coaching community. Stay tuned.
  2. DBOY3141

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    Too bad Gruden and Kiffin don't get along anymore. More shallow reporting by our beloved media.
  3. arglebargle

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    This only looks good if you're predisposed towards that answer anyway. However, it doesn't look good if you've done your homework.
  4. CowboysFaninDC

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    didn't kiffin and gruden have a falling out?
  5. Picksix

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    The problem with all this is, whether this is actually the way things are going, or if it's mere speculation, it totally undermines Garrett, because it makes him look like a lame duck.
  6. Bowdown27

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    Gruden and kiffin made up and have been friends since.
  7. Yakuza Rich

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    I think that if they wanted to hire Gruden...they would have done it by now.

    The media sure loves their narratives.

  8. Hook'em#11

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    Dallas doesn't need Gruden..
  9. wileedog

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    Honestly, I think the hiring of Marinelli and making him Asst HC makes this irrelevant. If they want to hire Gruden and Kiffin doesn't want to work with him for whatever reason you still have a pretty good guy in place for DC.
  10. zack

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    If not this year then next. Say what you want but I find it hard to believe that there weren't other coaches out there that they could have hired other than former TB coaches. What are the odds of that.?
  11. USMarineVet

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    But I see an aging JJ wanting another ring very soon, and willing to put pressure on anyone and everyone to achieve that goal. Putting pressure on Garrett would be just one example of that.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't know if that is the intention of the Cowboys or not but I did hear Gruden in an interview some months back and he did say, specifically, that he was under contract with ESPN and would not be available to coach in the NFL until 2014. Now, could a deal be made? I'm sure it could but contractually, I don't think Gruden to the NFL could happen until 2014 without some sort of arrangement.
  13. 17yearsandcounting

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    Ive only heard that coming from the biggest Garrett homer on the planet.
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    Kiffin wanted to get back to the NFL. They took him.

    Marinelli wanted out of Chicago. He was considered THE best D-Line coach in football and had and knows Kiffin as well.

    The only person that doesn't seem like a total coincidence is Bisaccia. But, Garrett played in Tampa so he's familiar with all 3 coaches.

    I just don't see why they would wait to hire Gruden. Perhaps they are trying to persuade Gruden, although I think it will take more than getting a D-Coordinator that he supposedly doesn't talk to anymore and a Special Teams coach back.

  15. Yakuza Rich

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    He would make far more at Dallas or any NFL coaching gig that wanted him than at ESPN. There's been other coaches that have worked at ESPN and left to go coach elsewhere like Denny Green.

    The media loves their narratives and they will hold onto them until it doesn't work out. Then they'll just create another narrative until they get one to work with reality.

  16. AbeBeta

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    Does Gruden really want to work with a guy he accused of tanking?

    Does Kiffin really want to work with a guy who accused him of doing so?

    They may have repaired their personal relationship but I doubt very much that they want to work together again.
  17. Coy

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    I don´t think it will happen, not this year anyway, but the thing is, this noise around the team doesn´t help anybody and least of all Garrett, whether it could be true, just a rumor or some in the media trying to get something out of nothing this certainly can have a negative effect on Garrett and the team for that matter, bottom line, truth or not, this cannot be good for the Dallas Cowboys, either roll with Garrett and come out and make a clear statement on it shutting down this nonsense or fire him.
  18. zrinkill

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    Seems to me like this is more setting up Lovie for next year if Jason does not make a win/loss progress this year.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    You can't always apply logic to decisions Jerry Jones makes.
  20. wileedog

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    I agree, Jerry would want him in place by now if it was going to happen. Plus I don't think Jerry is ready to fire Garrett yet. Gruden probably means a structural change within the organization and if anything Jerry has been more upfront about making the key decisions this offseason, not less so.

    It does set the table for next year though if Garrett fails, which means there might be something to Gruden's ESPN contractual restrictions for 2013.

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