Cowboys sure look like they are laying groundwork for Gruden hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by USMarineVet, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Lots of evidence suggests that is what Jerry Jones wants Gruden
    January 25, 2013, 10:47 AM EST..

    Jerry Jones is sure taking care of a lot of Jon Gruden’s work for him as he assembles a coaching staff in Dallas now built around coach Jason Garrett.

    Whispers have been that Jones wants to hire Gruden out of ESPN’s broadcast booth and bring him to Dallas. There is certainly circumstantial evidence in place right now that would lead you to wonder long and hard about the possibility.

    Monte Kiffin has been hired as defensive coordinator and he has brought with him Rod Marinelli to run the defensive line after Jones ordered Rob Ryan be fired. Bill Callahan has been giving play calling duties that have been stripped from Garrett, who was also forced to fire his brother John, the tight ends coach.

    The Cowboys are now reported to be pursuing Rich Bisaccia to coach special teams. He’s at Auburn and also worked for Gruden previously in Tampa. If the Cowboys are successful in landing Bisaccia, they will have a good portion of the old band Gruden worked with back together. They will also have the most talented quarterback Gruden has worked with -- Tony Romo -- since an aging Rich Gannon.

    What’s the next logical step? Well, it’s Gruden, of course. Maybe Jones is trying to force Garrett out the door? Who knows? That was the word on the street in Mobile, Ala., in the coaching community. Stay tuned.

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    I don't think Jones wants to fire Jason and pay him to walk away.

    I think he'd welcome his resignation if that were coming.

    You don't hire Gruden's best friend in coaching as OC, his long-time DC and his one-time ST coach by mere coincidence.

    He literally hired the entire friggin staff.

    This is set up so that we learn the 4-3 this year, deal with cap issues, take our lumps and come back with Gruden in 2014.

    No one wants to hear that and I hate even saying it... but logically it is what it is.
  3. USMarineVet

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    You're all making very good points. I found this article to be an interesting consideration. Personally, I've always liked Chuckie and would welcome him to the team. But it does appear that he's more likely to surface next year, if at all.
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    Why are people so sure gruden would wanna work with his old coaching staff.

    Who's to say Garrett would rather his defense be a 4-3?
  5. 1fisher

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    .....and even worse is the fans that gobble up their garbage as if it were the gospel!

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    I don't honestly know what Gruden's contract looks like but I do know that when ESPN resigned Gruden (because they were worried that he would jump to the NFL a few years ago), they wrote some kind of clause in his contract that would penalize him monetarily if he left early. The problem, at least for ESPN, is that Gruden is one of the few guys they have had at ESPN who works on Monday Night Football in the booth. That is a bit of a difference for Gruden, with respect to some of the others. It could be that Gruden does not want to give the money back to ESPN/ABC or it could be that Gruden want's Jerry to take care of that and Jerry isn't excited about it or it could be that Gruden to Dallas is nothing put a pile of dung and there is no truth to it what so ever.

    I honestly don't know where the truth is on this one. I have heard that Gruden's contract is different then most of his collegues. How, or how true that it, I can't say.
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    Sounds like the speculation we've all been spewing for weeks now. Nothing new

    It was said earlier in this thread--if Jerry wanted Gruden, he would've been hired already.

    Most likely, these coaches have all been hired because they know each other and Jerry is relying on their word.
  8. USMarineVet

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    Not a gobble. More like a nibble. But still interesting debate. :)
  9. jterrell

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    Why Lovie?

    Jerry isn't going to want to pay all these assts plus let Lovie have a staff.

    This is really Gruden's job next year imho.

    I wouldn't be shocked to see Garrett fired mid-season with Callahan or Kiffin named interim HC.
  10. zrinkill

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    This would probably be the staff he would pick if given the choice.

    He has ties to Kiffin and Marinelli.
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    If Jones wants JG gone, he just simply fires him. No need to run around trying to force people out, you just kick them out. Thus, I don't buy in to this story.
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    Yeah, if anything it's not gonna happen this year. Now, next year? Yeah, I can see it happening and it probably will.

    Why? Connect the dots. It's that simple. Anything short of a deep playoff run, Garrett's gone. If it wasn't the case we wouldn 't have seen these many changes that have connection to Gruden in the coaching staff.

    Why hasn't Jerry fired Jason and hired Jon? Jon has another year left in the booth and Jason is owed a lot of money. I think no matter what the situation is unless we win the Super Bowl, Jason's gone. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  13. 17yearsandcounting

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    Wow, it only took Mr. Ivy League History degree 2.5 years to put on the big boy pants and figure out what defense he prefers. After an offseason we sunk a ton of money into corners to play Ryans system. Just genius.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Forcing people to want to quit is something that has been done in sports for years. You have contracts involved so sometimes it makes sense to ownership to try and get somebody to quit rather then fire them and owe them substantial money against a contract. With players, you really can't do that much because players will go to the Union but with Coaches, you can.
  15. 1fisher

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    Finally, a voice of reason!
  16. noshame

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    Maybe Gruden can't make a move until the football season is completely over.....:D
  17. jterrell

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    Gruden gushes over Callahan. They are best friends. Go see his comments about when he hired him.

    “Great coach, master of offensive line fundamentals, insane work ethic,” Gruden said, also calling Callahan “Creative - he can teach and scheme with the best of them.”

    Also this nugget form Kiffin himself on Jon Gruden ---
    He was always that way, great with the team. He loves talking ball. He’s loves talking ball, talking quarterbacks and all those things, analyzing the draft.”

    “All of those owners are watching real close. And he’s probably going to get some offers in another year or so. And I think he has a son that’s a junior and maybe he wants to see him finish high school, but I think he’ll be back in it before too long.”

    Kiffin also praised Tyron Smith, who was the highest drafted offensive lineman from USC since Tony Boselli.

    “When he went to the combine, he knocked their socks off. Just when he went through the tests and stuff. Here’s the thing, he loves football. He doesn’t like it, he loves it. You gotta love it. He loves it and that’s what Lane told everybody.”
  18. jterrell

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    5 million reasons to keep JG this year or until he quits.
  19. AbeBeta

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    a career .540 record

    But hey, he screams and yells. That's important, right?
  20. Boys122

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    Well, Jason has a career record of .525 and he coddles the players so what's your point? And not to mention no playoff experience.

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