cowboys talk to Cody Brown LB DE Conn.

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    Jets, Raiders, Jaguars and Cowboys among the teams that talked to Connecticut linebacker Cody Brown at the Senior Bowl.

    UConn DE Cody Brown: Step One, Senior Bowl
    The Hartford Courant
    January 27, 2009
    UConn defensive end Cody Brown is projected to go in the third or fourth round of the NFL draft. He will write an occasional journal leading up the draft, which is April 25-26 in New York.

    The first step of my journey to becoming an NFL player is complete. This past week I was in Mobile, Ala., playing in the Senior Bowl. It was a great experience. I got to work with the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff. Marvin Lewis was our head coach and Mike Zimmer was the defensive coordinator.

    Coach Zimmer made me feel comfortable the first day of practice when he saw my UConn helmet and said, "I guess UConn isn't just a basketball school anymore, right?" That made me laugh.

    I was also comfortable during practice. It was very exciting to compete against players I went against during the regular season. Although most of my teammates on the North team I had only seen on TV, there were still a few familiar faces.

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    Cody Brown Photos Joining me in Mobile were my UConn teammates William Beatty and Darius Butler. It is a testament to how far the Husky program has come in just a few years.

    In practice I got to work against players from other schools, and I feel that made me better as a player. The coaches were using me mostly at defensive end. After practice I met with so many coaches and scouts. Some of the teams I talked to were Dallas, Jacksonville, Oakland, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Baltimore and the New York Jets, to name a few. I met with so many NFL personnel people in Mobile. It was pretty crazy.

    The game was fun even though we lost. I talked with my agents, Andy Simms and Nate Haber of PlayersRep Sports, after the game, and they told me not to get too excited because this was only the first step of the procedure. The next step is to continue training for the NFL Combine in late February.
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    we are looking at him as a 3-4 OLB i would imagine. I think we need to draft at least one OLB for depth, Ellis isnt gonna be here forever.
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    yep, thats why i was giving you zoners a heads up, keep your eye on this guy
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    11 sacks? wow well thats impressive for sure. Going up against the Big East isnt exactly a cake walk..I like what Ive read about him, I'll keep my eye on him
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    I'm sure the Brown conversation with Zimmer went something like this:

    Brown- Coach Zimmer, very nice to meet you. I'm sure I can play DE or be a rush OLB"

    Zimmer- "Can you explain that thing you are doing on film here, I see you hitting this offensive player in the backfield, I believe he's called a QB"
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    Browns Reply - I have seen you on old Lavern and Shirley reruns on nick at nite, you're pretty funny.

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