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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Lord Sun, May 12, 2004.

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    Cowboys Team Report
    Jean-Jacques Taylor

    Offensive assistant David Lee scouted QB Chad Hutchinson for more than a week in NFL Europe, and the reports were mixed, at best. Hutchinson has completed about 60 percent of his passes, but he still fumbles too much and hasn't raised his level of play. Quincy Carter and Drew Henson are guaranteed spots, and a veteran such as Vinny Testaverde is expected to sign, so Hutchinson might be looking for a new team. . . .

    Rookie RB Julius Jones didn't catch a lot of passes at Notre Dame, but he showed nice hands at minicamp. The team wants to use him in the passing game, especially on screens, to take advantage of his quickness, balance and moves in the open field.


    Greg Ellis is being moved to the right side, where the club hopes he can better use his speed and technique to get to the quarterback more. It also should help because he won't get chipped by tight ends and running backs as much. Marcellus Wiley was signed away from the Chargers to help improve the pass rush. If Wiley, who had a combined 23 sacks in 2000 and '01 but slid to three last year, can recapture his form, the defense will have a better chance of creating turnovers and making big plays. That's the only element missing from an already sound unit. Backup Eric Ogbogu is solid as a situational pass rusher. Kenyon Coleman has added bulk, which should help him at the point of attack.
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    I still think Hutch is a goner. Hopefully we can get a 5th rounder for him. The upgrade of performance at RB will be a result of an upgrade of the O-line as much as the addition of Julius. It may not have been flashy, but day 1 was very solid for us and I expect Johnson to return big time. With the entire D-line returning I am wanting big things from them this year. We much produce more pressure on the QB to get more sacks and turnovers.
  3. Reef Engineer

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    If Henson cost a third, I'd be surprised if someone paid a fifth for Hutch ... we can hope, however.
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    QB's with potential will always have value in the league.
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    I think Greenbay would be a good place for Hutch. A year or two behind Brett is what he needs. I'd take a 5th for him in a heartbeat.
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    True....but we're talking about Hutch.
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    The Eagles got a 2nd for Feely didn't they?
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    I thiink we'd be lucky to get a 7th rounder for a guy we're likely to cut anyway, especially if Hutch's base salary is much bigger than the NFL minimum. If Dallas, a team desperate for better QB play, can't use Hutch, then who can?
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    While I would "hope" that some team will offer us a pick for Hutch, I just don't see it happening, especially when most teams feel they'll just be able to wait for his release.
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    anything for hutch is a bonus.

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    More slop from JJT...Not improved? Ah.. hello goof, Offensive player of the week...

    Accuracy that Carter can only dream of, a MUCH stronger arm...

    Fumbles? I suspect he doesn't fumble when he isn't even hit like last years starter does so often...

    Perhaps its JJT thats the "Hater"
  12. RCowboyFan

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    Because Henson came with a cost other than just 3rd pick and the fact that Henson dictated where he wanted to go. Henson had all the leverage and the team trading him and teams wanting him, didn't have much leverage, other than the fact that he desired to go to a team without going into the draft.

    Hutch doesn't have that choice. He will be mostly happy to go to another team for another chance.
  13. SoTex

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    He needs to have more good games like last week if Dallas expects to get anything for him. I just don't see a trade being possible unless 3 or 4 organizations show interest. I'm afraid teams will just wait until Hutch is cut instead of trading for him before he is scooped up the competion. That is just my opinion and I hope I'm wrong.
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    Don't disagree at all ... but what does that have to do with Hutch? :D
  15. Reef Engineer

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    And that means what when talking about Hutch?
  16. aikemirv

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    I read somewhere that he had 3 fumbles. That is not bad at all for six games. With the number of sacks he has taken it is actually pretty good. If you look at fumbles by QB in the NFL the average among the top guys is 8 or 9 a year.

    That being said I have seen a couple of his fumbles and they were BAD ones, so he does still need to work on that problem.

    Hutch shows promise with his arm and accuracy and I would think that BP will not just discard him if he shows a better future than ROMO. His biggest weakness is his feel for the game and that has improved some over there. I would not be surprised to see him over there again next year whether it is for the Cowboys or another team. The reps have been good for him.
  17. Reef Engineer

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    I'd take it as well ... doesn't mean they're going to offer it.
  18. Reef Engineer

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    This is not about whether Hutch will be happy, etc - who really cares if he is or not - it's part of life.

    The question is whether a team would be willing to pay a fifth round choice for him ... I don't think they would. I can see a sixth or seventh but not a fifth. He hasn't shown much in his career and is not even in the top half of the QBs in NFLE for Christ's sakes!
  19. mcnuttz

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    that maybe we can get a conditional 7th for him?

    I guess it means nothing when talking about Hutch....but some teams tend to overspend for an unproven QB.....that's all i was saying.
  20. VA Cowboy

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    Giving up a conditional 7th for Hutch IS overspending.

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