Cowboys To Bring In Running Back Joseph Randle For Pre-Draft Visit

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 31, 2013.

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    The Cowboys appear to be eyeing two running backs in particular: Oklahoma State's Joseph Randle and Michigan State's Le'Veon Bell. Randle appears to have announced via Twitter that he'll be visiting with the Cowboys on Tuesday:

    In 2011, the 6'0", 204 Randle rushed for 1,216 yards and 24 TDs, the second most TDs in school history behind only Barry Sanders (37). He followed that up with a 1,417-yard, 14 TD effort in 2012. Randle probably played 99% of his snaps at Oklahoma State out of the shotgun, and his skillset reflects that. He's great in pass protection, a trait the Cowboys desperately look for in their backs, and also an outstanding receiver. Randle is very elusive, runs hard and never gives up on a run. The only knock on Randle is that he's not very fast, only recording a pedestrian 4.63 forty at the Combine, but he improved on that with a 4.51 at his Pro Day. Randle is widely ranked as the third or fourth RB in this year's draft class.
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    as a Longhorns fan, I can tell you, Randle was a pain in the backside to contain. Neither back is who I want, but if I had to choose between the two, I take Randle.
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    Why does no one mention Christine Michael RB from Texas A&M?
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    Maybe not a RKOG. Per CBS:


    STRENGTHS: He's quick to the hole, shows excellent vision for the cutback, possesses good acceleration and enough lateral agility to elude defenders. Sees would-be tacklers coming and breaks a lot of tackles with a nice spin move, as well as a strong stiff-arm. No stranger to the weight room, Michael runs low to the ground with good pad level and lateral agility to make strong cuts.

    WEAKNESSES: History of injuries. Did not excel in pass protection during Shrine Game practices. Attitude and coachability questions.
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    I like this guy a lot. Can't think of anything he can't do in our offense. But like most safeties and running backs no consensus as to what round he is gone.
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    According to walterfootball they have him going in the 4th, a pick before us to the Rams and us picking up Andre Ellington a pick after. You know, for what it's worth....

    I'm a big fan of Randle. I wanted us to draft him earlier in the year, but figured he'd go much higher (in the 2nd). If he's there for us in the 4th, I'd gladly take him. He seems to be sliding a bit. I dunno if it was the poor 40 or the fact that he has small hands (though fumbling wasn't a problem for him at osu). Whatever the reason, I hope he's there for us in the 4th because he's probably a better option than most of the vets we bring in as a FA.
  8. Biggems

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    also, he suffers from that dreaded RB disease.........fumbleitis
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    Randle, Bell, Ellington, and Franklin are my favorite running backs in this draft
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    Where does Randle go?
  11. TheSport78

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    100% agreed...I'd say there's a pretty good chance one of those guys will be a Cowboy
  12. newlander

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    there is NO comparison between the two: Le'Veon Bell put the ball on the ground twice in three years at MSU: he's 230 lbs and runs better than Randle. Plus his attitude and 'coachability' are off the charts. NO comparison between the two to anyone who seriously watches college football. I will also add that Bell had 380 carries in 2012 and fumbled once.........think about that. He would be a GREAT pick in round three but probably won't be there. In that case I'd look at a few other RB's, but not Randle. (I sincerely hope we got oline and dline in first two rounds)

  13. AsthmaField

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    I really do like Randle a lot. He's a tough back and already has pro traits (pass block, catch, and run).

    I would be happy with him as a compliment to Murray, anywhere from the 3rd round on.
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    hes only had 4 in 3 years that I could find
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    Where do you find stats for fumbles?
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I want Bell from Michigan St.
  17. newlander

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    ....I was going off memory: haven't missed an MSU game in about 12 years. I remember him fumbling twice the last 3 years and he had 682 touches per this stat line:

    .....however, according to these stats he didn't lose either one. This kid is a rock all the way around but he'll be gone by our pick in 3rd and I wouldn't be comfortable picking him higher than that because of our other needs
  18. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I absolutely agree!

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