Cowboys to restructure Carr's Contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mortboy, Feb 14, 2013.

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    The most important thing to understand about dead money is that it isn't necessarily bad. Any time a player who got a bonus doesn't play out his deal (or for longer deals, play years) there will be dead money. For most deals, that money is often much less than the cap charge for keeping the player. Dead money often comes from situations where you end up with more cap space from the move
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    Because JJ isn't good at negotiations but at splurging and being flamboyant. Since JJ own this team he does not have to answer to no one.Unlike most gm's who would have been terminated by now if they pull half the stuff JJ have done. For example the Miles Austin deal is where JJ gave Miles an elite contract at the time,although Miles was at the time a one hit wonder. JJ could have easily given Miles a 5 year 35 million dollar front loaded it and included performance escalators in his contract so he could have potentially gain 58 million..

    The only contract JJ dish out these last few years that was warranted was the Ware extension. Ratliff and Witten contracts should not been extended early but more on a wait and see approach. They basically paid Sensi and Scandrick because they had no depth behind those guys and they had to pay them.

    Now we are about to commit to a qb why? because he is our best chance of winning.. but winning what ??? what have we been winning lately ??
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    How is dead money not consider bad? Dead money is the worst money because its money being spent on someone that isn't on your roster.
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    Long time ago I joined this forum when I was making a trip out to Dallas to watch the Jets get beat up on for Thanksgiving and I just wanted to jump in here.

    Ive really been impressed with the level of cap discussion that goes on here. I run the website and just began a venture to track all 32 clubs. While its not perfect by any means I think its a step in the right direction and will help you guys out with your discussions on the cap. All the numbers I compiled myself through sources and internet digging (none are blatantly copied from any other cap sites which I think you can tell by the formatting). I know Adam does a great job with the Cowboys cap when he has the time so hopefully this can augment what he does with you guys. Its tough to track this many teams so if you choose to use the site and ever come across missing dead money players or other errors feel free to email me so we can review the discrepency.

    The Cowboys page for 2013 is located at

    But you can also view overall team contracts, cap pages through 2016, estimated cap charts for every team, cap spending by position, and on and on. Each player has their own page detailing their cap charges and estimated dead money.

    And yeah I would certainly expect Carr to redo his deal. Cowboys are in rough cap shape with little outs. Carr is one of the few outs as would be a Romo extension, but that is going to be expensive.
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    Ever consider what our record would have been without Romo? Remember the post Aikman days?
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    Well money is being moved around, whether it's being subtracted or shifted idk but still the contract is being overhauled so there's some truth to it
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    You must be correct. If a guy is scheduled to make 5 million and he generates 2 mill in dead money if he's cut, it is terrible that he still counts 2 mill against the cap. Never mind that you just made a move that FREES more money than it ties up. What really matters is that we are charged 2 mill for a guy instead of seven mill against the cap.
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    Some dead money is inevitable; but when you have $20 million in one year that shows stupidity on the part of management.

    The Roy Williams, MB3 contracts were about the worst.

    The real problem right now is the flat cap; while it is not going up pushing money forward builds a bad problem. That has to be watched for several years in advance. THAT is the real limiting factor now.
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    If that is accurate the Colts, Fins and Bungles have LOTs of money to spend.
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    And the Dallas Drunkards don'
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    The truth to it is a lot of you guys just don't understand how the salary cap works.
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    I will be the first to admit that I don't.

    Some fans on FB want to the Cowboys to cut Miles Austin. They told me that the Cowboys save $6.7M. They told me that you don't take a hit to the salary cap in future years when you cut a player under contract. They had never heard of it.
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    Those were terrible deals. However, those deals hit us hardest in 2012. Did that keep us from signing free agents? Seems like we had one our most active FA periods then.

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