Cowboys to Sign OT Demetress Bell, QB Alex Tanney, WR Lavasier Tuinei

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmberBeer, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. MichaelWinicki

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    I don't think anyone is complaining... simply discussing the player's past performance and his impact on the current roster.
  2. ManicDepressiveMan

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    Demetrius Bell is the FAILman!
  3. FLcowboy

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    Can't the same be said about Free? Free would have a one year headstart
  4. CowboysPhan

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    I'm kinda excited to get a look at this Tanney kid at qb. Watching some highlight vids of him, it looks like he's got some ability. If he can find a way to stick on the roster and get some development time, he might have a little something.
  5. Deep_Freeze

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    Would like to see more on Tanney's ball velocity, those nice Danny Wuerffel touch passes look cool cause they seem to be pinpoint, but in the league he will need more than that. Just hard to tell on this level if he has that, but a nice guy to develop.

    Bell is interesting also, makes you wonder if he can turn it around. Bottom line is they are FA pickups, and at this point they all have holes and we just have to look at the upside.

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