Cowboys to visit with L White

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Apr 16, 2006.

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    really dont know why, there is no way I'd draft the pilsbury dough boy:

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    USC's White to visit Valley RanchStaff and Wire Reports
    A player once thought to be unavailable to the Cowboys, who pick 18th overall in the NFL Draft later this month, might be there for the taking at a position the team once thought it had filled.

    USC running back LenDale White, who was once considered a top-15 selection, is scheduled to visit the Cowboys on Tuesday at Valley Ranch, according to a source.

    White's draft status took a hit recently when it was learned he has a partially torn right hamstring and will not be able to run the 40-yard dash until after the draft. The injury could push him further down the draft board, possibly to the Cowboys.

    The Cowboys currently have Julius Jones and Marion Barber as the team's top two running backs. They will be entering their third and second NFL seasons, respectively.

    But the Cowboys have not had a 1,000-yard rusher since Emmitt Smith in 2001. And there is some concern whether Jones has the durability to be an every-down back. Jones missed eight games his rookie season in 2004 and missed three games last season.

    -- Mac Engel
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    White's weight, immaturity concern NFL

    John Czarnecki /
    Posted: 12 hours ago

    The saga of LenDale White's torn right hamstring, an injury that will prevent him from running a 40-yard dash prior to the NFL draft, has caused consternation throughout the league, especially among teams that were never considering selecting him in the first place.

    Granted, White will fall on many draft boards because of the hamstring, but his immaturity regarding his playing weight is of bigger concern.

    "When you're young and fat, it's pretty obvious that there's a good chance of you getting older and fatter," said a NFC personnel director. "I started calling him 'Fat Boy' in Indianapolis and he's only gotten bigger since then. It's a concern that he's allowed himself to get out of good physical condition."

    Yes, White put on six more pounds for USC's pro day on April 2, making him 244 pounds. Of course, White prides himself in that he weighed 252 pounds when he played and scored three touchdowns against Texas in the national championship game. He joked about eating a whole turkey on Thanksgiving and munching on plates of his mother's homemade macaroni and cheese.

    This is why White's teammate, Reggie Bush, looked awesome at the same Pro Day. While White was basically lounging around USC in sweats, Bush was wowing the scouts with his physical condition and 4.38 time. He also did 24 repetitions of 225 pounds while lifting. White, who is 44 pounds heavier than Bush, checked in with a paltry 15 repetitions.

    His weight and lack of strength, believe me, are bigger concerns to NFL teams looking to select him in the first round.

    That being said, White still has a chance of being a late first-round pick. Two teams in particular stand out: Carolina at No. 27 and Jacksonville at No. 28. Head coaches John Fox and Jack Del Rio, respectively, both love White, the player. And neither has the same concerns about White that scouts do. The Panthers may have re-signed DeShaun Foster, but White could be the big back that Fox adores, much like Stephen Davis was when Carolina went to the Super Bowl.

    Teams like the Panthers and Jaguars are just a couple players away from winning it all. Teams like them can take a risk on a player like White, who does have tremendous upside if he can keep himself in shape and get down to 230 pounds. And stay there
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    He's fat because he has a torn hammy.

    He is a great talent. Would be a killer 1-2 punch with Julius. It really would be a case of BPA all the way.

    Can't say that this is the move I want though.
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    what was wrong with his hammy before the Texas game, when he weighed 252lbs?

    he's a fatarse by choice, not because of his hammy

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    He was fat BEFORE the hammy. Why can't people get around to the truth about this guy: he is just another spoiled moron with no discipline. Read Clarret light. Just like so many other hugely PHYSICALLY talented players he has never really had to work hard at it. As was so beautifully put: $100 million dollar body with a 10 cent head. PASS.
    I want players that will work their butts off to make the team and to start. THis idiot thinks it should all be handed to him.
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    I really think if they are bringing in RB's its to entice the people behind them that might RB's to trade with us (ie, Broncos, Panthers, Jags, Colts)

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    And that Fat Arse ran all over UT's Defense.. You dont score fifty something T'ds and be a third rate bum. I think hes undisciplined as well because just the fact that you have hamstring issues doesnt mean you eat your way out of the first round. Talk about some crappy agents that dont get him on eating and training program that works. I think he is best compared to a poor mans Jamal Lewis (without the 4.3 speed) and The Bus. He is shifty for his weight and can hit the hole fast. He punishes defenders and will be a STEAL in the second round.
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    Hit that nail right on the head. Have to fake some interest so we get more love come draft day.
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    I love reading this board. The Byzantine plots that some concoct make for excellent entertainment. And I bet this assessment is right on, too.
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    Seems like a move to increase the value of pick #18 to me too. I can't see Parcells being interested in a player with his attitude. Not for a second.
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    I would be shocked if we took any running back not named Bush with our 1st pick...and we all know where Bush is going.
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    Ok he is a fat slob....but he is a fat slob that can score ALOT of TD's. Besides, he could be posturing to try and get drafter late in the first round by a team that is a contender. Not a team that is rebuilding.
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    Foul. 15 yard penalty. Unecessary use of cryptic references.

    You know maybe only 1% of the people here know what you mean by Byzantine.

    Sorry for the Draconian penalty.

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    complicated but almost only complicated so as to arouse concern.
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    Panthers | Coaches suggested to L. White he not run
    Sun, 16 Apr 2006 06:46:18 -0700

    Darin Gantt, of the Rock Hill Herald, reports the Carolina Panthers may have played a small role in USC RB LenDale White not running at his Pro Day, and it could ultimately benefit them. White said in a pair of interviews last week that he decided not to run after dining with Panthers coaches the night before the workout.

    He said he was told that he shouldn't if he didn't feel 100 percent, since there was plenty of evidence on tape of the kind of player he was. The Panthers obviously weren't trying to torpedo his draft stock, and it's probably just another example of running backs coach Jim Skipper giving some honest and learned advice. Now, there is a chance White will fall to the Panthers when they make their first-round pick in the NFL Draft Saturday, April 29.
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    He would fit into our regular habit of wasting a second round pick - this guy does have some talent but needs to find a work ethic. Life isn't going to be so easy at the NFL when your team isn't stocked with first rounders and playing against a bunch of scrubs.
  18. RealCowboyfan

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    Well atleast we all know Cowboys looking for a power back...
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    Also, I think any time that a first rounder has an injury you want to bring that guy in for a visit to get your own doctors to give him a look.

    That sort of injury info lets you rate a guy's value more clearly -- also, I'd think that teams share that information with each other - or more accurately trade medical evals -- e.g., we'll send you our report on LenDale White if you give us your Antonio Cromartie report. So getting medical info on one guy is a way to get it on two.
  20. DLCassidy

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    We're just checking him out in case he slides, which he may. Nobody's looking at him now at 18 so the smokescreen angle is absurd. If he was on the board at 49 we might think about it. But I doubt it.

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