Cowboys to waive Frampton to make room for Waters

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Right. That's my understanding, as well. I think there's going to be constant churn in the next four weeks. I don't think some of the bottom guys should get too comfortable.

    That said, the move is official..

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    As bad as Wilbur and Arkin have played, we still need the depth they provide albeit skinny depth.
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    Thanks for posting.

    My take:
    Putting a player on IR does not guarantee his salary for the season if it is not a season ending injury. He can be released when he has recovered from the injury, but can't re-sign with the original team for the remainder of the season.

    The player is Not a Free Agent and remains under control of the team the following year if he is still under contract.

    Affect on Cowboys: Cook's entire 1.2M salary might not be completely guaranteed if he recovers from his injury.

    My take:
    With the injury settlement, the player can return to the team after the injury settlement duration + 6 weeks.

    The player is a Free Agent and can sign with another team.

    Affect on Cowboys: Frampton could return in 8 weeks if his injury settlement was 2-weeks; however, he could also sign with another team at any time.
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    aaaaand that's that. We have our answer. Nice find. Funny thing is, now I'm hearing that he was IR'ed instead and not waived, but also given some $ -- a few weeks game checks. Odd.

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