Cowboys top offseason/draft needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mv09, Oct 31, 2010.

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    In order...

    1. Tackle (Move Free to RT and draft a LT)
    2. Guard (who can play center to replace Leonard Davis/Gurode)
    3. Safety (Every year we pass on addressing this position
    4. OLB (Anthony Spencer sucks)
    5. ILB (All our ILB are terrible or old. Brooking regressed even more)
    6. CB (Who can challenge Jenkins/Scandrick)
    7. RB (because Barber is done. Felix has not shown anything. and Tashard hasnt proven he can be a solution because he doesnt play..ever)
    8. Center (Gurode replacement)
    9. QB (Kitna was great but he's getting old and this team needs an experienced backup)
    10. Open position battle in 2011. No one's job is safe.

    Thoughts? What is your order?
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    Sorry, you have the order all wrong

    1) Safety
    2) Guard
    3) CB
    4) ILB
    5) Another guard
    6) Tackle

    Sorry, but we have some potential at tackle and one solid guy. We have no guards! We have 2 CBs and one is 30+, we have no safeties!
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    i think my priorities vary depending on who's available, but i would go this way:

    1) Competition/Consequences: we need guys to worry about bad plays resulting in getting benched/cut...our guys are too comfortable b/c they know the worst that can happen is getting taken out of a play in practice for committing penalties

    2) explanation needed

    3) center....we need a SMART center who can be the general of the line...move Gurode to guard

    4) CB....Scandrick sucks, i get more pissed at him every week

    5) ILB...we need a stud here a la Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis (i realize chances of that are slim this offseason)

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