Twitter: Cowboys trade for DE/LB Caesar Rayford for conditional 2015 pick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Obviously they can
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    Listening to Nick Eatman et al on Cowboys Break.

    Regarding the draft picks we sent for these guys. I hope I heard Eatman right, best I can understand:

    1) We sent the 7th round pick we got from the Lissemore trade, to the Colts for Rayford. That's in 2015.

    2) Rosario has to play 8 games this year for us to get the Bears' seventh-rounder next year. I guess that means he has to be "active" for 8 games, not sure. If he only plays 7 games, then the Bears got him for free.
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    Yea he is playing. They are being extra cautious with nicks this week in practice.

    There is an article in the by daily news this morning about Cruz getting bigger and stronger this offseason because of how physical Dallas defense was with him. Said they roughed him up last year and he wasn't going to allow that again. He only had 81 yds in the two games last year.

    I can still hear the crowd erupting when sensebaugh knocked him out last year. Huge hit.
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    That is what I heard as well.

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