News: Cowboys Training Camp Day 1 – It’s A Process

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    CN: Cowboys Training Camp Day 1 – It’s A Process
    Steven Van Over | July 24, 2014


    Jason Garrett is nothing if not punctual. The horn blew at 3:45 PM local time and the 2014 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Day 1 was underway. Everything looked different this year, and yet it was the same. The field was laid out differently than in past years. Defensive line drills were being held in a new part of the field and with new patterns. Offensive linemen were running drills in the old defensive line spots. Everything was moved around yet the same “basic” drills were run as the beginning of last year.

    Special teams worked on gunners getting off blocks at the line and redirecting towards a moving spot representing the ball carrier. Offensive line worked on double teaming a defender then shedding and getting to the second level. Hand placement was very specific. The dB’s worked riding WR’s out of bounds keeping them “in their pocket” while they maintained contact. All drills that are normally run at the beginning of camp and very familiar.

    The Cowboys managed to make it through the “Crawford”drill without mishap. Last year when running the defensive linemen drill where they slalom through upright dummies ending up at a red one representing the QB Crawford never made it, as he collapsed and did not get up with a blown achilles. This year no worries and Crawford looked sharp as did Demarcus Lawrence and Terrell McClain. Jeremy Mincey on the other hand did not look at his best. He received treatment on the field on the back of his left knee and was awkward and stiff getting up. Jeremy does not look to be 100% and is in danger of falling into Nick Hayden territory as a bridge placeholder to younger players.

    Defensive ends Demarcus Lawrence and Wilson Martez both looked excellent in drills. A quick first step combined with athletic execution in space makes these two players look very interesting rushing from the right side. They get off the line with explosion and follow it up with rare ability to bend to the QB keeping their center of gravity low and direction focused on the target. Mincey needs to get better quickly to hold onto a roster spot...
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    This was a nice nugget going forward:

    Cole Beasely will be at an advantage vs Seattle’s bigger DB’s. He can make cuts while taller guys are still striding allowing him excellent separation. The Cowboys are running him out and up the field in patterns as well as out of the backfield to free him up for seam and outside routes. He is excellent at finding the space between zones rather it be from side to side or vertical. Romo was able to drop a few passes right into the Beasely bucket for completions.

    And Jason Garrett is serious about stretching this Training Camp...

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