Cowboys training camp practice #10 (AM)

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    Cowboys training camp practice #10

    By Grizz
    Posted on Fri Aug 04, 2006 at 02:28:05 PM EST
    Friday, Aug. 4th (9-11 AM practice)

    The Cowboys practiced under overcast skies with a slight drizzle for the first time since camp started. The rain cleared up quickly but the cloud cover kept the temperature cool. They opened practice with individual punt/FG block exercises, with each guy running toward the kick and getting his arms extended to block it. They also worked on punt defenses to use for fake punts. After that they ran some half-speed formation drills including the nickel defense. The back seven in the nickel were James and Burnett at LBer with Henry, Newman, Glenn, Williams and Watkins playing center field.

    Terrell Owens didn't dress for the second straight practice; instead he was riding the stationary bike and doing stretching drills with a trainer. The line-ups stayed the same as they have been over the last few days; Gurode at center, Ellis running with 1st team defense on almost every down they were out there, sometimes lining up as a down lineman in the nickel sets. They also used a 4-3 defense where the line-up was: Ratliff, Ferguson, Johnson and Canty along the front, and Ellis, James and Ware at LBer. This looks like a jumbo package for short yardage situations, that's a lot of beef up front. Colombo remains entrenched at RT, with Petitti still on the 3rd string. Bobby Carpenter continues to work exclusively at ILB on the 2nd unit.

    After sprints and stretching - during which Parcells and Jim Burt were having a good old time chatting with Roy Williams - they went into team drills. The 1st unit LBers were SOLB Ellis, SILB James, WILB Ayodele, WOLB Ware. The 2nd unit was SOLB Singleton, SILB Fowler, WILB Carpenter, WOLB Burnett. Greg Ellis made an INT by leaping high in the air during a half-speed LBer drill that made Bradie James howl with laughter and cheers. During the same drill Junior Glymph made an error that had Mike Zimmer ripping him loudly from across the field, and then Paul Pasqualoni chided him up close.

    They moved on to 7-on-7 in the redzone while the OL/DL match-ups were happening at the other end of the field. During the 7-on-7 Bledsoe led off with a swing pass to JJ but Burnett had him covered. The defense was in a nickel set on the play so that was the reason Burnett was on the field. They went back to a base 3-4 D and Bledsoe threw a pass to Witten on a crossing pattern but Roy Williams popped him pretty hard when the ball got there and Witten dropped it. The collision actually sent Witten to the turf causing excitement amongst the crowd. Bledsoe followed up with a bad pass to Glenn and a throw-away out of the end zone. On the next play he hit Crayton in the corner of the end zone for what was an apparent TD but the ref ruled Crayton juggled the ball as he went out-of-bounds. Anthony Henry then got flagged for a holding penalty on Copper and Romo took over.

    Romo threw a nice pass to Rector, a dump off to Kincaide, and then Willi Pile broke up a pass in the end zone intended for Witten. Parcells was giving Carpenter some tutoring on where he should be in the defensive zones during this series. Romo then had a bad throw to Tony Curtis but followed up with a TD pass to Rector. He tried to hit Copper on a fade-stop route but it was a tough catch and Copper couldn't hold on.

    Henson came in and threw a poor pass to Kincaide, then threw for Hannam in the end zone but Hannam's feet got tangled up with Roy's and the ref ruled it a no call. He then hit Curtis on a crossing pattern, and went to Sean Ryan for a TD pass but Ryan dropped it. He came right back to Ryan on the next play and this time they connected for a TD. He tried a fade pass on his last throw but Quincy Butler defensed it well.

    After that they did some more individual drills on blocking punts and FG's before moving back to some 11-on-11 on the goal line. It was tough to see this drill because the players were blocking everyone's view, but here's what I thought I saw. Two TD runs on the first two plays by either JJ or MB3, then Bledsoe threw one out of the end zone. On Romo's series Polite scored a TD up the middle, and JJ got in on an off-tackle play. Henson threw incomplete into the corner and then Reeves deflected a pass intended for Hannam.
    Next, they ran a drill where the offense would run a play then get off the field and the FG unit would race onto the field for a kick, a situation like at the end of a game without a time out. On the first one Vanderjagt missed from the 25-yard line, then Suisham connected from the 15-yard line. Vanderjagt came back and made one from the 15-yard line.

    They finished practice by letting the 1st team offense go against the 1st team defense on an extended series for Bledsoe. Then went 2nd against 2nd and 3rd against 3rd on an extended series of plays for Romo and Henson. Once again today, Jeff Mroz saw no action. During this time Greg Ellis ran with the 1st team defense regardless of whether the situation called for a pass or a run, as he's been doing the last few days. My guess would be that Parcells is trying to get him as many reps as he can against the best quality offense we have, to see if he has the chops to handle the position in the regular season.

    Bledsoe started out by hitting Fasasno short in the middle, then Ratliff busted through to snuff out a JJ run. MB3 had a tough run for a few yards to get a first down. Bledsoe then ran a bootleg but Ratliff was right in his face so Bledsoe threw to Witten who was covered by Ellis, the pass was incomplete. Bledsoe overthrew Glenn, who was wide-open, on the next play then followed up by hitting Fasano on a short gain. JJ got about 5-yards on a run up the middle before Ayodele got him, then Bledsoe hit Glenn but he would've been sacked by the good pass rush. He hit Glenn again, but once again, if it had been a real game, Canty would've planted him. Ayodele blitzed on the next play and stuffed a JJ run and then Bledsoe hit Crayton but Ware had run right by Flozell on a speed rush and would've got the sack.

    Romo took over and handed off to Polite who got smothered by Burnett in the backfield. He then hit Rector on a long pass because MB3 helped pick up the pass rush of Singleton. MB3 then had a short run with Kenyon Coleman and Singleton making the stop. Romo rolled-out on the next play but good coverage forced him to tuck the ball and run. He rolled-out again and hit Hannam on a pass, then Watkins did a great job in breaking up a pass to Rector. It was almost interference for getting there too early, but the refs ruled it was clean. They followed with a pitch to MB3 for a short gain and Kincaide got wide-open in the flats for a good gain. They ran a pitch to MB3 on the left-side and McQ made a good block to open the hole. On his last play he had an over-throw in the end zone.

    Henson started with a pass on an out pattern that hit LB Rocky Boiman right in the hands for a sure pick, but he couldn't hold on and the ball bounced up and into the hands of Sam Hurd. Tyson Thompson had a good run up the middle before Henson hit Marcus Coleman right in the hands for another should-be pick, but Coleman dropped it. He rolled-out next and tried to hit Skyler Green but he was covered. Scott Shanle then caught Thompson in the backfield on a run, followed by a Henson scramble up the middle. He threw to Green again on the side-lines but Skyler couldn't corral the ball. Demtrius Summers ran for a good gain up the middle and then Lenny Williams got called for pass interference on a pass intended for Miles Austin. It was a long pass by Henson but just hung up in the air for a jump ball situation. Henson ended his series and the practice by hitting Hannam on a dump-off.
    There's another practice this afternoon so I'll have another report tonight.
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    A remarkable amount of detail...almost like being there!
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    hmmm...seems like Henson is struggling again. Not only did Henson have lots of dropped balls in NFLE, but he has also been the recepient of a lot of dropped balls in TC too. Watching Henson in NFLE he seemed to gun the ball in on most possessions. I wonder if Henson has trouble taking just a little bit off the ball for mid-range passes and therefore has more dropped passes.
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    Ratliff sure does seem to be creating some havoc out there.

    Makes the injury to Spears a little easier to stomach.
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    what he said^^^^
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    What the heck is up with Bledsoe, sounds like he is overthrowing Glenn, under throwing TO, and just about anything else you can think of.
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    Why am I concerned that our 1st round draft pick is now playing ILB low on the depth chart.

    Shouldn't first round picks start or be close to starting.

    I know they want to work with Ellis but isnt this why we drafted play the spot that a DE is playing now and has no clue on what to do in pass coverage?

    I dont understand this logic

    Vandy misses another short one........I mean....its not like he is learning a new position.

    BTW....thanks for the reports Grizz
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    He wants to start he needs to blow up the 2nd and 3rd teamers he's playing against.
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    That's a great job. Thanks.

    My question now is - how many linebackers do we actually have?
    If you count Ellis as one - then our 2nd string is a starter from last year (singleton) two high draft picks (burnett & carpenter) and fowler. FA signing Boiman on 3rd team. I know we need them, but seems an odd use of personnel.
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    Sounds like the offense is way out of synch.

    The defense is certainly not making it easy for them, that's for sure. The D is deep (almost too deep at LB ) and is going to be special unless something crazy happens like Newman or Roy getting hurt.
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    the offense continues to sound very poor from these reports. i'm starting to be a little concerned.
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    It sounds to me all 3 QBs are up/down. I'm afraid to say that it seems Bledsoe is struggling for consistency just as much as Romo/Henson. Just from reading alone, I don't see 1 QB seperating himself.
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    The thing about training camp is the defense doesn't react like they would in real games because there's no game to lose. They can go all out and jump on throws they normally wouldn't. Plus, they haven't been gashed by 5 yard runs all day so they won't bite on play-action passes etc.

    For defenders, they just have to go to the ball. For the offense, the receiver has to run the right route, the QB has to throw the ball to where the receiver is going to be and the offensive line has to open up lanes for the QB to throw in.

    There's a big difference between closing on the ball and throwing a ball through a window to a spot on the field that might have a defender already in the vicinity in hopes that your receiver read the defense right and is running the correct route, meanwhile feeling the passrush; not to mention Parcells hovering over you ready to rip you a new one.

    Just wait until the real game when if jump a pass and miss, the receiver goes for 6 and you are playing from behind the rest of the game.
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    guys!!!!! can we at least play our first pre-season game before we say were out of sync!!!!!!! jeez one week into training camp and some of us are in a panic....bledsoe is gonna be fine as well as vandy....
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    Other than NT depth, I'm feeling really good about our defense.

    My feelings about the offense are 180 degrees different. :mad:
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    Outstanding recap, thanx.
    A few things I gathered from this practice.

    * Ware is going to terrorize this year.
    * The oline bothers me thus far
    * Bledsoe needs a ton of reps with his starters.
    * Our second string Linebacking core could start on a few teams, that's how good it sounds like our linebacking core is
    * If Watkins becomes the starter, Roy will get plenty injured this year
    * Ratliff is coming out of a shell
    * Top 5 defense this year, I may change that by preseasons end though.
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    Only if he overpowers guys or rips them to the inside. He still relies too much on outside speed rushes. You can't get away with that forever.
  18. Unforgiven

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    Great job on this. Add to that the fact that we may just have the best defense in the NFL. Never know.
  19. btcutter

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    Our OL will determine how good we are this yr. Problem is that from the practices, our OL isn't very good.

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