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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Fredd, May 11, 2014.

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    Mods...didn't see a list out there so I dropped this in...feel free to merge/delete if necessary...this is what I see so far (I assume more names to come across the league)

    Info from:

    From (slightly different list):

    Dallas Cowboys Dustin Vaughan QB West Texas A&M
    Chris Whaley DT Texas
    Andre Cureton DL Cincinnati
    Casey Kreiter LS Iowa
    Joe Windsor LB Northern Illinois
    Ronald Patrick OG South Carolina
    Ben Malena RB Texas A&M
    Jarrod Pughsley OT Akron
    L’Damian Washington WR Missouri
    Kolton Browning QB La-Monroe
    Davon Coleman DE Arizona State
    J.C. Copeland FB LSU
    Evan Wilson TE Illinois
    Brian Clarke G Bloomsburg
    Chris Boyd WR Vanderbilt
    Josh Aladenoye OT Illinois State
    Jocquel Skinner CB Bethel
    Caleb Lavey LB Oklahoma State (Tryout)

    FROM Louisiana-Monroe QB Kolton Browning; Arizona State DT Davon Coleman; LSU FB J.C. Copeland; Alabama P Cody Mandell; Baylor RB Glasco Martin; South Carolina OL Ronald Patrick; Akron OL Jarrod Pughsley; Auburn S Ryan Smith; West Texas A&M QB Dustin Vaughan; Missouri WR L'Damian Washington; Texas DT Chris Whaley

    Notables (to me) from other teams:

    NYGiants: Quarles (DT), Manumaluena (DT)
    Saints: Coleman (WR), Uko (DL)
    Bucs: Smith,B (QB), Sutton,C (DE), Patchan (OT)
    49ers: Skov (LB)
    Seahawks: Bailey (SS), Jeffcoat (DE)
    Bears: Jones,C (LB), Lattimore (LB)
    Vikings: Richardson,A (OT), Leonard (TE)
    Bills: Ladler (S)
    Jets: Hyder (DT)
    Texans: Bullough (LB)
    Colts: Kerr (DT)
    Jaguars: Morris (QB), Jensen (TE), Loston (S)
    Titans: Ikard (OC)
    Broncos: Bibbs (RB)
    Browns: Crowell (RB), Shaw (QB)
    Ravens: Hurst (OT)

    a few guys I didn't see on any list so far

    Purifoy (CB) - got in trouble, nothing on his twitter page yet
    Roberson (CB) - got in trouble (with purifoy); nothing there yet

    note: gotta love these florida kids that aren't taught anything about life while they are in "school"
    Hubbard (OLB) - nothing on him yet
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    I still shocked that Quarles and Jeffcoat didn't get drafted.

    I would like to have picked up Uko (DL), Crowell (RB), Quarles (DT), Kerr (DT) and Hurst (OL).
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    Wow, thanks for posting this. Interesting to see Saints get Uko and Coleman As well as Bailey and Jeffcoat to the Hawks.
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    Jarrod Pughsley
  5. xwalker

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    Andre Cureton
  6. Risen Star

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    Where did Anthony Johnson DT LSU go?
  7. Dash28

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    Wow ...Pughsley was just punishing guys...seemed like he got to the second level well....Buried lots of folks....Did seem to be a little behind on the one speed rush to the outside...

    What level of competition was he facing ????? Div 1 ???
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    Anybody take a chance on Lyerla?
  10. Sledgerc

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    Hmmmm to answer my own question..

    Div 1 FBS MAC

    2013 schedule

    UCF Knights 38-7 lost
    James Madison Dukes 35-33 Lost
    Michigan Wolverines 28-24 lost
    Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns 35-30 lost
    Bowling Green Falcons 31-14 lost
    Ohio Bobcats 43-3 lost
    Northern Illinois Huskies 27-20 lost
    Miami (Oh) Redhawks 24-17 won
    Ball State Cardinals 42-24 lost
    Kent State Golden Flashes 16-7 won
    UMass Minutemen 14-13 won
    Toledo Rockets 31-29(?) won
  11. xwalker

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    Joe Windsor 6-0, 240
    Played DE in college
    Excellent 10-yard split and vert but slow forty
  12. xwalker

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  13. rocyaice

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    Any word on why Anthony Johnson and Quarels weren't drafted?
  14. theSHOW

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    Chris Boyd is good enough to make this team. He rated higher than his teammate Jordan Mathews at Vandy before he got tossed off the team. Mathews was an early 2nd round selection (Philadelphia)
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    Looks like Marinelli is trying to duplicate his success with Henry Melton with Chris Whaley.
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  16. Biggems

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    YES, I am so happy. Although I wanted Chris McAllister in Dallas, my second choice was Houston. He signed with Houston and now I will be able to track him, since I get both the Cowboys and Texans coverage down here in San Antonio. I sure hope he makes their roster. Congrats to Phillip Gaines for being drafted and to McAllister for signing on with the Texans................Rocket Pride......btw, Rob Housler of the Cards is also from Judson. I am one giddy Judson alum today.

    Off the top of my head....Other former Rockets in the NFL were RB Anthony Hutchinson, DL Robert Reed, DL Corey Sears, S Eric Brown, DL/LB Otis Grigsby
  17. Parcells4Life

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    Browning was a STUD for ULM. Was Sun Belt offensive player of the year 2 years ago. He should have missed the last 8 games with an injury this year but only missed 2 and touched it out.
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  18. Fla Cowpoke

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    Cureton looks pretty good in the clips above. No problems getting to second level.
  19. BAT

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    Not yet. Cowboys should take a chance, nothing to lose. Cut him if he acts up, no biggie.
  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    Per Nick Eatman...Cowboys Expected To Sign Around 20 Undrafted Rookies

    L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri
    Ben Malena, RB, Texas A&M
    Kolton Browning, QB, Louisiana-Monroe
    Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M
    Jordan Najver, TE, Baylor
    J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU
    Dontavis Sapp, OLB Tennessee
    Glasco Martin, RB, Baylor
    Davon Coleman, DE, Arizona State
    Chris Whaley, DT, Texas
    Evan Wilson, TE, Illinois
    Ronald Patrick, OL, South Carolina
    Joe Windsor, LB, Northern Illinois
    Brian Clarke, G, Bloomsburg
    Josh Alandenoye, OT, Illinois State

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