Cowboys v. Lions Impressions from the Luxury Suite

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sitting Bull, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Howdy. Just returned from the best business trip I've ever taken. I'm in healthcare sales and got to host my largest client in my company's box at Texas Stadium- 45yd line, two boxes from Jerruh and his clan. My impressions from the game, JJT-blog-style....

    - The suite came with a Platinum VIP parking pass. We got waved-in so close, I thought they were going to let me park inside the stadium. Unfortunately, I was rolling in a Pontiac Vibe rental car. Five adults looked like clowns piling out of this sardine can and walking twenty feet to the Suite stairs.

    - Passed what was most certainly Pittdawg and "Mrs. Pittdawg" on my way into the stadium. They were sporting matching #79 jerseys (alternate, I think) with "Petitti" on the back. Too far away to introduce myself.

    - Each suite is decorated by the party/company that "owns" it. Ours was done-up in granite and raised-wood panelling, with three levels of black leather swivel chairs. Kinda looked like a miniature version of the Fox & Hound Pub. Money.

    Twleve of us (a mix of clients and salespeople) were in the box. We dined on BBQ brisket and drank...anything we wanted. Our man-servant had a 'tude and didn't know anything about football, which kinda stunk. He said Jerry Jones didn't like him. I could see why.

    I hadn't heard the news about us signing Cundiff and was surprised to spot him (in sweats) in pre-game warm-ups. Unfortunately, my attempts to spot Nicole Cundiff were unsuccessful...

    The front four feet of the suites have glass on three sides, allowing you to see either direction into the other suites. Jerry's box was littered with kids. Those same kids were the ones running around on the field immediately after the game, which is not cool. Because I want to do that...

    I've got to be honest, between entertaining my client, oogling the two insanely-hot women in the box next to ours and making sure my alcohol intake did not exceed that of our Sr. VP, I didn't get to watch the game as intently as I would've liked. I'm sure others have expertly disected each play by now, anyway. Just a few bird's-eye observations:

    *Terry Glenn is always open. Always.

    *Aaron Glenn earned my respect on Sunday. He was feisty when matched up with Roy and seemed to play with perfect techinque to compensate for the size difference.

    *We really got bailed out by Detroit's penalties. They moved the ball on us and we could not pressure Harrington with our base rush. Closer game than the score indicated.
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    OK, I'll take these one at a time:

    1. Ogling wimmen'....Any red blooded American male who does not ogle hot women when given a chance has a problem. You sir, have no problem.

    2. Alcohol consumption....Being the designated driver, you showed intelligence and good judgement holding down your intake. Since we won, additional libation was not needed. Brilliant!

    3. Glenn's...The Bledsoe to Glenn connection has been wounded by our OL play. Hopefully it will improve.

    4. I agree with your assessment of the game. Detroit has real talent, but that talent is seriously hampered by a lack of team discipline. Like Parcell's says, individual penalties are the fault of the players. But a complete disregard of penalties to the detriment of team performance comes down to coaching, and I think Mooch is not a very good coach.

    Congratulations on what sounds like a great visit to Texas Stadium!
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    Hey, I wanna be a client next time.

    Nice job M. Thanks for the report.

    Jerry should fire the schmuck.
  4. LaTunaNostra

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    Sweet report, SB. :)
  5. WoodysGirl

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    Jealousy is really not good for one's health... I may have to go to the doc now

    Very cool report SB... Glad you enjoyed your experience to TS.
  6. Tyler Durden

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    I read somewhere once that if you are entertaining over drinks, but don't want to get drunk, just swallow some olive oil before you start pounding drinks. It's supposed to line your stomach and keep you from getting drunk.

    No idea if it's true or not. I don't like to waste my alcohol.

  7. Nors

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    *Terry Glenn is always open. Always.

    Totally agree - have seen him play many, many times in person. Unless Safeties roll coverage he'll be open - its unbelievable to try and explain the in person observation versus TV.

    He's always open about sums it up tho.
  8. StanleySpadowski

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    I think you're referring to an old episode of "Happy Days". Richie, Potsie and Ralph Mouth tried that.
  9. Cowboys&Caps

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    well fine brag about it
  10. zagnut

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    I was also on the 45 yard line, Cowboys side, section 28 - first Texas Stadium game I've ever attended - just got back tonight. I'll just add:

    * Terrence Newman is our best player on D and #2 is not even close. He is on his man like glue nearly every play. It's something that doesn't get seen watching from the TV. He's really come into his own as a true shutdown corner and seems to have learned how to play larger WRs.

    * My next game will be in the first few rows in the red zone, visitors side. :D

    * I finally understand why Texas Stadium can tend to be on the quiet side. Just about everyone's girlfriend/wife/date is hot. There must be a correlation or equation or undiscovered law of physics in there somewhere. :)

    * Texas Stadium is kind of sad on the outside imo, but picture perfect on the inside - literally. The light was so great inside Texas Stadium that it made me wonder if the roof was designed the way it was to mimic a photography umbrella. The Cowboys seemed to gleem like knights even on a somewhat overcast day.

    * Drivers at Texas Stadium merge very well (at least after a win). Good manners. East Coasters will run you over.
  11. pittdawg

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    that was me and my wife. who else would wear his jersey?
  12. Cbz40

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    I sure as heck would pittdawg....... ;) With pride!!!
  13. Juke99

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    Ya know, father of Cowboy player or not, dads will always be dads....that's something my father would say.

    Funny stuff.

    BTW How is Rob feeling? It looked like he was having some issues after taking that shot to the helmet.
  14. Eddie

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    Sigh, one day, I'll be able to see a Cowboys game in Texas Stadium.
  15. jterrell

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    where did you get it??

    i havent seen any yet.
    my dad is 6'4" and about 330 so he likes O-linemen. lol.
    i'd like to get him a new #79.
  16. TX_Yid

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    No crap. If the city of Irving is planning on making the Cowboys pay up the $$$'s to paint the roof to get it back into original condition, how much are they going to have to pay up to sort out the rest of the exterior.. it does not look good.
  17. lspain1

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    Better hurry, a new stadium is arising in Arlington.
  18. pittdawg

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    just an average day in the nfl i quess. rob's pretty tough and will play if he can. i know he went through the whole practice yesterday, so time will tell.
  19. followthestar

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    I've only been to TS once and agree that watching a game there is a pleasure - the field seems to be like a giant TV screen and very watchable gametime. It was nice to see Henry getting some playing time, and between him and Newman I consider us to have the leagues best - yes i said best - CB tandem.
    My comment on the OTs is that they are going to start wearing down, and i am very worried. we need to get some rotation there or our offense will stall as the season goes on. this is my biggest concern for our playoff chances...

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