Cowboys versus Redskins madden ratings

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jul 16, 2005.

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    Bledsoe 84

    Ramsey 83


    JJ 86

    Portis 92

    Keyshawn 87
    Glenn 83

    Moss 87
    Patten 82

    Witten 92

    Cooley 79

    Allen 94
    Rivera 95

    Thomas 92
    Brown 80

    Flozell 89
    Tucker 74

    Samuels 92
    Jansen 91

    Johnson 76
    Rabach 85

    Ellis 91
    Spears 81

    Daniels 83
    Wynn 81

    Ferg 86
    Glover 96

    Griffin 88
    Noble 78

    Ware 81
    James 79

    Arrington 95
    washington 92

    Ngyuen 91

    Barrow 85

    Glenn 90
    Henry 86
    Newman 85

    Springs 87
    Harris 81
    Rogers 80

    Williams 96

    Bowen 83


    Reese 82
    Taylor 91

    So breaking down head to head ratings it goes like this

    Cowboys 12
    Redskins 9
    Tie 1
  2. Fletch

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    I still think those ratings are hosing the Cowboys. Ferguson is not rated higher than Griffin? Are you kidding me? And Flozell ranked lower than Chris Samuels? Blasphemy! :mad:
  3. Cowboys&Caps

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    Both skins defensive ends are rated too highly, and Al Johnson got screwed oh and i know they didnt' know this when the rankings were made but we need to see the rankings for Sean Taylor's backup cuz he isn't gonna be a 91 from Miami/Dade county prison
  4. Nav22

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    Odd that they have Newman ranked as our 3rd best CB.
  5. Qwickdraw

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    Reese got an 82?

    We can only hope.

    They shafted us in many regards.
  6. Dallas4ever

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    These are typical Madden ratings. Overall I think the Boys fared okay. I agree that Ferguson should've been a little better and the same could be said for Anthony Henry. He's gonna struggle against speed WR'S with his speed being only 87. Looks like he'll be the 3rd corner or safety for me. The Cowboys have Ware listed as a DE and he's a LB according to this. I know he'll actually play both, but I hope that they don't penalize you too much for moving him around the way that he'll actually be used.
  7. Cowboy Junkie

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    Julius has 91 speed.
    Give me a break. He should be in the 95 speed range.
    Al Johnson did get screwed.
    Witten 81 speed and 85 catch ,Not good enough in my opion catch should be in 90's and speed mid 80,s
  8. Jersey

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    I don't put much into this anyway, but how the heck does Arrington get a 95? He has been one of the biggest bust's in NFL history. Does Courtney Brown have a 99? Another goofy one was RT Jansen at 91. He's been average at best and missed all of last year with an achilles injury. They must of did these while watching a Michigan Penn State game on classic.
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    I think Bledsoe's ranking is a bit high, but I can see where they are coming from considering his past achievements.

    However, what in the world has Patrick Ramsey ever done to get an 83 ranking. In case EA hasn't figured it out, Ramsey's stats and play has been less than stellar in each of the three seasons he's played.

  10. jterrell

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    All in all its fair. 12-9-1 is about right. I'd go 14-8 but I am a bit of a homer admittedly.

    Only 2 players I'd really quibble over are Al Johnson being way too low. He is 82 or so at least and Lavar being rated so high. He was only their 3rd best backer last season and a 90 is high side of applicable prolly 88 or so in reality and maybe 85 with his bickering opver money. Same with taylor. They give him a 91 but he has been booted from workouts and may miss at least a couple of games. If Julius gets penalized 4 or more points for last season's injury then this off-season's drama should be weighted as well IMHO.

    Generally 90 and above is pro bowl level talent and 95 and above is all pro. Both teams are shockingly high based on last season's records.
  11. Muhast

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    more surprising than the breakdown of the teams:

    Petitti, Canty, Ratliff didn't make the roster, neither did Dantzler,Thompson. So I'm not sure who our KICK returner is. Especially looking at Maddens breakdown on Kick Return, i dunno what they think were gonna do.
  12. Ashwynn

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    Wonder how FS looks when Taylors in Jail playing in state penal league?
  13. Cowboys&Caps

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    yea with adam sandler and Michael Irivin

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